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Objection | SVU by barbasvu
Objection | SVUby m
When Detective Jessica Mitchell is transferred to the New York Police Department's Special Victims Unit, she has to adjust to being the newbie. She begins to build a rep...
  • adabarba
  • barba
  • lawandorder
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Jamie Reagan's Story by Elligirl14
Jamie Reagan's Storyby M3
A story about a beat cop who works the streets of New York with his partner Eddie Janko and saves the streets of New York one day and one Person at a time. He finds him...
  • copslife
  • romance
  • action
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Worry and Hate by DarthVader7754
Worry and Hateby Comic Haters be Gone!
When another tragedy happens in Peter's life, will he be able to look to the Avengers for help after a rough meeting, or will he be completely alone? I own nothing. Blac...
  • crossover
  • auntmay
  • therhino
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Hopeless by archersarrows
Hopelessby kensi
Detective Quaohui Zhang of NYPD. Works hard in her job as a homicide detective in New York with a good reputation and is respected by most. Qualified enough to help fore...
  • nypd
  • police
  • murder
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Death in NYC by barbiebob1999
Death in NYCby georgie crerar
Detective james smith heads to NYC TO Assist the NYPD with there bew murder cases...
  • murder
  • scotlandyard
  • detective
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Detectives don't marry by numbing_gum
Detectives don't marryby Jade Su
On the 8th of December 2008, Detective Charlie Knicks married Lucia Ashe. On the 8th of December 2008, Lucia Knicks was violently murdered. To solve the case Charlie mus...
  • nypd
  • love
  • york
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The Life of a Genius. by LOTRpercabeth4tris
The Life of a Genius.by Ri
  • action
  • marines
  • nypd
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The Blinders by Draction_
The Blindersby S.M. Flint
Detective Peyton Sparks daughter is kidnapped. She looks to a criminal for help. What she doesn't know is she's only getting herself into more trouble with this so calle...
  • novel
  • pov
  • vice
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Blue (blue bloods fanfic) by thatcherybinx
Blue (blue bloods fanfic)by savvy
Coraline Reagan is the youngest Reagan sibling. She is still in high school-a public high school nonetheless- but she is also lucky enough to have been able to convince...
  • nickyreagan
  • erinreagan
  • jackreagan
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Behind The Screen by ChloeOgradyFiction
Behind The Screenby Chloe O'Grady
One video and everyone knows her name. Elle Jones. For 21-year-old Ellen Jones, life couldn't get any better. When she was 19, she started a whole new life in New York...
  • trouble
  • money
  • nypd
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Vicious  by sofia_friend_
Vicious by sofia_friend_
Millie Vern is an innocent NYPD detective, but when her and her best friend are sent undercover to investigate a gang, strange and exciting things happen.
  • nypd
Live While I'm Alive by Charlie69ss
Live While I'm Aliveby Charlie69ss
  • fun
  • cars
  • nypd
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Lights | A Forever Fanfiction by missmintea
Lights | A Forever Fanfictionby Elizabeth
When Lights LaVaughn, thirteen-year-old hacker extraordinaire, finds a message scrawled in the place where her father, a luthier and musician famous for the cellos and v...
  • henrymorgan
  • forever
  • adventure
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It Was All Set Up (Editing...A lot...soo...On Hold...for now) by Clappers101
It Was All Set Up (Editing...A lot...by Clappers101
Peace, quiet, and relaxation was what Camille Pierre hoped for when she decided to take a much needed vacation but a new murder spoils her plans. Instead of taking some...
  • explosions
  • romance
  • bonding
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Circumstantial by Admiral_Gabe
Circumstantialby Admiral_Gabe
This Book follows the story of NYPD Detective Reginald Cahill and a high profile case he catches
  • murder
  • detectives
  • nypd
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