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Bad Blood by MariaBeasley2
Bad Bloodby Maria Beasley
All of Gotham echoed with the undeniable truth: The Batman is dead. The city had moved on. Damian refused to believe the lies. Father was out there. He'll prove it.
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Living on Blue Time by Lilly_Kassidy
Living on Blue Timeby Lilly Kassidy
From the time we are born there is always a clock. Wherever we go there is always a way to keep track of time. When we are born, the bright blue digital timer embedded i...
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One Last Cry [EDITED] by unmovinggirl
One Last Cry [EDITED]by unmovinggirl
I thought he loves me, but I guess he never did. He broke my trust and my heart. When will these tears go away? --- Achievement : #1 in Timer category.
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•Black Sheep• || The Devil is a Part Timer || Urushihara / Lucifer by MiladyNocturnal
•Black Sheep• || The Devil is a Pa...by ⫷Daddy Satan⫸
"Definition of 'Black Sheep': a disfavored or disreputable member of a group. A black sheep stands out from the rest of the flock." • Leaving Ente Isla when...
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Satan x Reader~ The devil is a part timer ~ Take over the world! by Hollisaguineapig
Satan x Reader~ The devil is a par...by Hollisaguineapig
(Y/N) is one of the upper class devils, not as high as Satan. Satan has disapeared and you have been sent to find him!
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The Purple Angel;Urushihara x Reader (violet) by Canadas_maple_syrup
The Purple Angel;Urushihara x Read...by Lilee Rodriguez
So, your name is violet. Only because Violet is a color purple. Anyway, this is a story thats half cutesy romance, but then it gets all crazy and cool stuff happens. I...
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The General is a gamer.(Lucifer/urushiharaXreader) *discontinued* by snowVantas69
The General is a gamer.(Lucifer/ur...by Snow Vantas
I suck at summaries. Basically a cute story of you and your online best friend. Dont hate me.
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Eating with Half-Angel Hero - Emi x Male Reader by JohnnyTheEpic
Eating with Half-Angel Hero - Emi...by Johnny Chhun
You're a Info Broker, checking important and interesting people of Japan. Not until you bump into the Hero of Ente Isia herself, Emilia Justina, or Emi Yusa using her hu...
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Soulmate j.j.k by GoldSvga
Soulmate j.j.kby GoldSvga
"We're not meant to be together" " But the timer says so.." In which a girl thinks she has found her soulmate, one problem..... Hes already take...
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The Timer: Short Stories [Wattys 2016]✔ by JupiterJanes12
The Timer: Short Stories [Wattys 2...by JupiterJanes
WATTYS 2016 ✔(COMPLETED) ✔ "If a clock could count down to the moment you met your soulmate, would you want to know?" Short stories to the "timer&qu...
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God's Grand Design by MujikaruNeko
God's Grand Designby That one kid you never notice
After a long day of randomness, Lucifer sits atop the roof of a church. He gets captured by said church, and is horribly treated. Much worse than the way he was treated...
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The Clash of Amazona Girls vs Cassanova Boys (Onhold) by BinibiningJustPhie
The Clash of Amazona Girls vs Cass...by รҭīใใ īกҭ๏ ұ๏ม
Maganda ang simula ng araw nang mag kakaibigan na Sophia Espirito, Grace Mendez,Shaira Zamora and Abigail Daque na mas kilalang "Amazona Girls". Pero nag bago...
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The devil and the angel by SandyCompton
The devil and the angelby WolfGirl94
Okay guys! This part is from episode 4, its basically what i think should have happened, had Maou and Emi not been interrupted! Possible lemon, idk yet, i just really wa...
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52 Hours by thekidsarentalrite
52 Hoursby Seraph Daelynne
Nova Harleigh is messing with a Google Home AI in her house. She asks it to set a timer. For how long? it replies. Until the end of the world. Setting timer for 52 hours...
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Soulmate by KathrynCunningham96
Soulmateby Kathryn Cunningham
Life was a confusing, stupid concept. We live to meet our soulmates; our timers tick tick tick, we meet our soulmates, we entertain ourselves, and then we die. That's al...
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Timer. (Yuri Plisetsky x oc) by Warrior_girl875
Timer. (Yuri Plisetsky x oc)by bellastella167
In the modern world every person has a timer. That timer counts down to zero and that is when you will meet your soulmate, every timer has a different set of hours and n...
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How to Speak Ente Islan for Otaku's! by cervem98
How to Speak Ente Islan for Otaku'...by 한국 대중 음악
How to speak Ente Islan! For our Otaku fans out there.
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Fate by itsemmyb
Fateby EmilyB
Summary: It didn't matter to Bucky that his timer was extremely long, or that it wasn't on his left wrist like everyone else's. No, he just lived his life to the fullest...
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Nothing But Bad Luck ((Lucifer X Reader One Shot)) by Anuyushi
Nothing But Bad Luck ((Lucifer X R...by Anuyushi
Bad luck. It's all i've ever been. Why can't I do anything right? Well.. It's time for a change! With this new job, i'll do the best I can do. Well... Maybe. ♚[© 2017 |...
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The Devil is a Part-Timer! : After the dust settles. by NotKent
The Devil is a Part-Timer! : After...by Unmasked
Message from the author: Firstly I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates. I've been really busy lately and i haven't found time to write stuff. However, in the dow...
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