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BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE - REMUS LUPIN by drowninginparagraphs
BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE - REMUS LUPINby drowninginparagraphs
in which hollis rosier falls asleep in the wrong compartment or the right one, depending on who you ask ✧──────✧ part one of two editing closed, logged off wattpad (sorr...
Dark Magic by ReMiSh0410
Dark Magicby R M Shepherd
October 31 1981. The day Voldemort was destroyed by the love a mother held for her son. The night Lily and James Potter were murdered and the attempted murder of Harry J...
His mudblood | Draco Malfoy  by ilikemyselflolol
His mudblood | Draco Malfoy by Hellowhores
(Smuts, swearing, death and hella drama) "I need you to hate me!" "I-" "SAY IT!"
!SLOW UPDATES! Those Three Little Words (HP Various x [Y/N]) by arseniolove
!SLOW UPDATES! Those Three • x u n •
(Y/n) Sylferth. The girl who pierced the hearts of many. She brought a storm to Hogwarts - love and war, betrayal and justice - together with her powers. Yes. Powers. Sh...
REBEL ─────── C. Weasley by Imaginebooks
REBEL ─────── C. Weasleyby 𝐋𝐢
❝ It simply isn't an adventure worth telling if there aren't any dragons ❞ j.r.r. tolkien Madge Findley had the pleasure of being dragged into the Weasley twin's esca...
Love Charms and Donuts (JenLisa) by TheMissusM
Love Charms and Donuts (JenLisa)by M
An attempt has been made by the author to write a fluffy JenLisa fanfiction. Credits: Awesome artworks used as a cover and in chapters are from artist @kookomik (thank y...
Voldemort's Daughter - (Under editing) by Jem_Styles
Voldemort's Daughter - (Under The Jolly Hipster
Dany was only 9 when her parents were killed, she's been messed up ever since. I mean who wouldn't be if Voldemort took you in. She is Dany Riddle now, Voldemort's Daug...
Amortentia (a Scorose Fanfiction) by asabopsicle
Amortentia (a Scorose Fanfiction)by eilidh (ay-lee)
She's smart, she's witty and she's sick of watching egotistical witches and wizards preying on those who can't -- or, in this case, won't -- stand up for themselves. ...
Kidnapped by a Billionaire by NotABoOkWoRm17
Kidnapped by a Billionaireby Angē
Imagine that your friends, family and life is taken away from you... By some greedy bastard. Who freakin' KIDNAPS you. For no effing reason. But you can't imagine it...
MIRROR OF ERISED by the_maniacaldesigner
MIRROR OF ERISEDby Jhyothsna R Giridharan
BOOK 1 OF THE SERIES, 'A FAMILY'S RETURN'. Young Harry falls through the Mirror after his attack on Quirrell. When he draws blood, his parents are released because of th...
Marked (malexmale) by Wahlflower
Marked (malexmale)by Wahlflower
Leon Rose is the future Alpha of the Rosewood Pack. And the clock is ticking down to his eighteenth birthday with expectations running high and the pressure of leadershi...
Blood traitor (slow updates) by Lesbihonest3
Blood traitor (slow updates)by Lesbihonest
Hermione x OC When Evie Whitaker meets Hermione Granger on the train to Hogwarts, they befriend each other What will happen when they fall head over heels for each othe...
Southern Charms by heater0387
Southern Charmsby H.M. Hood
[COMPLETED] My grandmother is a witch. My mother is a witch. My sisters are witches. Even my daddy is a warlock when he's not moonlighting as a rat (a consequence of the...
My Book of Shadows  by Sparkle_Mama
My Book of Shadows by Sparkle Mama
Listen to me my sisters, For I offer you a powerful choice I can give you power that men dream of, If you follow the sound of my voice Hear the Latin dripping from my l...
Y/n riddle & her twin Hermione granger(Harry Potter x reader) by Samsanchez857
Y/n riddle & her twin Hermione Sam 💖
Y/n riddle is Hermione granger twin sister. While Hermione's mother was pregnant, Lord Voldemort added his seed so that if he had failed he would have an heir. What he d...
daydreamer // hp by IcyHotPeppermint
daydreamer // hpby 𝘼𝙐𝙍𝙀𝙇𝙄𝘼
❝𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐬𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞'𝐬 𝐧𝐨 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐦 𝐢𝐧 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐢𝐬. ❞ (hp various x fem!reader) In which a girl got cursed into a world she...
Southern Secrets: Book 2 in Southern Charms Series by heater0387
Southern Secrets: Book 2 in H.M. Hood
My grandmother is a witch. My mother is a witch. My sisters are witches (one of them in more ways than one). And to my complete and utter shock, I'm a witch too. Still...
Stuck With You by MariieYann
Stuck With Youby Marie 🦋
Pandora Olivia Lupin or Olives is the younger twin sister of Remus John Lupin or Moony. Pandora is the 5th Marauder and torn between James Fleamont Potter and Sirius Ori...
Enemies to Lovers - Draco x Reader by tpwkjayce
Enemies to Lovers - Draco x Readerby tpwkjayce
content warning: smut ***this is my first story and I'm not sure if there will be a proper ending!!*** pls ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes. it's my first time...
Charms and Alchemy || Mauraders Era|| by palmwhyne
Charms and Alchemy || Mauraders ✨N✨
🅑🅞🅞🅚 ❶ I didn't need a magic stick to tell me that was Dumbledore. Magdalene and her twin brother were students of Oagado, up until the incident. Then she was sent t...