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The Madmen Who Follow; A Man of Steel Fanfic. by AzulNightmare
The Madmen Who Follow; A Man of AzulNightmare
Azul Cross is tired of her life slowly crashing down around her, so she does something one night that causes her life to forever change. She meets a man wearing a red c...
  • lexluthor
  • drama
  • manofsteel
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Zealous | [SUPERMAN] by pobrecita
Zealous | [SUPERMAN]by pobrecita
Marilyn Warren didn't ask for Superman's attention. She didn't need to be saved. She didn't want to be watched over. She already had Clark over protectively hovering ove...
  • clarkkent
  • dccomics
  • batmanvssuperman
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Invincible // Superman by Geekator
Invincible // Supermanby Geekasauruz
"You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the...
  • romance
  • wattys2019
  • superman
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It's not an S // Superman by LondonaLozzy
It's not an S // Supermanby Loz
Lauren Lake spent her early life as a Military brat, constantly being moved from place to place. Usually she didn't care when she had to leave again, she'd never had tim...
  • loislane
  • henrycavill
  • batmanvsuperman
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Henry Cavill Imagines by JaysFics
Henry Cavill Imaginesby J.M.
A collection of self-written short stories of the beautiful man himself; Henry Cavill.
  • henry
  • fanfiction
  • henrycavill
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Metropolis → {Superman}  by deannahs
Metropolis → {Superman} by deannah
A story in which an ordinary girl finds herself in love with a man the world was in love with, in a city where anything can happen. {DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated wit...
  • comics
  • clarkjosephkent
  • dcsuperheroes
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is it love? // superbat by blessedwayne
is it love? // superbatby ❥ 𝐯𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐲𝐧𝐞
Superman has a mayor crush on Batman, not knowing it's Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent himself also develops a massive crush on Bruce Wayne. What Superman doesn't know, is that...
  • justiceleague
  • superbat
  • thedarkknight
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BRAVE 。CLARK KENT by overture-
❝i'm not stubborn, you're just a dick.❞ in which the FBI agent is haunted by the ghost of her past. WINNER IN BEST CLARK KENT STORY CATEGORY IN THE TV AND M...
  • wonderwoman
  • wattys2017
  • superman
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Meeting the Man of Steel by blindona_ledge
Meeting the Man of Steelby Carleyfries
Moving to Metropolis was supposed to be a new start. Getting away from what was familiar and starting your own life. Until you meet the Man of Steel.
  • marvel
  • superhero
  • spiderman
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The Glasses by 1234gabbs123
The Glassesby 1
"Why are you talking to me?" Clark asked to the boy in front of him. "Why would I wouldn't want to talk to you?" The boy responded. "Because I'm...
  • brucewayne
  • superbat
  • superman
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Woman of Steel {Man of Steel Fanfiction} (ON HOLD) by Astariana
Woman of Steel {Man of Steel Amber Grave
Isabel Grant had a tough childhood. Bullies, Terrible Parents, Loneliness, etc. She always stuck out, in a bad way. You see, Isabel has a secret....She's different than...
  • manofsteel
  • isabel
  • fanfiction
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heros [JUSTICE LEAGUE GIF SERIES] by apileofashes-
cosmogyral (adj.) whirling around the universe. it will include wonder woman, flash, aquaman, cyborg, batman, and superman. started: 10/11/18 finished: ongoing
  • wonderwoman
  • brucewayne
  • justiceleague
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Unexpected by tiredandtrue
Unexpectedby Ali
Strangers happen when you're not expecting them Mia is just living life. Henry is larger than life. What happens when they have a chance meeting?
  • superman
  • celebrity
  • fanfiction
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Hope by pies4dean
Hopeby nani ♡
Former agent, Alex Parrish moves to the city of Metropolis in attempts to escape her hectic past that continues to haunt her. While there, she finds herself in the middl...
  • henrycavill
  • alexparrish
  • clarkkent
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A Descendant Of Krypton (RWBY X Superman Male Reader) by RyuuReigns2620
A Descendant Of Krypton (RWBY X Jacob Mitchell
I was born from a planet that was more advanced than any one in the whole universe. But it was dying. I was sent to a different place. Where I lived as a normal being. B...
  • action
  • rwby
  • crossover
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One Shots and Imagines {Requests Closed} by mcbholmes13
One Shots and Imagines {Requests mcbholmes13
Just some random one shots and imagines I've written. Please send in requests!
  • tomhiddleston
  • captainamerica
  • christophereccleston
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hope ☄ clark kent [au] by -buterabubbles
hope ☄ clark kent [au]by ♡
❝he was a no one; a zero, zero, now he's a honcho; he's a hero, here was a kid with his act down pat, from zero to hero, in no time flat, z...
  • henry
  • cavill
  • superman
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Remnants ― Clark Kent by ryennie
Remnants ― Clark Kentby — bao.
❝ It felt like I never existed until they found me that night. ❞ In which, a woman learns the truth why she's missing about half of her life. [ Clark Kent x OC, Post-Man...
  • smallville
  • metrópolis
  • metahuman
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Hope | Man of Steel by greasersocs
Hope | Man of Steelby greasersocs
"Kal El, the last true born of Krypton, leave while you still can," I say. "Where to?" He asks. "There's no where to go."
  • clarkkent
  • manofsteel
  • superman
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