Raphael x Reader - A New Day by Marabouful
Raphael x Reader - A New Dayby Marabouful
(This wonderful picture is made by the talented lorna-ka on Deviantart, http://lorna-ka.deviantart.com/ I have no rights what so ever!!) Hey fellow writers and readers! ...
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Tough Luck ( Raphael X Reader ) by xXSoManyToLoveXx
Tough Luck ( Raphael X Reader )by I'm back!
You decided to follow your best friend April O'Neil, one day, after school. And your whole life was changed!!! ( I do not own Ninja Turtles )
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CONNECTED【TMNT Raphael X Reader】 by dawnACmane
CONNECTED【TMNT Raphael X Reader】by ᴅᴀᴡɴ ᴄʀᴇsᴛᴍᴀɴᴇ
WELCOME TO iCATCHER! where you will find the apple of your eye! ▌incoming request ▌ @redrose (Hamato, Raphael) ❝i honestly don't know what to put here...so hi...
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Red Touch by Michaela173
Red Touchby Michaela
This is a fan fiction story about (y/n), who falls in love with the teenage mutant ninja turtle known as Raphael Hamato of 2014. He tends to fall in love with you. Unexp...
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Masked Heros (Raphael X Reader) by niallsirishfish
Masked Heros (Raphael X Reader)by Call Me Whatever
You have never had much for family or friends, you like being alone. Then everything kinda changes... When someone with mask saves you.
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Something New by Every-fanfic-ever
Something Newby Every-fanfic-ever
Raphael finally finds a girl who changes his life. (Raphael X Reader)
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Dimensional love by JarOfFangirl
Dimensional loveby JarOfFanGirl🎐
Raphael X Reader X Leonardo 2017 story ~Complete~ When Donnie created a device to View the turtles Mates In Dimensions and Time; Something went wrong and transported you...
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Raphael x female! mutant! reader by Inkysansheart08
Raphael x female! mutant! readerby Inky❤
You and Raph have known each other for about a year now, but he has never seen your face. The two of you talk through a door on the roof of an old abandoned building. W...
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2014 TMNT Raphael x reader book of Oneshots by ouatwintersoldier
2014 TMNT Raphael x reader book of...by ouatwintersoldier
In this you are April O'Neil's younger sister by two years. You and April live in apartment together in New York and that can make things a little difficult when trying...
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Raphael x Abigail: Erase the Grief, Let the Happiness Return by UnitedUnicornsOf2U
Raphael x Abigail: Erase the Grief...by 独角兽🦄
Abigail was once a happy cheerful girl, but the Kraang turned her world upside down, when her closest kins not only betrayed her, but died a horrible death. Tortured and...
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How you met the turtles 2016 TwoShot TMNT by JarOfFangirl
How you met the turtles 2016 TwoSh...by JarOfFanGirl🎐
And NO you dont meet them by getting almost beat up in an ally.. Cern had created a Portal that went A-wall sending YOu a normal girl to the turtles dimension. A dream...
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Loving a wolf by lunauzamaki
Loving a wolfby Tmntfangirl_luna
(Y/n) is a girl with a troubled past who has three best friends. Tiffany , Jackie, and Kim. One fateful night they walked to a club but went down the wrong alley at the...
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Raphael x reader x Donnie Thief of hearts by JessieMerrow
Raphael x reader x Donnie Thief of...by Jessie merrow TMNT hardcore f...
What happens if things don't work the way we want, what happens if another girl wants the same guy you do? Do you think love can happen twice or it wasn't love in the fi...
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RaphaelXReader Poisonous kiss 2016 by JarOfFangirl
RaphaelXReader Poisonous kiss 2016by JarOfFanGirl🎐
Do you honestly think kissing a mutant turtle isnt gonna fireback on you? you get sick and as he takes care of u; you end up having feels for him but does he? And can y...
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Sometimes The Enemy Ain't All Bad by jewel_hamato15
Sometimes The Enemy Ain't All Badby Juju Hamato
(I give credit to @miacameron303 for helping me come up with the title. Thanks!!!) So ive never actually written a full story. but im gonna try this time. Y/N is a stro...
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Untitled [Raphael x Reader] TMNT by Rainbowsnowcone
Untitled [Raphael x Reader] TMNTby Rainbowsnowcone
Yet to be titled TMNT Raphael x reader Fan-fiction. The plot takes place during season 4. May become a slow burn or not-depends on what comes to be. Slow updates so sorr...
  • angst
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You got him - Raphael Boyfriend Scenario by AomineAynaet
You got him - Raphael Boyfriend Sc...by Aomine Aynaet
You weren't just a girl. Not human and not even a mutant that was known by any others. You were a demon but also a werewolf. A new spezies in the world. But you weren't...
  • raphael
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The Viridescent Prince |✦| RAPH X READER  by maewip
The Viridescent Prince |✦| RAPH X...by ヘイリー
When Princess Y/N is threatened to be attacked by the Krang, it's up to Raphael and his ninja turtle brothers to protect her. Y/N is forced into an arranged marriage if...
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
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Raphael's Big Green Hand Holding Mine by PonderRose
Raphael's Big Green Hand Holding M...by PonderRose
Your uncle gets the grand idea to open a sub shop next to a Japanese noodle shop. You, who is only there to help him setup, get to meet one of the city's more unusual in...
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Raphael x reader by AshTheYinYang
Raphael x readerby AshTheYinYang
Hi so ummm....... please don't drag my ass I know it is shit but please enjoy and if you don't.............ok then do whatever
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