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VOLTRON + KLANCE MEMES  by MidnightsGirlfriend
VOLTRON + KLANCE MEMES by i 💙 my bed
becuz I love voltron and I ship klance and I promise ONLY QUALITY MEMES👌👌👌👌
  • memes
  • meme
  • ilovevoltron
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Abusive!Ciel Phantomhive ?x? Reader ?x? Sebastian Michaelis by Simply1hellofashippr
Abusive!Ciel Phantomhive ?x? The Forgotten Clue
I do suppose we'll just have to see how this goes Will she fall for the earl or the butler?
  • death
  • romance
  • fluff
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hetalia x reader (lemon)       (It's Complete) by sugar-chan2
hetalia x reader (lemon) ( sugar-chan2
hey-o of course..... its in the name. so if I get comments about how you didn't want PG 18 stuff well next time go back and read the things you look up :0)
  • lemons
  • yep
  • stufflikethat
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Bill Skarsgård Imagines by duhkink
Bill Skarsgård Imaginesby 𝓶.
Bill Skarsgård/Characters, what more could you want?
  • stufflikethat
  • lol
  • billskarsgard
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Warrior cat love storys by tudogg
Warrior cat love storysby tudogg
Warrior cat one-shots no lemons!
  • fanfic
  • warriorcats
  • stufflikethat
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Fandom One Shots by Panda_AcingRoyaltt
Fandom One Shotsby 🐍DeCeIt 🐍
I want to write one shots on any of my fandoms so this will be change for my fandoms and not so much for Hamilton
  • lams
  • modernau
  • genderbent
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My Poem's and other things by ldshadowlady6305
My Poem's and other thingsby ldshadowlady6305
Well the title says all no need to explain stuff right?
  • idrk
  • stufflikethat
  • exception
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The Tale of Black Jaguar (Young Justice Fanfic) by Black-Jaguar
The Tale of Black Jaguar (Young Layla Kage
Layla kage is a young girl who's parents died when she was little. actually, they were killed. who is the culprit you ask? Well, it was the dangerous ninja clan know as...
  • jaguar
  • fear
  • missmartian
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PPGZ and RRBZ TRUTH OR DARE by Poofypuffnut
PPGZ and RRBZ TRUTH OR DAREby Poofypuffnut
You will find out once you read it.....this will be fun.....PPGZ and RRBZ, the demon princess here!
  • mature
  • blossick
  • boomubbles
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What Guys Like About Girls  by dick_and_brain
What Guys Like About Girls by Ferdinand
Not a troll. Read if you're interested.
  • stufflikethat
  • random
  • nooffenceintendedinanyway
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Art Crud. by INeedAUsername78
Art INeedAUsername78
hey, i deleted my old book that i posted mainly art on but i decided to make a new one. mainly because of how much my style has changed and how much i have changed in ge...
  • undertale
  • stufflikethat
  • countryhumans
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Random Thoughts. by kaythekat1
Random 《케이 + 승》
The long journey into the odd, confusing things known as our imagination.
  • stufflikethat
  • thing
  • random
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A Young God (P h a n t o m h i v e) [Kuroshitsuji 4] by aoifeymollo
A Young God (P h a n t o m h i v aoifey
"As the young earl strolls slowly towards the window, he finds himself contemplating. He's never been one to deny it; the necessity for control in his life, above a...
  • whyamistillwritingthis
  • cielxoc
  • cielphantomhive
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Roleplay Book  by Dreammaster1065
Roleplay Book by Koala W/ Noodles
(cover not by me) Different fandoms! Different scenarios! Different characters to play with! come one,come all to my roleplay book!
  • stufflikethat
  • rpbook
  • rping
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Feels Like The Honeymoon by BangAndZeloFics
Feels Like The Honeymoonby Zen & Alec
Uhh.. Que? Do not read if you are innocent. Just don't.
  • smutwarning
  • fluff
  • yongguk
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depressed images by deathpower
depressed imagesby Let-me-die
Eh just shit stuff
  • depression
  • real
  • stufflikethat
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My OC's by alexmoonylupin
My OC'sby Alex Moony Lupin
Just my OC's for me and my friends. Some of them are actually my friend's so I will give credit where it is due. If you want to use one of mine, PM me to make sure its o...
  • myocs
  • otherpeoplesocs
  • stufflikethat
BACK - updates, tags and more... by DoubleJ1012
BACK - updates, tags and DoubleJ1012
Read my updates, tags or just random when I feel like it posts (vents). More~~~ Enjoy!
  • otherstuff
  • poems
  • puns
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Stories Untold **SLOW UPDATES** by Thewolfinthemoon
Stories Untold **SLOW UPDATES**by TheCrossOverX
Stories of poems, quotes and stuff around that. These stories are what I wrote or what I saw or thought was cool. I may also post memes or cool games I got or what my fr...
  • insripation
  • thewolfinthemoon
  • thecrossoverx
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My Warrior Cat OCs by aRandomPinkPineapple
My Warrior Cat OCsby Lemon~uwu
Like my wof ocs, but Warrior cats.
  • myocs
  • stufflikethat
  • warriors