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Jelsa/The Big Six in High School (Book 1) by jelsalover14
Jelsa/The Big Six in High School ( Jelsalover14
Elsa Arens and her family move to Canterlot. There, Elsa and her sister Anna Arens, attend at their new school, Canterlot High. It is there where they meet a popular gro...
Finding You ~Book 2 of Unexpected~ by BurningFiree
Finding You ~Book 2 of Unexpected~by Gabrielle
If you thought I was giving up on Hiccup, I wasn't. I will never. We've been through so much. When I get my hands on Merida, I'm not showing her any mercy. She can't ste...
Jelsa and TBF incorrect quotes by fangirl-888
Jelsa and TBF incorrect quotesby fangirl-888
Incorrect quotes found on Tumblr featuring The Big Four and Jelsa. Ships that may appear (don't like it don't read it): Jelsa ofc Hiccstrid Merida having a crush on Punz...
Broken (Jelsa) *COMPLETED* by jack_frost_and_elsa
Broken (Jelsa) *COMPLETED*by Jack_Frost_and_Elsa
Book 1 I had friends, I had a family, I had everything, But I lost it all Because of her.... ~Elsa I have friends, I have a family, I have everything, But I'm lost, Beca...
Spies by EmmaSwanXOX
Spiesby J.E. Kay-Valdez-Jackson-Petra...
Four spies go undercover in highschool. Jack, Hiccup, Rapunzel and Merida are four of the top spies in the world. Their mission is to befriend a few normal teenagers. It...
True Love (Jelsa Fanfic)  by VanillaCow
True Love (Jelsa Fanfic) by VanillaCow
The story takes place months after Elsa has found her happiness. After reports of crystallized black ash are found sweeping through Arendelle, people believe it's ju...
Jelsa and TBF incorrect quotes 2 by fangirl-888
Jelsa and TBF incorrect quotes 2by fangirl-888
Second part! Quotes found on Tumblr. Ships that may appear: -Jelsa -Hiccstrid -Eugenzel -Kristanna -Merida having a crush on Rapunzel -Maybe even Hijack (Don't like it d...
Jelsa/The Big Six in College (Book 2) by jelsalover14
Jelsa/The Big Six in College ( Jelsalover14
*SEQUEL TO JELSA/THE BIG SIX IN HIGH SCHOOL (BOOK 1)* Elsa Arens and Jack Frost have both lost their memories. Elsa only remembers a white hair boy named Jack and Ja...
The Big Four and The Prophecy (Book 1) by miss_garden
The Big Four and The Prophecy ( Miss Garden
Four extraordinary teenagers were chosen to defeat the Dark Lord, Pitch Black, whom after twenty years have returned once again. Join The Big Four through their magica...
"And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first...
Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons | THE BIG FOUR: Book 1 ✔ by Thecalendar15
Rise of the Brave Tangled Bangtan_Jams 💎
[COMPLETE] There was once 4 powerful kingdoms in the universe. Burgess, Dun'broch, Corona, and Berk where four individuals are born to be destined as a guardian. As his...
Frostbite (Jackunzel) by xGuinevereBaroque
Frostbite (Jackunzel)by 𝐿𝑒𝑖𝑙
Yep my first fanfic and it's jackunzel!!! (Don't judge, I love this ship so much!) Read to find out :) Note: If you like jelsa, I'm sorry but this story is just not for...
The Big Four - One Life by ArrowsAndFire
The Big Four - One Lifeby Just another nerd
"Tell me the story," the little girl whispered eagerly, "of the ice boy and the flower princess and their adventures with the dragon rider and the arrow-s...
Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons by aliensdeservebetter
Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragonsby aliensdeservebetter
When their worlds collide, when they have to work together, when they learn each other's past, will they get along? Or will they be the reason the whole world will be ta...
Broken by Winter_Hofferson14
Brokenby Winter_Hofferson14
I'm a twin, crazy I know. I have two sisters the eldest is Elizabeth but we call her Elsa for short *hint that's my twin* she's beautiful, more pretty than me I can tell...
Jelsa in HighSchool by theariagilbert
Jelsa in HighSchoolby theariagilbert
16 year old Elsa Winters is ready to face junior year at a new school filled with bitchy drama queens, players, and family issues. After running into the biggest jock an...
The Cause (Mericcup) by quennasential
The Cause (Mericcup)by quennasential
Her eyes blazed blue in the dark as she asked him, "If you had the chance to change yer fate, would you?" A How To Train Your Dragon and Brave fanfiction. Peac...
Operation Phoenix by SaltySweety
Operation Phoenixby SaltySweety
When the world fell apart and the dead started walking, four districts came together; They built walls, made peace treaties and provided for their own. For a moment, it...
The Big Four - Lost by MavisSilvermoon
The Big Four - Lostby Alpha Dragon
Hiccup . . . Merida . . . Rapunzel . . . Jack . . . All four have one thing in common: they died. When they did, Hiccup and his two new friends Merida and Rapunzel becam...