My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed* by AnjaKay
My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed*by anjanique🍭.
Amelia is a 17 year old girl with a father who is a drug lord of Atlanta.. she always gets bullied by these 3 guys Lucas , Antonio & Mikey.. one day the bump into eachot...
  • bullyingawareness
  • indiawestbrooks
  • lightskin
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Taken in by Hamilton by unicornlover04
Taken in by Hamiltonby Elizabeth :)
"Excuse me, are you alright?" A man with a black pony tail asked. It was my idol. Lin-Manuel Miranda. Taylor was abused. She was bullied. She was broken. And t...
  • drama
  • lovesong
  • fanfiction
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Draco x reader one shots by MrsGreybackMalfoy
Draco x reader one shotsby moonY G. Malfoy
One shots for you guys who didn't get your daily dose of Draco. PLEASE SUGGEST THIBGS TO ME (;;; MOST OF THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY BELONG TO J.K. ROWLING
  • bully
  • xreader
  • yuleball
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Overprotective Brother by maryamxahmedx
Overprotective Brotherby Maryam Ahmed
Christina is a 13 year old, she lives with her mother. She used to have a perfect family but then get father and her mother divorced when she was 11. She also had a bro...
  • sick
  • selfharm
  • bulling
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You've Created A Monster by Isabelle2157
You've Created A Monsterby Isabelle
Lilith is the Omega and the Punching bag of her pack because she's blamed for her parents death. Everyone hates her and beats her. Even her own brother. What happens whe...
  • monster
  • lilith
  • insane
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Hurt//Jonah Marais { completed } by rabeno5
Hurt//Jonah Marais { completed }by Emily :)
Emily has grown up with Jonah. They are both in high school. and some bad shit happens
  • whydontwe
  • lizakosey
  • jonahmarais
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Product of an Affair by playdirty_
Product of an Affairby playdirty_
Charli wasn't popular she was a nerd in a bad girls body that's just the was she was .she moved from her home in Arizona to live with her mothers boyfriend and his son s...
  • new
  • bigbrothers
  • badgirl
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The Shy Girls Secret by -MusicNotes-
The Shy Girls Secretby 𝓗 & 𝓐
Anyone who knew Vanessa Stewart would describe her as: quiet, calm, shy, and gentle.Vanessa always kept to her self, but no one knew... she has a secret; she street race...
  • shygirl
  • streetfighting
  • bulling
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Her little sister (OHSHC) by littleotuak
Her little sister (OHSHC)by Lulu
Miniami Fujioka is Harui's little sister one day she comes to pick her sister up and the club finds out about her secret and she finds out about Harui's debt? what ha...
  • neko
  • kyoyaxoc
  • love
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Let Me Help (Harry+Draco) by The_Goblin_Princess
Let Me Help (Harry+Draco)by Chelseaa Valentine
Draco was the meanest boy in school last year, but this year he has came back to school and he hardly talks to anyone, let alone is mean to anyone. Harry Starts to notic...
  • cut
  • witches
  • draco
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My mask... by Threebirds3
My mask...by Naruto freak!
This is a story were naruto hides his real emotions under a mask,I'm going to like it but I don't know about you.(CONTAINS YAOI!!! You've been warned,NOT SMUT THOUGH!) E...
  • bulling
  • selfabuse
  • saskurabashing
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My Mate Is My Bully? by ithzmikkithou
My Mate Is My Bully?by ithzmikkithou
Savanna Gold is a nerd at Cambridge High and has been bullied by Dylan Sprayberry since she first attended.She is 15 and as soon as she turned 16 she found out that her...
  • hatred
  • werewolf
  • bulling
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The Bad Boy and the Nerd. (Boy x Boy) by Nonbinary_Palerino
The Bad Boy and the Nerd. (Boy x B...by Kate or Something
Flynn Stone is schools 'Bad Boy.' He was feared by all, guys wanted to be him, girls wanted him, but he never wanted them. His eyes were always on Rory Cross. Least popu...
  • nerd
  • badboy
  • boyxboy
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Who You Are {Fifth Harmony} by QueenLaurenJauregui
Who You Are {Fifth Harmony}by Unsaid Things
"What are you going to name her?" Camila questioned, smiling. I shrug my shoulders not really knowing. All of us sit there and think a moment. "How about...
  • romance
  • normanikordei
  • mystery
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Painting In Red (Jamilton) by Lams_Honeyyyyy
Painting In Red (Jamilton)by ✨InsertNameHere✨
Alexander is a student at Kings college. When his mom dies from a illness he moves in with his abusive father. When a group of kids decide to ruin his life even more tha...
  • bulling
  • college
  • jefferson
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Don't Judge a Book By It's cover (PPGZ Love Story) by Cocoa_bunny_girl
Don't Judge a Book By It's cover (...by Coco B.ny
Survival their second year of high school was hard. But now it's even worst. Their Cousins the Perfect Perky Girls want all the light that the Power Puff have had for t...
  • bubblesxboomer
  • complete
  • rrbz
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She Took My heart (Lesbian Story)  by KiraKoala
She Took My heart (Lesbian Story) by Kira
Tami is an invisible nobody She doesn't care about anything other than her studies and her fantasy books. But when she comes face to face with the Wynter Corrine at a pa...
  • wattys2018
  • lesbianromance
  • lgbtq
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The Pain I've Hidden For So Long(TMNT fan fic) by FullMetalNinja75
The Pain I've Hidden For So Long(T...by An unmotivated piece of trash
Mikey's struggled to keep up with his family, he just wants them to love an accept him... When his family realise of the pain their baby brother falls in they try to hel...
  • bulling
  • donatello
  • loss
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Change by ItzRebekahz
Changeby Rebekah Latimer
It all started in 6th grade. Rosetta was the new kid at Person's Baptist Academy. She struggled with many mental disorders and learned what true friendships are like. Fo...
  • mentaldisorder
  • anxiety
  • eatingdisorder
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《×A Broken Heart×》 {NightmarexCross} by for_ever_Gold
《×A Broken Heart×》 {NightmarexCros...by for ever Gold
(They are all in a highschool[Highschool is like in Austria,Sorry]) Nightmare is depressed cuz of all the hate he gets. Cross lives a happy life with lots of friends. Bu...
  • bulling
  • crossmare
  • school
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