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𝑾𝑹𝑰𝑻𝑬𝑹'𝑺 𝑳𝑰𝑭𝑬 by missFavy
𝑾𝑹𝑰𝑻𝑬𝑹'𝑺 𝑳𝑰𝑭𝑬by Favour Anaoji
Why does your story matter? Good question What if I told you that there is a science behind every great story. In 'writer's life', I don't just want to only teach you ho...
Daily Dose of Thoughts & Reality by haneeleen77
Daily Dose of Thoughts & Realityby Hanee Leen
Hi! This is more like of my thoughts and stories.
I Truly Do by SilverPsychoEuka
I Truly Doby I'M ERA
I Truly Do is a poetry book tackling the struggle of wanting to be honest, wanting to confess, and wanting to conquer despite having a cowardly heart. Enjoy!
letters never sent by writingyouagain
letters never sentby reno moon
confessions of a teenage girl...a series of letters i wrote, but never sent. dedicated to people who loved me, but not the same way; people who hurt me; people who heal...
Emma Watson Quotes  by RoseLangdon
Emma Watson Quotes by Mood: Vibing
Quotes by Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
Sexual Desire  by KeantiQuinn
Sexual Desire by Keanti Quinn
Everything about me screams sex. The thought of me drippin made me wet. Different men, different times, and different places had my mind wrapped up in heavy dating.
Meet the Creator  by Senpai_Percy
Meet the Creator by Senpai_Percy
Get to know me (If you want to)
Sisthers meeting Kierra by Princessjayda98
Sisthers meeting Kierraby Jayda Lewis
This story is about thee two sisters names Jayda and Myra that are at Greater Emmanuel Institutional COGIC with their parents and both of them do believe in Christ, but...
Real Talk by Derby_Queen
Real Talkby Queenie
real talk on real issues Trigger warning: Anorexia, Self harm, Suicidiality
HI MHIAMB FANS! Want a Real TALK about your favorite story SHITS?
miscellaneous thoughts ✔ by FriendlyDragon478
miscellaneous thoughts ✔by amateurflor
To think is to be aware and to remember what you have perceived. Thoughts help you form opinions and gather your ideas. Thoughts bring you to conclusions and new ways of...
I Got You! (GxG) by GwaceyAika
I Got You! (GxG)by shoyet
Alliana is the heiress of renowned clothing company in the Philippines, aside from that business, she owns a gadget brands in a chains so she is the youngest successful...
Tainted Souls vol.1 by Sean-Paul
Tainted Souls vol.1by Sean-Paul Mdhluli
The truth in a Nut shell ...what is reality? Does it all matter in the end? This is a collection of my thoughts and feelings,how I feel about the world and how I see it...
The Worst Types of Writers You'll Ever Meet by K_E_Francis
The Worst Types of Writers You' Katharine Francis
Everyone wants to be a writer. They come in all forms. Some are nice and others leave you with a lasting impression. These are the worst types of writers you'll ever mee...
One Direction References >>to be continued by halfbloodprxncess
One Direction References >>to be 🌸Halfbloodprincess🌸
Fan-Book for my Livesavers❤ ✨Quotes//Theories//Facts//Imagines//Flirting//Real talk//Sayings//Jokes✨ English🇬🇧 Ideas? DM me❤
Poetry / poem By Cristelle C.L by Wushoooo_gurl
Poetry / poem By Cristelle C.Lby Wushoooooo_gurl
This is my compilation of my poetry. Photos that attach in every chapter are not mine those are from other website that I looked for. link are on the chapters to give...
How to be a good Parents?(Youth's Point of View) by eyhSmik
How to be a good Parents?(Youth' Park Ri soo
It's a point of view of the sons and daughters on how their parents should act in today's generation.