Golden Pieces by raeXbauer
Golden Piecesby Raegan
What happens when the hardass falls for the golden boy? - a few drunken texts - a nerdy sidekick - tears. everywhere. - love? When Cameron left her notebook in Anatomy c...
  • nerd
  • goodboy
  • cliche
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The Truth About Gracie by Soccerdiva5
The Truth About Gracieby Jensen Mitchell
Gracie has a past that she wants to keep hidden. Gracie was once a normal carefree teenager until a tragic event would change her life forever. When she moves to a new t...
  • romance
  • teen
  • teenfiction
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There's Five Of Us by Katherynnicolee
There's Five Of Usby Katheryn Frederick
❝ it's all about the presentation guys. Watch..❞ We all roll our eyes and watch Eric as he strolls up to the pretty blonde leaning against the bleachers. He smiles and t...
  • teenfiction
  • youngadult
  • daily
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All by Lucille_Dixon
Allby Lucille Dixon
All [adverb]; completely, without exception. When 18-year-old Abi meets Noah, a moody but disarming musician, she soon discovers the tattoos that mark his skin are hidin...
  • bands
  • london
  • teenfiction
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When Our Stars Cross by shakespearian1
When Our Stars Crossby Cosette Altair
At a summer camp where romance is strictly forbidden, Kaylie Braun and her best friend Caleb Parker become more than friends.
  • comedy
  • summercamp
  • morethanfriends
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Treesap by knockturn-allie
Treesapby 𝓐.
The one where the kid doesn't want to come home.
  • teenager
  • openeyes
  • teenfiction
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The Asylum Girl by creaturefromthedark
The Asylum Girlby Arriana Spokes
Criminal since she could remember, Calista was heard of from all over. Her mother emitted her to the Silverwing Mental Institution on her eighth birthday, due to severe...
  • crazy
  • asylum
  • bromance
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In Love With My Best Friend (GirlxGirl) by gracen00
In Love With My Best Friend ( gracen00
"Seven minutes in heaven. You and Charlotte," he said glaring. "Oh come on, don't be such a child," Olivia complained. "Whatever, cmon." Sh...
  • teenfiction
  • girlxgirl
  • romance
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Череп и кости by MagierLestad
Череп и костиby Ксения Хан
Один хочет найти друзей и исполнить мечту детства. Второй может стать выдающимся архитектором, но грезит только о регби. Третий жаждет доказать семье, что он не хуже сво...
  • янгдэдалт
  • teenfiction
  • драма
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Hooked by tjdawe
Hookedby tjdawe
When Ebonni is asked by her non-crush, Scott, to help him ask out her best friend, Brooke, she can't help but feel deflated. All the boys went for the stunning Brooke an...
  • dramatic
  • teenfiction
  • britishauthor
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The Mark and the Thorn by alienrain
The Mark and the Thornby Piper Henley
Valerie Danvers is trying to create a better life for herself as a Neuarcher Reaper, but her new "mark" causes more problems than it solves. Between working fo...
  • vampire
  • naiad
  • demon
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Doesn't Do Relationships by Gabrielle_Hatfield
Doesn't Do Relationshipsby Gabrielle.
Started: 1-19-19 Not complete. ... She doesn't do relationships. He does one night stands. She's fragile and broken. He built walls around him. She is broken because of...
  • bitch
  • alone
  • teenfiction
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Daddy Brock by patrickstwin
Daddy Brockby That One Girl
I can't think of a good description but please read
  • teenfiction
  • colbybrock
  • sad
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Take me with you. by emily-ayala
Take me with emilyayala
A 17 year old girl named Ellie Raine finds herself tangled up with a boy and questioning the reality of love and friendship while battling it at the same time.
  • friendship
  • teenfiction
  • love
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She's Mine (EDITING) by AMMT20
She's Mine (EDITING)by Ate Azze
Ayla Reese Bautista. Isang palaban na babae. Sa likod ng maganda, inosente at mala-anghel nyang mukha ay ang palaban nyang pagkatao. Pinalaki syang may matapang at may m...
  • gangster
  • jinsoo
  • teenfiction
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Unsettled Emotions ! by Grace2505
Unsettled Emotions !by Grace2505
Grace Collins One of the top designers.Cold ,Beautiful ,Hates public appearances and has worked hard to achieve the notch. But what is the reason of her this cold deme...
  • yourstory
  • romance
  • lovesstory
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Perfect Queen by Kristihne
Perfect Queenby Kristihne
Let's find out how the queen will handle everything when the nature strikes her love ones. Will she be a fearless queen after that disaster?Or she will let herself fall...
  • teenfiction
  • adventure
  • lovestory
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adorkable by mortalpianos
adorkableby mortalpianos
Kit Brown is a geek. A dork. A 16 year old girl who likes to bury herself in books, wishing she lived the life of the characters she loved. Leo Carter is a goof. Popula...
  • funny
  • relatable
  • teenfiction
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Second Chance by Riane_asdjk
Second Chanceby Riane_asdjk
Bibigyan mo pa ba ng SECOND CHANCE ang taong nagloko sayo?
  • missjeynie
  • teenfiction
  • owwsic
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The Ice Queen by MasqueradePrincess7
The Ice Queenby MaskedPrincess
This is a world of traditional standards, a princess is saved by her knight in shining armor and the knight becomes a king. Happily Ever After. Princess Jade Aries...
  • curse
  • heart
  • brotherlylove
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