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plastic on plastic || ken x ryan by sufferinginkyan
plastic on plastic || ken x ryanby marc
When Barbie leaves Ken and Ryan to house-sit the pets and Dreamhouse while she goes on a 3 week girls trip, the rivals have to learn to find new ways to tolerate each ot...
The Alpha's Melded Mate by Red_Assassin
The Alpha's Melded Mateby Red Assassin
Neal stepped forward, he reached out a hand, tracing every inch of bare skin. My body flamed with his touch. He placed one hand over my heart. It pounded in my chest lik...
Shake It Out (Rick Tyler) by friendyspiderman
Shake It Out (Rick Tyler)by tom holland stan
The new JSA is back. Six months after the defeat of the Injustice Society of America, all seems well for Courtney, Yolonda, Beth, Rick, and Dinah. But when an old foe s...
1:24 am//poetry by collapsingxstars
1:24 am//poetryby ella.claire
Exploring the depths of my oh-so complicated brain / poetry / quotes
Maybe I Am, Maybe I Do (Updates every Saturday) by neechanrinMi
Maybe I Am, Maybe I Do (Updates Aris (half-hiatus)
"You like me, don't you?" "Your mind never stops playing around with the weirdest assumptions, doesn't it?" "So, you do like me?" "Blo...
Calm and Chaos by MiaLAnemone
Calm and Chaosby M.L. Anemone
College really is a place where anyone can be anything. Dominic Miressi is an aspiring surgeon in college. He doesn't have time to form new friendships with all the ass...
The Defeat of the Fairies - Hope of a new Dawn by Kathasler
The Defeat of the Fairies - Hope N.K.F.Hasler
Serendipity brings Caleb to meet Ailrees, who turns out to be a fairy and the last of her kind in that manner! Having stumbled upon a crumbling fairytale, Caleb and his...
Mask of Celibacy: A Multimedia Novella by Carolyn_Hill
Mask of Celibacy: A Multimedia Carolyn Hill
High school senior Jess Smith meets Ace of Spades, an online friend who helps her question her mask of celibacy and recognize her true asexuality. Except that their frie...
Final Fantasy XV 💖Crystal Heart by FenniceCastielle
Final Fantasy XV 💖Crystal Heartby YawningToucan7
Square Enix owns FFXV-I only added my own original character.---- The brotherhood has stumbled upon the most valuable treasure of all, eyes empty, a prisoner of the un...
Indigo by AdamWrzesiski
Indigoby Adam Wrzesiński
As we know Ryder isn't usual kid. In his ten he created Paw Patrol, equipped it in sci-fi technology, adopted 7 abandoned pups and made them specialization. That is no s...
JOUSKA by Marchakashy
JOUSKAby Marcha
Poems about some random thoughts and emotions. NOTE : These are some of my first poems, I hope you enjoy them.And please feel free to give constructive criticism. I will...
BTS One-Shots by mmfaber
BTS One-Shotsby SugaInMyJingerTeaPlz
One-Shot definition~ A once-off event or situation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A collection of BTS single chapter stories
Behind My Walls by OneOutOfMillions
Behind My Wallsby OneOutOfMillions
In a sense, it's a love story. A time of realization and growth. I'm always thinking about everything in my own way, never feeling as if things can change. When I let o...
It's Travis, It's always Travis (Sallyface x Travis)  by Salsgay
It's Travis, It's always Travis ( Sal
A slow burn story about two boys. One raised religious who doesn't understand or accept his feelings. One being traumatized yet kind and out just being himself. Will thi...
Down The Rabbit Hole. by Brittany798586
Down The Rabbit Brittany
Not 100% sure what direction this will take yet. A teenage girl with an internal struggle. What's reality? And how much is created within her own mind?
A Spiteful Memoir by Lightrous
A Spiteful Memoirby Lightrous
A collection of impromptu poems, filled with enough spite and regret to drown the world.
Cataclysm by osgrace
Cataclysmby Olivia S. Grace
"I have never been forced to walk a path like this--one where there is no going back, but just a continuous list of things that could go wrong. In the past, when pe...
Love of my life you've hurt me... by __Charli3__28
Love of my life you've hurt That_Rotter_Charlie
It's 1976 Freddie is in his London flat with Mary watching the television when suddenly the news comes on, they watch as thousands of citizens are protesting for gay and...
Insignificant by brando600
Insignificantby Brandon
Self-reflective poem. Rhyme scheme: AABA CCDC EEFE