Worry and Hate by DarthVader7754
Worry and Hateby Comic Haters be Gone!
When another tragedy happens in Peter's life, will he be able to look to the Avengers for help after a rough meeting, or will he be completely alone? I own nothing. Blac...
  • thegreengoblin
  • harryosborne
  • nypd
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Motive ⇢  SVU Carisi by BXLLAMYADDIC
Motive ⇢ SVU Carisiby hi, I’m des
Brynn Dawson did not stay in one place for long, that's why the BAU was the perfect fit for her-up until her father, David Rossi, requested her taken off the team. It w...
  • lawandordersvu
  • crime
  • detectives
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Objection | SVU by barbasvu
Objection | SVUby m
When Detective Jessica Mitchell is transferred to the New York Police Department's Special Victims Unit, she has to adjust to being the newbie. She begins to build a rep...
  • lawandorder
  • adarafaelbarba
  • rafaelbarba
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Jamie Reagan Imagines by seabreezeandwords
Jamie Reagan Imaginesby mars
Imagines of Jamie Reagan (Blue Bloods) that people have requested. Requests are still open so feel free to ask me to write what you want. I write Jamie/Reader, Jamie/Dan...
  • bloods
  • jamiereaganimagines
  • willestes
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The Matchmakers Club (:COMPLETED:) by diamonddew
The Matchmakers Club (:COMPLETED:)by DiamondDew
"I'll strangle you." I said showing him my hands and making a motion of squeezing an invisible neck. He laughed. "But if you straddle me, I'll just hold o...
  • non-teen
  • pool
  • cupids
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Family Counts (Joe Reagan's Daughter/Blue Bloods fanfic) by OXLeviXo
Family Counts (Joe Reagan's Daught...by Levi-Senpai<3
Elsie Reagan is the daughter of the late Detective Joseph Reagan, the third oldest in the Reagan family. Ever since her fathers death, her life changed for the worse. He...
  • pop
  • joe
  • police
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The Detective » Kevin Ryan [Discontinued] by AngieGami
The Detective » Kevin Ryan [Discon...by Angeline
''Elena Beckett what are you doing to me?'' - Kevin Ryan Highest rate- #253 in action
  • javieresposito
  • castle
  • nypd
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What Meets the Eye // A Castle Fanfic  by _bernards_
What Meets the Eye // A Castle Fan...by Honey <3
11 year-old Cleo Moser's life was bad, even before she witnessed the murder of a man she didn't even know, escaping with only a gunshot wound. After the incident, she ha...
  • castle
  • orphan
  • caskett
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Blue hearts bleed by bensler_6313
Blue hearts bleedby bensler_6313
A JAMKO fanfic Enjoy a loving filled tale of how Jamie and Eddie find their way to each other ! ~becca
  • reagan
  • romance
  • bluebloodsfic
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Jamie Reagan's Story by Elligirl14
Jamie Reagan's Storyby M3
A story about a beat cop who works the streets of New York with his partner Eddie Janko and saves the streets of New York one day and one Person at a time. He finds him...
  • featureme
  • jamieregan
  • copslife
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Pervicacious (Law And Order: SVU) by writing_gays
Pervicacious (Law And Order: SVU)by Yeeter Yarker
Pervicacious: Willful; Stubborn. Huntington, Long Island. Population: 200,000 Crime Rate: 12 per 1,000 residents. That's 2,400 known criminals walking the streets. So...
  • mariskahargitay
  • carisi
  • specialvictimsunit
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[ brooklyn nine nine ]  by chrishemsnotworthy
[ brooklyn nine nine ] by r.i.p queen shuri
BROOKLYN NINE NINE two Santiagos , one police force and unfortunately one annoying ass peralta . Y'all better get ready because maria josè santiago is coming for you and...
  • murder
  • captainholt
  • newyork
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ANGER ➳ R. DIAZ by voidsimmons
ANGER ➳ R. DIAZby renner
anger management therapists are not stress free. haydn does it for the money and the fact she somehow ended up with a psychology degree from college. pre season one au t...
  • anger
  • management
  • latina
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Who's is it? B99 fanfic by goldenrosaline
Who's is it? B99 fanficby goldenrosaline
When Captain Holt finds a suicide letter left in the printer tray, he attempts to find out who wrote it before the day ends. This will not have the lightheartedness tha...
  • holt
  • gina
  • b99
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Working Class Killer: A McPeterson Mystery by thatsmartguy_
Working Class Killer: A McPeterson...by Jaleel
New York City Police Department Detective Mia McPeterson has it all...well almost. A job she loves, a great partner, loving family, and an amazing boss. The only thing...
  • nypd
  • murder
  • death
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no context brooklyn 99 by unofficiallymarie
no context brooklyn 99by - ̗̀ maria ̖́-
"what the hell is going on?" 👮🏽‍♂️🚨 No Context Brooklyn Nine-Nine 🚨👮🏻‍♀️ [ literally out of context ] --- RANKINGS 1 #outofcontext [december '18] 3 #nine...
  • comedy
  • brooklynninenine
  • brooklyn99
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The Tall Tales of Russell Wiltow ▷ Brooklyn Nine Nine by Iycanthropy
The Tall Tales of Russell Wiltow ▷...by mamma mia !!!
❝ Guess who's bringing sexy back and ready to fuck it up, guys? ❞ AND SO BEGINS the catastrophically funny tale of Russell Wiltow and his quest to make ev...
  • brooklyn99
  • fanfiction
  • nypd
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Getting personal (a castle fanfic) by EvilRegina
Getting personal (a castle fanfic)by EvilRegina
This Single murder has multiplied into two and the body count is getting bigger. The murderer is testing Kate and her team. How long will she be able to cope when it sta...
  • katebeckett
  • caskett
  • richardcastle
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Die Hard 〰️ Jake Peralta by kissandrah
Die Hard 〰️ Jake Peraltaby k 🌻
I would die for you. In fact, I would die hard.
  • scully
  • hitchcock
  • 99thprecinct
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