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Sierra Gilmore  by nerdylibrawlw
Sierra Gilmore by 🌹
Sierra Gilmore: Twin Sister of Rory, Daughter of Lorelai, Girlfriend of Logan and Member of the Life and Death Brigade. With dreams to be an actress, follow Sierra throu...
Lost Time ▸ Jess Mariano by daisyjohvson
Lost Time ▸ Jess Marianoby ˗ˏˋ elena ˎˊ˗
❝ Well you know me, running away from my problems is what I do best. ❞ [ oc/oc, jess/oc ] [ gilmore girls: season 2 - the revival ] [ cover by @azaleahs ] © daisyjohvson
A Hayden Girl by amethystjewel04
A Hayden Girlby Amethyst Rose
What If Rory Gilmore was not a Gilmore, but instead a Hayden? When Lorelai gets pregnant at 16, she decides to give all custody to the Haydens and runs away to a small t...
The Other Gilmore Girl (book one) by Eggosforever14
The Other Gilmore Girl (book one)by Eggosforever14
My name is Christina Gilmore, twin of the famous Rory Gilmore. My sister is more know for her smarts and love of reading, I am more well know around the town for my love...
Bad girl meets bad boy - Logan Huntzberger  by rudypankowismine
Bad girl meets bad boy - Logan Hun...by lily <\3
In this story the bad girl of Yale, Brooke Gilmore (Rory Gilmore's sister) meets the bad boy of Yale, Logan Huntzberger. As Brooke tries to do her school work to prepar...
Star by breeze_airi
Starby breeze_airi
Another heiress is in town and she's about to change people's lives, the most important one being Logan Huntzberger's. Maybe having a society approved wife might not be...
The Newest Gilmore by stella24sencen
The Newest Gilmoreby stella24sencen
Its been 5 years since Gilmore Girls: AYITL. This is the next chapter.
A year in the life continued by GilmoresAnatomy
A year in the life continuedby GilmoresAnatomy
Starting off from where Rory told her mother those shocking words on the steps we see Rorys journey through her pregnancy. Does she tell Logan about the baby? Will Logan...
Until I Heal by luvyourspirit
Until I Healby Luv Your Spirit
AU. Rory never forgave Logan for the bridesmaid's incident. Now, four years later, Rory is a successful journalist and life brings them together again. She is torn betwe...
Issues|Gilmore Girls by LifeAsLea
Issues|Gilmore Girlsby FanFictionQueen
Veronica «Ronnie» Gilmore is Rory Gilmore's 45 minutes younger sister. After a well urned summer vacation they're heading back to Yale for their second year where they b...
realist ━━ jess mariano  by thekazbrekker
realist ━━ jess mariano by 「a」
REALIST | in which jess mariano convinces himself he's in love with rory gilmore because when he stepped into her room, he found five items that he felt connected to. ...
3 Years After by EliseHodgkinson
3 Years Afterby Elise Hodgkinson
It's been 3 years since Rory walked away from Logan's Proposal, a little surprise was hidden from him though. Its 3 years later, and Rory is working at the New York Time...
 Superwoman! Life as a heiress, mom and a Huntzberger wife! by DecemberJeffries
Superwoman! Life as a heiress, mo...by December Jeffries
Lorelai Leigh Gilmore Hayden Huntzberger's life as a CEO of a major conglomerate company, a mother of a 3 year old little girl and the wife of the CEO of one of the most...
A Different Life by irishsask
A Different Lifeby irishsask
Rory over hears a conversation a week before graduation that changes everything.
Time After Time by Wiccangrrl13
Time After Timeby wiccangrrl13
Post AYITL with flashes to the original series. The last 2 words left Rory's lips, & she knew in that moment, nothing would ever be the same. The man she loved was marry...
Avocado Trees by ifyoureoutontherun
Avocado Treesby MinnieIsQueen
Rory never said no to Logan's proposal...
Unwanted - Gilmore Girls by CaoimherTheBeaver
Unwanted - Gilmore Girlsby CaoimherTheBeaver
In which, the unwanted twin sister of Rory Gilmore and the abonded daughter of Lorelai Gilmore is left to be raised by her Grandparents. Or When Lorelai ran away that ni...
An unexpected miracle (updates are slow) by AceHuntzmore
An unexpected miracle (updates are...by AceHuntzmore
What if the rogan relationship went in a different direction after the episode Jews and chinese food? What if Rory had discovered some life changing news? How would it e...