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The Nanny  by bellisima18
The Nanny by Bashanipopoy
SHE... Pretty, smart, an AB English graduate at Ewha Womans University with flying colors, she grew up in Seoul with her Mom. Her Mom was a single parent, she's current...
rent a boyfriend: laws of love|bts x you by teabaq
rent a boyfriend: laws of love| cupid's ditsy intern
the jury declares you guilty of being in love with the wrong one. how do you plead? →bts x you book two
ABUSED    [SEHUN] by TheToiletVBroke
ABUSED [SEHUN]by TheToiletVBroke
A woman who was in love with a man but sadly, she got abused by him. "happy forever is not existed" that is what she kept telling herself, and she believed in...
Black Bride (Sesul)  by sullicoupleshipper17
Black Bride (Sesul) by sullicoupleshipper17
Arranged Marriage between a Playboy and an Arrogant Woman. He broke her black wall without even she noticing, and when he rebuilt it, he added the windows at her wall t...
☾ Secrets Deep Inside - a supernatural ⟨ jungkook ☓ dahyun ⟩ fanfic by bubblelytz
☾ Secrets Deep Inside - a Kookie Jin
"Just, just I could feel that. The whole world is different from yesterday." An ordinary girl. In an ordinary world. However, in this ordinary world, there...
My Daughter's Nanny {COMPLETED} by TheToiletVBroke
My Daughter's Nanny {COMPLETED}by TheToiletVBroke
I wanted to be an officer but what i got is ..... be a NANNY ?! so here the rules : 1. always take care of my daughter 2. never give a cheap candy or food to her 3. come...
SHE against Pains (KAI Exo) by sullicoupleshipper17
SHE against Pains (KAI Exo)by sullicoupleshipper17
Have you ever felt fluttery in your heart because of someone...? Have you ever felt like being warm in someone else's embrace...? Have you ever wanted to be someone else...
DARLING SINS (Park Jimin X reader) by Bluebeing
DARLING SINS (Park Jimin X reader)by netherlandsway
An unexpected patient seems to find his way to an asylum. Being well-known for his psychic behaviour and the brutal murder of many, namely women, Park Jimin seems to hav...
You're The One (SNSD Fan Fic) by JenikaArciaga9
You're The One (SNSD Fan Fic)by Buddy ❤️
A/N: Well, this is unusual. I usually write anime fan fic's/one shot's in my account but meh, i guess it's just how fans work, lol. Anyays, here's the summary. By the wa...
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DLWLRMA | IU x Suga by AbagaelLyelee
DLWLRMA | IU x Sugaby Avy
A bookish IU, sorry, Lee Ji-Eun and struggling student Min Yoongi live worlds apart. Why would the two ever interact and take interest in one another? Just a passerby...
Running man Couple Race by cookiebear123435
Running man Couple Raceby cookiebear123435
This is a running man episode that I made up and it includes everyone I want to go on running man and how the groups are. I hope you enjoy! This may not update as much a...
My Husband is a Famous Guy by QueenDeese
My Husband is a Famous Guyby Queen Deese
Just read it po. Salamat
Driver And Husband // MinSul by yeripinkhair
Driver And Husband // MinSulby y e r i m i e s e
Sulli is a party girl. She loves to hang out with her immoral friends. Sulli is the heir of Alpha Holding. Minho was in charge for keeping his eyes on Sulli as her drive...
WW Club by Mahogany4
WW Clubby Mahogany4
Sun Life is the most prestigious school in Korea. Its best students are the members of WW club. So what happens when a plain but intelligent scholar named Sulli suddenl...
Bts 8th male member (taehyungxY/N) by Imjin_woo
Bts 8th male member (taehyungxY/N)by Jinnie
Story of how y/n joins bts Id also like to say that this story starts off very cringe but please keep reading i think it gets better i think ive made a lot of progress...
My ASSISTANT by lieannmonderoo
Clearly,An boss is clearly inlove with her assistant WARNING!: Curses, sensitive, anger issues, teasing NOT COMPLETE
f(x) Song Lyrics by raiti_ss
f(x) Song Lyricsby Tanvi Rai
A collection of f(x)'s song lyrics. Any lyrics requests of f(x) songs are accepted. From their debut song【La Cha Ta】to Amber's newest single【Neon】, all lyrics will be po...