The Girl Who Lives, and The Boy Who Gives. by Momo3625
The Girl Who Lives, and The Boy LilChocolateDonut
Sequel to "The Girl Who Stutters, and The Boy Who Mutters." Scott and Abby have been through hell and back together, will they be able to survive a few more bu...
  • chicklit
  • wattys2017
  • stutter
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Always by -Devoid
Alwaysby t. •HIATUS•
In which Bree Higgins falls for her dad's best friend's son.
  • grownups
  • love
  • ups
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A Weekend at the Lake House by SkittlesDelight
A Weekend at the Lake Houseby christi
Mia Evans is born in a cold household with very busy parents and no siblings. She was born rich, but she has never been spoiled or bratty. On this particular summer, her...
  • ups
  • feder
  • grown
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Just a Game by trwrec
Just a Gameby +
Trust is a black and white concept; there's no such thing as trusting someone a little.
  • humor
  • romance
  • love
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Unspoken Rules (Interracial werewolf and vampire) REACTIVATING MAY 25th by xXxYours_TrulyxXx
Unspoken Rules (Interracial xXxYours_TrulyxXx
Ivy is the daughter of the alpha Marcus Stepford. Her whole life she has been bred to kill her enemies on spot, but when her mother is killed after meeting one who is no...
  • evil
  • curly
  • archery
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Braden x Oc by philly_phanatic
Braden x Ocby philly_phanatic
  • cute
  • grown
  • fanfic
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The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy 2(On Hold) by MarkiyaPierce
The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy 2( dunnodinno
"He broke my heart once. What makes you think that I want him back?" Lucia, now 22, has everything she's ever wanted. Being one of the best doctors in the stat...
  • diego
  • tg2
  • hatred
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grown ups love story:greg feder by Ihatesnakeu_123
grown ups love story:greg federby Ihatesnakeu_123
rob Hillard's daughter go to the lake house she falls in love with Greg feder.Her ex boyfriend is Andy the frat boy.
  • grown
  • ups
All Grown Up Lily by Thomas-Shotgun
All Grown Up Lilyby Nostalgic-Writer
Lily loud the youngest sibling of the loud kids gets to be a grown up kid thanks to Lisa,s growing experiment that landed on lily when she was sleeping and caused her bo...
  • loud
  • lily
  • up
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All Grown Up (Baby Lux Story) by KaylaBrodbeck
big city dreams by leilani1231
big city dreamsby leilani
book one. meet Emilia (mia) Evenns, and meet Nicodemus (Cody) Nathan.
  • love
  • pain
  • care
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Steven Universe: Grown Up  by pixellite
Steven Universe: Grown Up by mam.
Oneshot: It's twelve years later - Steven and Connie decide to move out of Beach City together. It's their final two days there before moving out and they'd have to say...
  • steven
  • suconnie
  • susteven
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Ideas For Black Butler {Fanfic} Books by NIFLHEIM1
Ideas For Black Butler {Fanfic} Exclamation! - S!N
This is just a idea book about what some kuroshitsuji Fanfic books should be about READ IT PLEASE THESE ARE SOME GOOD IDEAS
  • ciel
  • sebastian
  • alois
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Reckless by Omziee
Recklessby Oma
After a troubled childhood, and forced teen years, Anastasia Fern finally sets free. In her escapade, she runs into a man that would either change her life for better o...
  • badboy
  • death
  • prostitute
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It's A Brother Sister Thing by kennybbygang
It's A Brother Sister Thingby K.Brooks !
"I really like you Brooke, like on some real live future wife type shit." He said looking into my eyes. I couldn't take him serious for nothing in the world...
  • drama
  • bestfriend
  • goodgirl
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