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Kamen Rider Zi-O - Dark Time by MitchellDonnelly
Kamen Rider Zi-O - Dark Timeby Mitchell Donnelly
In one of of the many Kamen Rider worlds, Y/n, is a normal young man, until his homeworld was destroyed. But just when he was about to die, he was saved by a cloaked man...
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bakugan new vestroya betrayed brawler  by blastercrow
bakugan new vestroya betrayed blastercrow
Me and my partner Leonidus were the best in the battle brawler Resistants.. or so I day they all betrayed me even my partner and now I travel around vest...
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Boku No Hero Academia X Kamen Rider Build: The Genius Hero (Male Reader Insert) by Fenix1475
Boku No Hero Academia X Kamen Fenix1475
In the World of Heroes and Villains, Y/N L/N is a boy who was all alone, he has no parents, he did everything alone and he was fine with it... But what happens when Y/N...
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Neo Crystal Evolution (Kamen Rider Evol x Sailor Moon Crystal) by AlbusAkemi0
Neo Crystal Evolution (Kamen Albus Akemi
After Evolto leaves the New World, he feels horrible about hurting Sento, Banjou, and Misora. He thinks of them as his children. While traveling, he finds the Neo Crysta...
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Try and Catch Me by At12MN
Try and Catch Meby At12MN
When Lia transmigrated, she made a vow not to commit the same mistakes as the original Lia did in the novel. That is, to fall in love with the protagonist. What a perfec...
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Kamen Rider Overlord by KamenRiderNex
Kamen Rider Overlordby Kamen Rider Nex
Everything Except the concept of the story and Ocs isn't mine and is owned by its respective owners In this story, My hero academia had heroes before heroes with quirks(...
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Kamen Rider x Boku no Hero Academia(Combine Fanfic)  by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Kamen Rider x Boku no Hero Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Tatsumaki Takeru was the son of a great hero. His parents were killed in action during a fight with a dangerous villian and leaving him all alone. This is a story where...
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Kamen Rider Build X Senki Zesshou Symphogear by SamSVS
Kamen Rider Build X Senki SamSVS
Kagashi Yutaka and his childhood friend Tatsuya Ikari were just living a normal life until one day a portal out of nowhere transported them to another world where monste...
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The Ridewatch Hero (Kamen Rider Zi-o x My Hero Academia) by Biggie1222
The Ridewatch Hero (Kamen Rider Biggie1222
Ryou Soutou is a boy with a Quirk unlike any other, allowing him to tap into powers of the legendary heroes, the Kamen Riders. Once a Vigilante doing things on his own...
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A New Den-O [DokiDoki Precure x Kamen Rider Den-O] (Small Harem x Male OC) by TrueRisingFTW
A New Den-O [DokiDoki Precure x TrueRising
A young man has brought from our world to become the next Den-O and to save this strange other world from the threat known as the Evil Imagin! How will the warriors know...
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a Crazy build up adventure ( smg4 x male build reader x crossover) by Arthurpendragon285
a Crazy build up adventure ( Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n Is a fan of anime, Kamen rider fan and recently smg4 and was enjoying His normal life, until a storm came out like surprise motherfucka and that transport him into a...
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Izuku Hazzard by DragoNightRed
Izuku Hazzardby Yusei Night Red
Después una practica de entrenamiento izuku sufre un gran daño por parte de bakugo y nadie hizo nada para detenerlo o si quiera recibir un castigo, gracias a eso y las b...
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Hazardous Hero Male kamen rider x My Hero Academia  by KuugaBlackHole
Hazardous Hero Male kamen rider Michael McDowell
The multiverse. a mysterious theory that can't be proved, but is still believed to be possible and in every universe the Kamen rider exists to protect the people of that...
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Six of Crows modern AU by FandomsRuleTheWorld
Six of Crows modern AUby Bookworm4Life
In which the title is the story setting, Wylan's father really does hate him, Rollins is a bullying teacher, and all the normal ships are ships
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Destroy​er to protect​or​ (op kamen rider reader x my hero academia)​ by Heheboi22
Destroy​er to protect​or​ (op Heheboi22
You got power from evolto but evolto has change after in kamen rider build new​ world​ cross-z​ and when evolto meet you he give you his power and make you op and train...
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(Precure X KR Build)​ Story Of Legend : Best Match in The Garden Of Roses by tenderstuff
(Precure X KR Build)​ Story Of Tenderstuff
Anderson Cole a guy who have to go to the world of Precure to defeat an unknown enemies. In the name of Kamen Rider Build. THIRD SEQUENCE : ONGOING
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kamen rider build X Kill La Kill by JustinTurner855
kamen rider build X Kill La Killby Kamen Rider Anime 555
The world as we know it has full into darkness. With the Honnoji Academy role the world and there own rider named Night Rogue all hope is lost. But there is a a small gr...
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Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES was not on my VACATION LIST!!!!! by cUtiE0502sEcRet
Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES sue
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Be The One (a RWBY x Kamen Rider Build fanfic) by Rayhan2311
Be The One (a RWBY x Kamen Rider Rayhan2311
An prodigy genius who developed new Dust substance. He's also the vigilante in his town where everyone calls him the "Kamen Rider", who desires to recreate the...
Boku No Hero Academia X Kamen Rider Build: The Genius Hero (OVA) by Fenix1475
Boku No Hero Academia X Kamen Fenix1475
OVA's for the story and possibly the Movie as well.
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