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This Love by jowanderstruck
This Loveby jowanderstruck
Life has always been about survival for Madi Daniel, a young independent woman whose life was about to change forever when she meets Michael Madrid, the persistent busin...
  • accident
  • completed
  • life
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Under the Stars by theflowerstories
Under the Starsby Moon Ice Dream
Caleb is the typical guy that every girl wants. He's hot and charming, and he knows that very well. What makes him even more popular is that Caleb isn't a player. He kno...
  • deaf
  • wattys2018
  • shy
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(discontinued) Boys 🙄 [jahi winston] bxb by -AhbandonedAccount
(discontinued) Boys 🙄 [jahi abandoned.
Jahi Winston is starting his freshman year of High school and thought he had it all figured it out until he meets Myles Truitt, a popular basketball player who only has...
  • blacklove
  • mylestruitt
  • bisexual
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Murky Waters by DukeREB
Murky Watersby DukeREB
Matthew Waters does the work that no one else will do. But when a client contracts him to terminate the inhabitants of an entire planet, Waters discovers that even he ha...
  • hitman
  • scifi
  • thriller
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ThoughtLESS. by JadeFoliage
#5 Jade💎
♠️ t h e / h e a r t s / o f / u t o p i a n / g a m e m a k e r s / h o p e / t o / l e a d / e a c h / s h a t t e r e d / s o u l. ♠️ ♠️Told from one/many/no one's pe...
  • wattys2019
  • assassin
  • view
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Windowsill by Chxrrixs_
Windowsillby Chxrrixs_
Rosary is a normal girl. Normal life. Normal family. But what if that was all changed by horrible coincidence
  • homesick
  • misfortune
  • short
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DITCH by LeiAndre
DITCHby Lei Andre
Ave Michaels is never one for romantic cliches and fairy tale endings. And though most girls her age had gone through the teenage affairs of love and heartbreaks, she is...
  • friendship
  • relatable
  • funny
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Letter to Mr.RUWorthiT by MISSV10L3T33
Letter to Mr.RUWorthiTby MISSV10L3T33
Love letter from a cynic. *wrote this couple months ago, but uk what, idc if it's not my best piece I'll just put it out there*
  • cynical
  • love
Rules (Mauraders Era) by AwkwardPotato102
Rules (Mauraders Era)by AwkwardPotato102
Evelyn Mallory's life is stabilized by the rules that she has made for herself, the rules that she believes has kept her alive. When James Potter and the mauraders threa...
  • mauradersera
  • adventure
  • cynical
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Permanently Temporary by sarcasm_IS_humour
Permanently Temporaryby Sanya Noman
Tired of scamming rich assholes on the street Lita Lindley turns instead to dating them. She goes on dates with them then disappears into the night, leaving behind burni...
  • manipulation
  • betrayal
  • lovehate
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Our Contract of Distrust by Doomsmitten
Our Contract of Distrustby Doomsmitten
Nadia Kathellen's world revolves around death. At work and at home. That's all she knows for certain. It's the reason she's trapped in a marriage with a man she hardly...
  • mystery
  • friendship
  • genetic-engineering
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POETROCYTES KILL LONELYLOCOCCI IN MY VEINS. Featured on Wattpad's official Poetry; Random.
  • sonnet
  • wordporn
  • aesthetic
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Cynical | ✔️ by Fangirltherapy
Cynical | ✔️by Clary Fairchild
In which a cynical boy meets an even more cynical girl.
  • story
  • wattys2017
  • boyandgirl
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Trophy Child by sam_as_i_am
Trophy Childby Sam E.
Casey Jones wants to be famous. Together, with his ragtag group of bandmates, Casey thinks he might finally be able to make something of himself, maybe even make his pa...
  • pressure
  • school
  • familyproblems
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the stars are on the ground by soft_boi_hours_
the stars are on the groundby cloudyskiesonsleeplessnights
calum is hopelessly in love with ashton, and ashton is his clueless bestfriend. the only way to get his feelings out is to write them in a secret book he hides from the...
  • calumhood
  • ashtonirwin
  • bestfriend
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Flawed Enigmas by Misty_Nights
Flawed Enigmasby i_can't
"That's the first time you've ever called me by my name." Ingrid noted, creating a crack in the cold atmosphere. "Don't feel special." Alexander said...
  • money
  • wonder
  • southkoreanboy
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An A+ Kind of Love by Mccecsinger4
An A+ Kind of Loveby Mickey
Breanna Silva has just moved schools in the middle of her senior year in high school. She is trying to escape her past at her previous school. That is when she is knocke...
  • romance
  • teacherxstudent
  • standuptobullying
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Black Mirror by Rik3shP
Black Mirrorby Rikesh Patel
An anthology series of stand-alone stories -- sharp, suspenseful tales that explore paranoia -- "Black Mirror" holds stories that tap into the collective uneas...
  • self
  • dark
  • issues
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burn by MiraclesExist
burnby Nebulous
poetry im sorta, kinda, a weeny bit, proud of.
  • drabbles
  • cynical
  • random
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No Air by HeartOfWar
No Airby I Am __________
I am nobody Don't know why i am living Have no place to call home Alone Will anyone help me?
  • lesbianromance
  • girlxgirl
  • erica
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