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[✓]The Star That Save Me [Tenma Tsukasa x Reader] by Tsukasvrxx
[✓]The Star That Save Me [Tenma Rinn
[COMPLETED]✓ A broken girl who study in Miyamasuzaka with an avarage grade and boring life. that day you got into an argument with your mother and ran away and you bump...
The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Reader 】 by LorenoSan
The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Nickel
Kagamine Len. Currently 16, Blonde hair and Electric Blue eyes. Known as a Vocaloid, and a Playboy by everyone. Although there's something you don't know about him. He...
In the depths of despair (Danganronpa AU) by Mistyfan247
In the depths of despair ( Mikazuki Katsuki
20 students wake up in a mysterious classroom where they have to kill each other in order to survive. That is, if they do not get caught. Note: The sekai's do not exists...
N25 KAIMEI by mysterycatzi
N25 KAIMEIby peeinginajar
(N25 kaimei AU) This is about KAITO growing up alongside with MEIKO, as they slowly revel their dark, and broken family. **WARNING!!!** This book contains, abuse, viol...
⋆。°✩ Unlikely Love ⋆。°✩ (Toyahane) by starlightisc
⋆。°✩ Unlikely Love ⋆。°✩ (Toyahane)by ren
This tag is as dry as the desert so I'm writing this! Second time writing this cause Wattpad deleted it It's my first fic don't be mean Me and the other three toyahane s...
A Glass Of Wine [KaiMei] by p1nk04
A Glass Of Wine [KaiMei]by _megurine.lukaaa03
A barman and a rich woman who are desperate business person. The only thing that will unite them will be a glass of wine... (!SMUT WARNING!)
RuiKasa: A Star Melody by goose_legs
RuiKasa: A Star Melodyby goose_legs
I'm addicted to writing about them so here we are. This is set from the time period of when the Pianist Named Torpe took place, so around the late 1800s - early 1900s ED...
Behind The Scenes (VFlower X Fem! Reader) by IcedBread
Behind The Scenes (VFlower X vflower <3
(Mostly a bunch of silly little drabbles, but there will still be a smidge of plot! And also don't question how the Voc live in the real world while simultaneously havin...
Project Demon Slayer by MikuMikuooweeoo
Project Demon Slayerby AkitoissecretlyMizuki
She smiles at you, her audience. A sly grin across her face. "I, and my friends will act out this journey as if it were real. Possibly it once was, possibly it mig...
No Choice (A Kaito x Len Fanfic) by InkpenA113
No Choice (A Kaito x Len Fanfic)by ⭐️Ink Bapy⭐️
When Kaito Shion gets infected with an unknown virus, his head malfunctions and gives him a burning love for his close friend, Len Kagamine. And Kaito is determined to k...
GROWN (A LEN X MIKU STORY) [ maryamabubkar
"I've always been into older women, Miku" I say with a knowing smirk, watching as her teal innocent eyes widen in shock. 《《《《》》》》 In which Hatsune Miku realiz...
Vocaloid Agents by IA-AriaOnThePlanetes
Vocaloid Agentsby IA Aria
The Crypton Agency helps people when they have been corrupted by evil. Here are all the members. Miku and Kaito are the masterminds of the team; they plan out missions...
Second Chance  by OxidizedBlyat
Second Chance by GRANDMASTER JAX
What will happen if our favourite masked man and good boy wakes up in a different world? What if he wakes up at Hachimitsu Academy? What does fate have in store for him...
"If I'm being honest he could rail me." (Akitoya oneshots) by CandyHiyoko
"If I'm being honest he could 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
There's barely anything pjsk related here so here y'all go. Eat up akitoya nation.
Immune to Madness (Gakupo x Female Reader) by Lillypad524
Immune to Madness (Gakupo x Lillypad524
You went to a small city with your fiancee Kaito. You and him realize that there were no women and girls in the area, and you're the only woman. What do you have that th...
The Meme Squad by BoiledButter
The Meme Squadby Road Work Ahead
I need a life. Anyways, this is the cool kids all hanging out and doing who knows what. Enjoy this piece of trash :) also the first half of these have really bad writing...
Vocaloid x Reader by Fandomz_Fanboy
Vocaloid x Readerby Remus Hisahoshi
My first wattpad book ever! Let's roll@ Alright, so this is an X Reader book, meaning you comment who and I will write a love Story about you and that character! Let's t...
Oyabun's Bride (Gakupo x Kaito) by miss_yc
Oyabun's Bride (Gakupo x Kaito)by ƒυмíí
WARNING!!!!! YAOI ALERT!!!!!!! If you're not into this genre, get away from this story ASAP!! O A O!!! The preparation for the chosen bride of the upcoming new master of...
akikasa (my own pjsk au) by akikasaenthusiast
akikasa (my own pjsk au)by z / zero
akikasa is super cute guys pls theres a lot of angst in this as well...cuz i like putting myself into characters....and like "omg i relate to them" ITS HOW I C...
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