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Worlds Of Fire And Darkness by LynnB122
Worlds Of Fire And Darknessby
When Aelin Galathynius tumbled through worlds, she landed in Prythian, the land of the fae. She was found by our beloved bat boys who now will help her go back to her w...
Heir of Deception by msessions98
Heir of Deceptionby msessions98
Della has been quietly living in the mountains surrounding Doranelle. But with Maeve's death she now has the freedom to go and find her father, Rowan Whitethorn. The in...
A Story of Fire and Darkness (A ToG and ACoTaR crossover) by mcdekylegolden04
A Story of Fire and Darkness (A mcdekylegolden04
A crossover of Sarah J. Maas' series Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. Aelin is working to rebuild her broken kingdom into the glorious place it once had...
After the War: The White Wolf of Doranelle (Fenrys Moonbeam) by Witchling167
After the War: The White Wolf of Witchling167
[Completed] Four years after KoA, the entire world is at peace yet the scars from Maeve ran deep. Kidnapped one morning, Fenrys finds him self on a new adventure one tha...
A court of ashes and ruins | A TOG x ACOTAR crossover by NesrinAhlin
A court of ashes and ruins | A Nesrin Ahlin
!!This book contains #ACOWAR and #KOA spoilers!! Maeve is defeated and Terrasen is saved, and Aelin can enjoy some peace and quiet with her mate. But things take an unex...
Son of Night and Daughter of Stars by BeautyBeastRose
Son of Night and Daughter of Starsby BeautyBeastRose
[SPINOFF/SEQUEL TO CURSEBREAKER AND FIREHEART] As the heir to the crown of Terrasen, Estelle Whitethorn Galathynius has always felt more responsibility towards her dutie...
Kingdom of Stars and Fire by Witchling167
Kingdom of Stars and Fireby Witchling167
A ACOTAR and TOG crossover. Takes place after KoA and aCoFaS: Aelin and Feyre, and their kingdoms, are at peace. But after they somehow end up in each other's worlds, th...
acotar & throne of glass crossover by cosmotae
acotar & throne of glass crossoverby 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐞
despite being in the iron coffin, aelin finds herself transported to another world and into the territory of the night court. they are horrified by what they see and wa...
Darkness(Percy Jackson/Throne of Glass crossover) by Annabeth_Aelin1682
Darkness(Percy Jackson/Throne of Not Today
Aelin has been forced through a series of events to leave Erilea. She and her companions go through a portal that leads them to a place called Earth, in the city that ne...
The Queen of Flame and Shadow by UnaDisgrace123
The Queen of Flame and Shadowby UnaDisgrace123
It is very easy to ask 'What if?'. The thing is, do you really want to know? What if the dead do not always stay that way, and someone must fight again. This is the stor...
rowaelin oneshots by honeybee172
rowaelin oneshotsby honeybee172
i felt like this was necessary because we've all been deprived of rowaelin content :) (side note- there might be a tiny bit of angst :D ) - original books by sarah j maas
Rising Flames | Throne of Glass by lazywater__
Rising Flames | Throne of Glassby ⠀
❛You know,❜ he purred, velvet voice raking talons down her spine, ❛I rather like you, princess.❜ Cover CTTO.
Cursebreaker and Fireheart by BeautyBeastRose
Cursebreaker and Fireheartby BeautyBeastRose
Feyre Archeron, High Lady of the Night Court, is one step away from a secret. Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen, is one step away from the truth. A dark force has e...
Rowan and Aelin Fluff. by Aelin-and-Rowan-19
Rowan and Aelin Jade
All rights to Sarah J. Maas. Just some fluffy one-shots of Aelin and Rowan. #throneofglass #rowaelin
Heir of Dreams and Princess of Light by BeautyBeastRose
Heir of Dreams and Princess of BeautyBeastRose
[SPINOFF/SEQUEL TO CURSEBREAKER AND FIREHEART/ SON OF NIGHT AND DAUGHTER OF STARS] Estelle Whitethorn Galathynius is many things, but first and foremost, she is a daught...
Escape from the Darkness  by scrittrice_863
Escape from the Darkness by scrittrice_863
Aelin is still trapped in the iron coffin, being smothered by the mask and chains day in and day out. She's been trapped for 6 months at this point. 6 months of Maeve en...
Throne Of Courts by Alison_5201314
Throne Of Courtsby ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ ʷⁱᵗʰ ᵃ ᶜᵃᵖⁱᵗᵃˡ R
ACOTAR and TOG memes, thoughts, headcanons, theories, Q&As, and more!! Here's the thing, I have the world's weirdest brain, and often have crazy ideas and thoughts... An...
Throne of Glass: short stories and exclusives by crownoffire
Throne of Glass: short stories crownoffire
This will be a compilation of all short stories and exclusive content that has been released alongside the Throne of Glass series. NOTE: All writing and characters inclu...
A Court of Queens and Shadows by aelinsbish
A Court of Queens and Shadowsby Fire Breathing Bitch Queen
When Aelin needs some space form being queen, she runs away but finds herself trapped in a new world. She has to find a way back to her kingdom and her mate, but is she...
World Walker || TOG and ACOTAR crossover by azrosien
World Walker || TOG and ACOTAR – 𝐚𝐛𝐢 –
Aelin Galathynius has been through a lot in her life, but good has come from the hardships. After forging the lock, her newfound world-walking abilities appeared, but sh...