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𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬 || 𝐛𝐱𝐛 by cherrieluv-
𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬 || 𝐛𝐱𝐛by 𝒎
Blake Williams comes from a prestigious family, well known in their small district. Being in the shadow of his older brother, football is one of the only ways to get att...
Witchy Witch Isabell by macimaginationworld
Witchy Witch Isabellby mac
"Miss Rachel just hear me out, I just wanna practice little magic trick on your kitty and she'll be fine just a swish and flick"I said with the kitty in my han...
Chasing you by bennysoar
Chasing youby Linnea Gold
One semester. That's how long Allie plans to stay in college. But everything changes when she runs into Jack - the mysterious guy who looks exactly like her dead best fr...
Signed in... by Ladysart
Signed in...by Ladysart
Sign in, play.. Savannah Davies. A nineteen year old introvert, lives her life in a set motion. Always seen alone, hardly talking.. she hardly cares about what goes on...
Our Forbidden Love 2 by ZEW1303
Our Forbidden Love 2by ZEW1303
Alex and Starley's journey continues through 'Our Forbidden Love 2'. Starley is part of Oceanum Villa's Government and her new Scout-keeper role brings more stress and t...
The Memories Of A Heartless Love by sudarshanamitra320
The Memories Of A Heartless Loveby Sudarshana Mitra
A girl whose life's history lied in the traditional festival of her culture, Durga Puja. From birth, where her first love was found till where her love got buried deep w...
Jack 2 by paynetrainxd
Jack 2by Elena🌌
Continue Jack and Julia's story in this sequal to "Jack"
Helveryst Series #1 : Babysitting The Five Hot Jerks by yaradorable
Helveryst Series #1 : Babysitting...by Ms. Attitude 🖤
Helveryst Series #1 : Dale Fyron Helveryst Fight. Changes. Lovewar. It happens when an ordinary girl enters the life of the five hot jerks..... Maatittude?? Check. Maldi...
Illicit Affairs by makingmxmories
Illicit Affairsby ♡
It would be fair to say that Celeste Patel's life is ruined. She's been forced to enter college- the time where she wanted to reinvent herself, as the person she was i...
my idiot brother by abrorabyyu
my idiot brotherby abror abyyu
i know there is something wrong, there is something different personalities in myself. and i called he is "my idiot brother"
DAYS AT UNICOLL HIGH(on hold) by Tory__writes
DAYS AT UNICOLL HIGH(on hold)by Ogunyimika Mojolajesu
As Semiloore, Moyosore and Tomi look forward to graduating from secondary school; Friendships are broken Relationships are mended Friends are made Decisions are made Les...
they follow me everywhere by cloud9bbee
they follow me everywhereby hannah bear
~ my life ~ ~ my feelings / opinions / and past experiences ~ I will never really finish this "journal" because this is technically my life's story and i just...
It's Complicated by hi_im_gio
It's Complicatedby gio
• Life is too heavy a burden on the shoulders of those who are labeled to be different. But what does different even encompass? • This is the story of two aroace teens...
Falling for Brooke by TheMagicSpellWasLove
Falling for Brookeby Cynthia Jade
[#55 highschoolromance, #99 cheerleader] Rena. Hates. Brooke. At least, she thinks she does, until she finds herself imagining kissing her! What's Rena supposed to do...
Rock, Paper, Scissors by AGMeira
Rock, Paper, Scissorsby Alex Meirfire
**Updates: Every Wednesday and Friday** "Friendship is not about who you've known from the longest or who you hang out with, it's about who walked into your life, s...
Secret Soulmate by peacefulism
Secret Soulmateby peacefulism
'The thin, delicate breeze gently brushed past her face, blowing her long beach waves behind her as she stared beyond the endless rippled river and past the grassy sand...
Overtime by muggle_3
Overtimeby Marissa 💗
Becoming the school's new mat maid wasn't my first choice. In fact, it wasn't my choice at all, but when my best friend and his older brother set their minds to somethin...
Lost Days (Power Rangers Next-generation story) by LaFaye873
Lost Days (Power Rangers Next-gene...by LaFaye873
the kids had to live in their parents' shadow for their whole lives but after one stormy night they have to make a path for themselves and learn from their parents' mis...
Blue Ribbon (#5) by pumpkinyara
Blue Ribbon (#5)by Yara
Book #5 [Can be read as a stand-alone] What happens when you meet your soulmate? Oh wait, that's too easy, let me ask it again. What do you do when you meet your soul...
Fate's Bluff by webbiegail
Fate's Bluffby webbiegail
Romance and heartache await Adanni Forret, a halfling living in a secluded mountain village. Enter Riddian Arro, the next king of the halfling mountain dwellers. Does...