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Vocaloid Oneshots! (REQUESTS CLOSED TEMP.) by Wolfnonymous
Vocaloid Oneshots! (REQUESTS CLOSE...by fire emblem weeb
A collection of oneshots with your favorite Vocaloid! uwu ~ REQUESTS CLOSED TEMPORARILY ~
Worst Story In The History Of Wattpad by HiddenHideously
Worst Story In The History Of Watt...by not dead but gone
Warning: this story may contain stereotypes or offensive content. Reader's discretion is strongly advised. Looking for an exciting, interesting story with a unique plot...
Giving this a rest to write for other fandoms to hopefully pull me out of this writing funk I've been in for over a year I'm basically selling my soul for you guys. All...
Vocaloid Shizz by Kikis_Alt_Korner
Vocaloid Shizzby Tortillon
I thought that I should have some kind of a Vocaloid related 'story' since it's everywhere on my page. Plz allow me to dump all my Vocaloid thoughts and opinions there...
Vocaloid High School by AkazaAkari28
Vocaloid High Schoolby Akariin
Voca-High is a prestegious school full of Vocaloids and some other talented students. Miku is a student along with her fellow friends Rin and Len however as they are ido...
Vocaloid TRUTH OR DARE!!! by mikuchaniscute
Vocaloid TRUTH OR DARE!!!by Neko-Chan
The rules are just like any other truth or dare, expect NO MAKING RIN KISS LEN! THEY'RE RELATED (like, twin stuff) IN THE WAY I PORTAY THEM!!! ANY OTHER SHIP IS FINE.
Vocaloid Creepypastas by fatetharlaown
Vocaloid Creepypastasby queen of gensokyo
Just a few Creepypastas about our favorite Vocaloids. Nothing much, really. Be warned, however, these could very well ruin Vocaloid for you. Read on if you dare. So, sit...
The Diary of Hatsune Miku: A little Player Boy (Len X Miku) [COMPLETED] by AkazaAkari28
The Diary of Hatsune Miku: A littl...by Akariin
One of my first fanfics written when I was in Year 8 so it's bad sksksksksks. Miku is a dandere girl going to be a 2nd year/Year 8 student in London. She later finds tha...
Vocaloid High by thebluegirlninja
Vocaloid Highby PureStrawberryTears
(So just to let you know, I might be posting chapters for a while) Hatsune Miku was new at becoming a vocaloid student, but things got complicated. It all started when M...
Heat (Len x Miku) by Boobleenboo
Heat (Len x Miku)by Boobleenboo
I want to not love you but....it's so hard...
I have always loved you (Len x Kaito short-story) by Mangiefox005
I have always loved you (Len x Kai...by Mangiefox005
Len likes Kaito and Rin is trying to get him to tell him. When Len finally goes to try something happens that makes him stop and never wants to try again. What happened...
Kyo x Reader oneshots! by Riri-Yousafai
Kyo x Reader oneshots!by Riri Yousafai
Nobody else is doing this, I can't find anything like it. And I am really angry, and I had to do it myself. 😡
Vocaloid Lyrics (On hiatus until July 2021. See bio.) by Inubastian
Vocaloid Lyrics (On hiatus until J...by Inubastian
These are the lyrics of all my favorite Vocaloid songs. The goal of this lyrics book is that people can find good, clean Vocaloid songs easily. Note: I do not own any of...
The Story of Us by Music_Lover_19-2000
The Story of Usby Giana Beilschmidt-Williams
I suck at descriptions. A Vocaloid Pretty Cure fanfic. Please read.
Vocaloid And Utauloid Ships (They React!) (aka:they react to there own ships) by Marissamoon11
Vocaloid And Utauloid Ships (They...by Marissamoon11
I do not own any of the pictures rights goes to the wonderful artists and I don't own Vocaloid or Crypton Future Media And I don't own Utauloid thank you now enjoy the n...
Go Jetters OCs by JasmineFlower259
Go Jetters OCsby Jasmine Flower
Information about my OCs.
Ruko Yokune x Reader by reptiliangoddess
Ruko Yokune x Readerby Lola  ̄ω ̄
Yokune Ruko (UTAUloid) x You! (AKA Ruko x Reader)
Miku X Teto by MikuCV01Hatsune
Miku X Tetoby Miku Hatsune
The title speaks for itself *xxxxx = Thoughts