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After The Breakup, I Became Popular In the Entertainment Industry by Qwinesty
After The Breakup, I Became Popula...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Luo Ning is a cannon fodder female supporting character in a favorite article in the entertainment circle. Once again, she is not the cannon fodder! Black fans clamored:...
Anniversary Gift  by ReneCainMarien
Anniversary Gift by Renè Cain Marien
After a night hunt with their Wei-Qianbei, the juniors came to know from a drunk Yiling Laozu that his and HanGuang-Jun's wedding anniversary is nearing. Wei Wuxian proc...
azure lane: skies unknown rewrite Completed by lockheedhenesy
azure lane: skies unknown rewrite...by lockheed henesy
lrssg & 118th iun pkf assigned to osean feddie new prototype super carrier (oc) osean titan ten thousand times bigger than the space elevator. a accident led them to the...
Tell Me What You Hate About Me by kennedy_trent
Tell Me What You Hate About Meby Kennedy Trent
"Did I do something to you? Because I really don't think I did," I said. "I'm not trying to be your friend, Lindsay. I'm just here to figure out the deal...
Water and Air: A Waterfire Saga reincarnation fanfic. by LunaStar48
Water and Air: A Waterfire Saga re...by Luna's Star
What if Serafina and Desiderio had a younger sister? What if she was a human in her past life who remembered everything and read the books? 'My last life had been as...
ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS! (Wangxian) by Kawaii_Kiwi04
ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS! (Wangxian)by Kiwi-chan
When Wei Ying and Lan Zhan get thrust into the past by about 20 years (give or take) through an unprecedented talisman accident with no way of return, they decide to mak...
Witchcraft 101 by babyhdragon
Witchcraft 101by babyhdragon
I have just recently become an official witch and I have decided to create a digital spell book. I will be sharing/writing spells, charms, talismans, rituals, animal/spi...
fighterz: Strangeral (trigger x android 21) Completed by lockheedhenesy
fighterz: Strangeral (trigger x an...by lockheed henesy
after the defeat of evil 21 good 21 moved to a better life & joined z fighters then portal opens out of knowhere brought 6 pilots from different timelines & enemy drones...
Guardian Angels (An AC6 Fanfiction) [SLOW UPDATE] by GabFanimation
Guardian Angels (An AC6 Fanfiction...by GabFanimation
Five years after the Circum-Pacific war. Gab sets herself to start a new pilot life at Gracemeria. Unable to help Estovakia because of the new government. With war risin...
Compendium of Charms by WinterlyHeights
Compendium of Charmsby Wintərly Heīghts
"Incantations, poems, charms / Wield the strength to help and harm - / Aid your fellow human beings, / Kill the demons in your dreams." Words of help and heroi...
The Daruma Doll - English by nymph_L
The Daruma Doll - Englishby Miss Do Vale
The kind, sweet Hinata was a believer. Her guardian Neji, on the other hand, has always been skeptical. When she drags him into a street fair, what will he do when she f...
Guardians: Shattered Dreams (Book 2) by Onewayrick
Guardians: Shattered Dreams (Book...by The Prince Of Disney
Rated-T: May contain strong language. Viewer discretion is advised 10 years ago. There was a war that engulfed all of Disney. The Heartless War. And in that war, was a G...
The Damned Talisman (Under Major Editing) by Alex_1980
The Damned Talisman (Under Major E...by A_1980
Her hair was stained with the blood of her enemies. Her eyes blazed with the promise of revenge. Her breath carried the cries of the fallen. Evelyn Brite has been shamed...
Oasis - Official english translation by Its_me_Ryu
Oasis - Official english translati...by Ryu
In Valenteur, the usual balance and peace was upset. A determined team formed, to fight for the oppressed, and to bring back the harmony into their world. Their legendar...
Mei by Lilith_Deckerstar
Meiby Lilith Deckerstar
Mei's oldest friend an archaeologist named Jackie Chan had no idea what he was getting into when he discovered a shield in a Bavarian Castle. Now, Mei, Jackie, his uncle...
Pity by oasis2067
Pityby oasis2067
What determines your attitude and opinion of a person? Is it how they speak, dress? Maybe it's what others say about them? Is it ever pity? All her life, Juliana Vogue's...
The Mark of the Talisman by JakeXHunter
The Mark of the Talismanby Jake Othumaki
Xavier is a detective dabbling in things best left alone by normal people. Forced to walk a fine line of logic and magic, Xavier is forced to solve cases of both the par...
Fairy by the-neo
Fairyby JustALetter
Quand elles y repensaient, elles savaient que des événements étranges se produisaient autour d'elles depuis toujours. Mais elles n'y avaient jamais porté une très grande...