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Our Love Is Everlasting (Izuku x Yandere Momo) by Devdog756
Our Love Is Everlasting (Izuku x Devdog756
Izuku Midoriya, a boy with an incredible quirk, his parents are the number 2 hero couple, he's got a group of close friends, he's smart, charming and he's incredibly goo...
mha group chat .-. by Da_Mochi
mha group chat Your Local Screw Up
Kaminari thought it was a good idea
Meeting Again At The Cafe (Discontinued) by PrideJoy
Meeting Again At The Cafe ( Smile Guy :3
Uraraka is a 21 year old female hero working At a cafe she needs more money for herself since shes living on her on but then she sees todoroki again
{□●I Would Kill For Your Love●□}    (Yandere Todoroki x Uraraka) by Kandyz_Createz
{□●I Would Kill For Your Love●□} Olivia Martinez
Todoroki starts to become good friends with Deku and his little squad with Iida and Uraraka although he never really talked to Uraraka before rather than saying hi but n...
Todochako one shots❄️ + 🍡 = ♥️ by emo_eshu
Todochako one shots❄️ + 🍡 = ♥️by €m0_€sHu
What a rare ship, but it's beautiful. Join me to see the cute beautiful and bright side of Todochako! When you bring a floatingmochi girl and a icyhot boy together, what...
Anti-Gravity:Killer Of The Spiteful (Will Be Rewritten) by Bookscool101
Anti-Gravity:Killer Of The Teehee🙂👌
What if 20% of people in the world have quirks while 80% don't have quirks? In this AU, Creepypasta and Bnha will be in the same Universe. This will be the adventure of...
Perfect together | todochako story by I_AM_NOT_CRINGE
Perfect together | todochako storyby Random MHA fan
When Ochako finds out that Deku is dating Tsuyu , Uraraka is heartbroken, while she looking for someone else she finds her true love.
Abandoned Child To Legendary Warrior by Devdog756
Abandoned Child To Legendary Devdog756
A few days after the defeat of Cell, Gohan is taking in the peace time when he runs into a little boy named Izuku who was kicked out and abandoned by his family for bein...
Uraraka Book 🍡 by CtMiana
Uraraka Book 🍡by miana
Uraraka as main character This is my AU and all characters do not belong to me. ✨👑✨ might have some : -one shot -story -incorrect quote -reaction -uraraka harem/bowl �...
You Belong With Me - todochako 💙❤ by ur__m0m
You Belong With Me - todochako 💙❤by TOMMY/JESSIE/GREG
uraraka had a crush on todoroki, but her bestfriend momo, who didnt know ochako liked him, started dating todoroki. (its based off of the song you belong with me, since...
Singing- Todochako  by ur__m0m
Singing- Todochako by TOMMY/JESSIE/GREG
Todoroki and Uraraka become close from a choir class and develop feelings for each other. The idea is from a role play I did -3-
Todochako|Kacchako Oneshots by FakeLoveScenario
Todochako|Kacchako Oneshotsby Geeeya
◌⑅⃝● Todoroki Shoto x Uraraka Ochako ◌⑅⃝● Bakugo Katsuki x Uraraka Ochako ◌⑅⃝● Bakugo Katsuki x Uraraka Ochako x Todoroki Shoto [ Cover not mine. Full credi...
MHA - Ship or Rip by Elaine-Playz
MHA - Ship or Ripby Elaine Playz
Just me telling you my opinions and asking for ur opinion of some ships I know existed
❤️ Meant To Be! ❤️ (My Hero Academia Fanfiction Ft. Ochaco Harem) by R4T1ON4L3
❤️ Meant To Be! ❤️ (My Hero L0G1C4L
Ochaco Uraraka was 15 year old teenager girl, who want once to help her family. Many of her classmates notice herself of what she had done to the entrance exam, as many...
Your Love (Todochako)   by wwwWeeb
Your Love (Todochako) by wwwWeeb
Uraraka, feeling weak and fragile ever since an incident occured Todoroki, who's seen Uraraka fake her smiles ever since the beginning Would the two get together or wil...
A hero's return by yaboicrazy69420
A hero's returnby yaboicrazy69420
Izuku dies during the war and U.A is grieving. The rise of a new evil comes and plans on reviving a ancient warrior! what will the hero's do? Read to find out.
Madness Passion (Todochako) by Godlock333
Madness Passion (Todochako)by Nhat Le
A love story between Todoroki and Ochako.
Best Friends Forever by TacoNoodle
Best Friends Foreverby TacoNoodle
King Shoto is the kindest ruler The Land of Musutafa has ever known. He has it all: loved by the entire kingdom, a beautiful queen by his side, and the loyalty of his be...
Feelings by Paj0402
Feelingsby paulina ;)
"Oh, how glad he was that he'd texted her at 2 am." A todochako one shot Characters are from Kohei Horikoshi's manga, Boku No Hero Academia All Credits to the...
the quirkless meta-human by digi_dr
the quirkless meta-humanby i wish to jump in the void
izuku was born a todoroki and twin of shoto todoroki sharing the birth day of july 15 but izuku was chucked out of home and was told to no longer use the name todoroki a...