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Only in Nantucket  by EmillyKathrynn
Only in Nantucket by 𝐸𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓎
6 months after New Hampshire Logan's vacationing at the cape when he runs into Rory and his sister. What will happen when he finds out her secret, how will he react. I d...
Someday, Ace [Rory & Logan] by otratournjh
Someday, Ace [Rory & Logan]by brittany
Logan was crushed she said no. The love of his life made a choice and she didn't choose him. As he walked away from the beautiful girl in her cap and gown he made a prom...
Gilmore Girls: More in the Life by BSVG1227
Gilmore Girls: More in the Lifeby BSVG1227
This story picks up where "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" leaves off-- Lorelai and Luke are married and Rory announces she is pregnant. How does the Danes...
cant lose you (gilmore girls) by lauradelt
cant lose you (gilmore girls)by GG
post proposal- rory and logan havent spoken since, but when tragedy strikes will they find their way back together... there may be some details from ayitl but this is ki...
The Aftermath - A Gilmore Girls Revival Fan Fiction by AshleyWheeler1
The Aftermath - A Gilmore Girls Ashley P Wheeler
A story that starts immediately after those fateful four words. How will things pan out for Rory and Logan? Will he be involved in his child's life? Will he still mar...
A year in the life continued by EmillyKathrynn
A year in the life continuedby 𝐸𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓎
Starting off from where Rory told her mother those shocking words on the steps we see Rorys journey through her pregnancy. Does she tell Logan about the baby? Will Logan...
A Year In The Life: a new beginning  by EmillyKathrynn
A Year In The Life: a new 𝐸𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓎
We last left off with those shocking final words Rory shared with her mother in the gazebo. But now the Gilmore girls are back for more! What's in store for Rory and Lor...
What if?-Rory and Jess by 123456789YODA
What if?-Rory and Jessby 123456789YODA
Rory and Jess REDO'S Comment for any ideas Creator of Gilmore Girls is Amy Sherman Palladieno
In Omnia Paratus by greentrails
In Omnia Paratusby greentrails
Logan lives in California. Rory is on the campaign trail and they stop in California. What happens when they run into each other? Will they reconcile or will Logan make...
Nothing Will Be Bigger by fabulozna
Nothing Will Be Biggerby Milica
It's been 6 months since Rory said no to Logan's proposal. 6 months of misery for both of them. Now, they're in the same city. *Contains adult content.
It all started with New Hampshire (A Gilmore Girls Revival Fic) by AceHuntzmore
It all started with New AceHuntzmore
ROGAN. What if she had already told Logan about her pregnancy before the final 4 words took place? What happens next? A few missing scenes from Fall then the rest of it...
What would have happened if by FlorenciaMardones257
What would have happened ifby Florencia Mardones
Rory discovers she was pregnant with triplets , but ends up not telling Logan about them . Rory ends up moving to Japan for a new job and gives birth and raises the chil...
Goodbye New Hampshire [Rory/Logan] by somethingnext2normal
Goodbye New Hampshire [Rory/Logan]by lia
They weren't supposed to see each other again after New Hampshire, that's what they had decided. One last Brigade adventure and that was it. But all that had to be forgo...
Gilmore girls : Beyond the Year by Courtknee_22
Gilmore girls : Beyond the Yearby Courtney M
After those final four words of AYITL, what are Rory's next steps? What will Lorelai do after finding out that she is going to be a grandmother? Disclaimer: I am a mass...
Gilmore Girls The Perfect Ending - By Sofia.L by sofialej0774
Gilmore Girls The Perfect sofialej0774
This is the perfect ending of Gilmore Girls, written as a movie script because I have always envisioned it as a movie. (It's short and sweet) I'm carrying on from after...
A Different Beginning  by alliejay713
A Different Beginning by ajames
I don't own any of these characters, I only own the story that comes from my head. There will be some direct quotes and scenes that I will use from the original series...
DEJA VU | gilmore girls by jordywrites_
DEJA VU | gilmore girlsby 𝙟𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙮<3
- ͙۪۪̥˚┊❛ Yes its called Deja vu, no it has nothing to do with Olivia Rodrigo❜┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌ ✰'hey mom... im pregnant' Rory stuttered --FAST FORWARD 5 YEARS-- 'Lorie! Dinner t...
Gilmore Girls: Rory's Secret by catsrule035
Gilmore Girls: Rory's Secretby Sara Gallant
This story takes place 16 years after A Year In the Life. Emma is Rory's 16-year-old daughter, named primarily after her grandmother, Emily Gilmore. Rory is currently li...
Rediscovering: Interludes by LaurenB2482
Rediscovering: Interludesby QueenOfTheSloths
A companion piece to Rediscovering Logan Huntzberger. Missing scenes from other character's perspectives.
Gilmore Girls: After A Year in the Life by Jewels_FanFiction
Gilmore Girls: After A Year in Jewels_FanFiction
Life has thrown Rory Gilmore a curve ball. The night after her Mom eloped with Luke, Rory dropped a bombshell while they sat on the steps of the town gazebo. "Mo...