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Bestfriend or love by jhowzbeyuh
Bestfriend or loveby qttttttt
Bestfriend or love?sino kayang pipiliin ni jho? Si nico ba na mahal niya or si bea na bestfriend niya?
  • jhonico
  • friendshipgoals
  • lovewins
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Til i met you by isabeljhoana
Til i met youby Isabel Beatriz
I'm isabel beatriz de leon. I'm inlove with my bestfriend who doesn't love me and here i am trying to be happy with our friendship. "I love you bea! Mahal na mahal...
  • bestfriend
  • ateneoladyeagles
  • jhoanamaraguinot
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This time  by CaptainBDL
This time by Isabel Beatriz
  • friendshipgoals
  • jhobea
  • spg
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The Bad Boy Kept My Secret by meepsahir
The Bad Boy Kept My Secretby Meep
Avila Arthur~ -Student Body President -Short-tempered -Bookworm -Nerd throu...
  • yearlycup
  • squad
  • competition
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She's Only Mine [COMPLETED] by SimpleGirl_Sweet
She's Only Mine [COMPLETED]by Irene
START: April 23, 2018 END: May 10, 2019 Si Zaylee Jennie Cadwell at Bryleigh Lisa Waldgrave ay matalik na magkaibigan simula bata pa lamang sila... Dahil nung sila ay ip...
  • givetime
  • bestfriends
  • school
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Chasing Hearts 4: Best Mistake by avonlei_phr
Chasing Hearts 4: Best Mistakeby Avonlei
Nagalit si Mela at bumanat nang layas sa bahay nila nang malamang ipapakasal siya ng ama sa lalaking ni hindi niya kilala. Marriage is sacred, she must marry for love. O...
  • chasinghearts
  • phr
  • friendshipgoals
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I Was Born To Love You by cacacalilili
I Was Born To Love Youby Cali_Naol
Please Read
  • highschoollife
  • teenfiction
  • tagalog
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F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P by vids_vins
F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.Pby vidhi and vinal
Masti,Drama,Yaariyan,Friendship,Fantasy,Ups and Downs. All together will make this story more interesting Thank you so so so much guys at last i had got 500+ views #14 i...
  • mohshinkhan
  • masti
  • siddharthnigam
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21 days ; wheesa by snowheein
21 days ; wheesaby tea
❝ make me like you. ❞ where wheein had to make hyejin fall for her. warning; lgbt+ published; 20170629 completed; 20170924 © 2017 - snowheein, tea
  • 휘인
  • 마마무
  • friendshipgoals
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Take a Chance on Me (JhoBea) by olalalisa
Take a Chance on Me (JhoBea)by Olalalisa 💕
"I know you've taken chances before and they have flopped and floundered and left you high and dry. I know that you are scared to start again after everything befor...
  • beh
  • gxg
  • ladyeagles
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Chasing Hearts 3: Wicked Way by avonlei_phr
Chasing Hearts 3: Wicked Wayby Avonlei
Kapag nagmahal ka, minsan kahit alam mong mali... susugal at susugal ka. Ganoon ang ginawa ni Genel nang magkaroon ng pagkakataon. Gumawa siya ng palabas para paghiwalay...
  • friendshipgoals
  • phr
  • takasgirls
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Midnight Love || K. Sj [Completed]✔ by NamikoS
Midnight Love || K. Sj [Completed]✔by J.Jk's AUTORA©
HR #759 [ Warning: Not edited. You will find lot of errors and mistakes. ] ❝Falling in love is like sleeping... We slowly fall asleep bit by bit and then all at once...
  • relationship
  • romance
  • friendshipgoals
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Chasing Hearts 2: Double Rainbow by avonlei_phr
Chasing Hearts 2: Double Rainbowby Avonlei
Life is ironic, isn't it? Kung kailan feeling mo hindi ka na magmamahal uli, saka naman darating ang taong totoong nagmamahal sa 'yo. Kapag natutunan mo nang mahalin ang...
  • chasinghearts
  • phr
  • takasgirls
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Chasing Hearts 5: Nothing Here But Love by avonlei_phr
Chasing Hearts 5: Nothing Here Avonlei
A broken heart. A one-night stand. And a crazy little thing called love.
  • friendshipgoals
  • takasgirls
  • phr
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The Prince and the Psycho by XXPrimeSuspectXX
The Prince and the Psychoby XXPrimeSuspectXX
Living her new life as normal as she could, Vera Chen stumbled upon a group of five most popular students in her new school but could she be able to conceal the trace of...
  • crazy
  • schoolheartrob
  • friendshipgoals
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Kau, Crush Aku by Eeyka_Zulaikha
Kau, Crush Akuby Tengku Zulaikha
Zulaikha adalah gadis biasa. Tiada istimewa pada dirinya. Dia hanya punya angan-angan & doa. Kata Aqilah, Siapa kata cinta itu takkan kekal dari sekolah menengah jika...
  • friendshipgoals
  • sweet
  • teenfictions
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Friend Or Lover by imiryhis
Friend Or Loverby Imi❤
Xeyn Aisya Kayla X Aadren Kyle Their life was very happy. Full of happiness. They always has a right back. Every where, any time, any moment they always being together...
  • love
  • hotboys
  • teenagerlife
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Disaster In Paradise || Park Jimin  by chim4lifeu7
Disaster In Paradise || Park Jimin by chim4lifeu7
******* »'This is going to be per-' My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the bathroom door open. I spun around to see a male figure emerge out of the doorway hummin...
  • nct
  • kpopfanfic
  • jimin
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Chasing Hearts 1: Yesterday's Dream by avonlei_phr
Chasing Hearts 1: Yesterday's Dreamby Avonlei
Si Ruen ay bahagi ng kahapon ni Sia na kailanman ay hindi niya nagawang kalimutan. It was so hard to forget the man who gave her so much to remember. Kaya ang status niy...
  • takasgirls
  • friendshipgoals
  • phr
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The bad boy fell in love with me by JaelSantos6
The bad boy fell in love with meby jelly
Abigail Rodriguez was the school's biggest nerd, people make fun of her big rimmed glasses, her height and how she clumsily drops her books. She was part Filipino, her d...
  • filipino
  • alessioscalzotto
  • latino
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