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Rants and Imagines  by RTKD847
Rants and Imagines by whip
Inspired by @SpookyPlanets
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Vents about Drv3 by _SweetLie_
Vents about Drv3by Reiiyu_san
This is me ranting about my opinion, and not being completely satisfied until I write a book about it and publish the dang thing. I would be fine if no one even clicks t...
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My art book by wormsinmyeyes
My art bookby wormy/amby/cal
hello, im dexter and this is my art book enjoy i guess???? the art at the beginning is from late 2017 so beware for horrible art :")
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My Drawings 2✏ by AnisfpAnimation
My Drawings 2✏by 🌻Anis🌹
Yeah that's all KIlL Me ÙwÚ🔫
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My venting book by LThePansexual
My venting bookby L
((Picture doesn't belong to me)) It's exactly what it sounds like, just a nobody venting about their feelings. L really needs to vent right now, can you help them. I sh...
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𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘺𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭 by rosedud-
𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘺𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭by ꒰ 𝓔. ꒱
( 🍼 ) MISC
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How to be a fuse bomb by bomb_y
How to be a fuse bombby ♡도움♡
Yo! This is my life book! Here, I'll mention things going on in my life. This'll be sort of a diary. ... What can I say? Enjoy the randomness (not really)!!
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Well. . . It's really Random. . .
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Emo's Art (6.0) by ElectricEmo
Emo's Art (6.0)by Emo~Chan
here we go again
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My vents/rants by samtheco28
My vents/rantsby 🍭Barrel🍭
Just rants/vents
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Behind the Dawn by Rosa950
Behind the Dawnby 🥀a
There are secrets hidden within the velvet depths of the night... Their meanings can be found beneath the clouds of sunrise. Let me show you them. Random book No. 2. A s...
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Venting by queendingaling
Ventingby Eli
You don't have to read this. It's my venting. But, don't turn your back. Don't look away; and don't blink. GOOD LUCK. Also, inconsistent updates.
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A Poets Rose by IInsomniax
A Poets Roseby IInsomiax
Just some random poems I come up with, or else, aesthetic pictures. It's mostly venting.
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My Diary by balqisrocks
My Diaryby ※ Qissy ※
This is basically what happens in my life. It will be like a normal diary, I personally never thought a diary could be useful but my dearest friend told me to try it out...
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-',┃𝗥𝗔𝗡𝗗𝗢𝗠 by an-tan_
-',┃𝗥𝗔𝗡𝗗𝗢𝗠by -`, 𝗔𝗡
the pretty guardian in a sailor suit guardian of love and justice ﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋¨❁:·. a random book ◞⌒❁status┇updating...
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Rant Time! by JJ_Riptide
Rant Time!by JJ
🌠My book full of rants and random facts about me and my friends.🌠
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three six five by atiredblueboy
three six fiveby jasp
one poem for every day of the year. 2020 will be a year of no lies, a year of no pretending that everything is ok. this is the truth.
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Welcome to my life and my thoughts. Poems. by littlemissnoname
Welcome to my life and my littlemissnoname
So, welcome to my life and my thoughts. Everything in here comes from the heart and is something from my life whether that's loss, love, heartbreak, anger, jealousy, fri...
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My Thoughts by purelight5
My Thoughtsby Wilted Flower
Venting, brainstorms, other things that clouds my mind. I'll post them here. Something to do, other than lashing at someone.
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