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Star Trek Imagines (Reader-Inserts) Part One by garden_of_stories
Star Trek Imagines ( Jennifer
I write for all main characters and some secondary characters from every series. Nearly all of my writing will be clean, and I will put warnings if they are NSFW. Wattp...
The Mylar Cat:  Star Trek Voyager (Complete) by MaryLovelace1
The Mylar Cat: Star Trek Mary Lovelace
It was love at first sight: A cute little stray cat facing a grim future, and a starship captain in need of companionship. But, not everything was as it seemed...
the endeavor. a Star trek TNG/SCP crossover story. by Barrow5
the endeavor. a Star trek TNG/ Barrow5
the enterprise D is on a mission in the neutral zone to respond to a distress signal when a pack of ferengi attack. an unknown hero comes to the rescue In a craft unknow...
Not A goodbye by Starstuff_Hedgehog
Not A goodbyeby TG_StarlightChronicles
Years before Admiral Fujita Diru becomes captain of the Starlight, she comes aboard the space station Deep Space 9 to wait for the starship USS Voyager to arrive. She is...
Concord {Star Trek Enterprise fan fiction} by jespah
Concord {Star Trek Enterprise jespah
Temporal interphases are tricky things. They kidnap you to unfamiliar places and times, in clothes that are not your own, as you wonder how you’ll ever return to what yo...
XO - A Spirk Fanfiction by ladyphina
XO - A Spirk Fanfictionby ladyphina
Spock has a little more understanding of human customs than Jim Kirk gives him credit for. A cute little non-serious and slightly cracky reboot!Spirk piece I wrote a wh...
The Vulcan Changeling Project by charlotteswebj
The Vulcan Changeling Projectby charlotteswebj
Doctor McCoy and Spock are searching for a birthday present for James T. Kirk. However they both find more than they bargained for when Spock buys a human slave girl, fo...
Before Days {Star Trek Enterprise Prime/Mirror Universe fan fiction} by jespah
Before Days {Star Trek jespah
Before Days is the prequel portion of a saga of Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction works, introducing canon and original characters, as the people on the cover become who...
Spirk One Shot by bobboe1
Spirk One Shotby bobboe1
James T Kirk X Spock one shots. Enjoy, my Star Trek loves.
Loss {Star Trek The Next Generation Fan Fiction} by jespah
Loss {Star Trek The Next jespah
Geordi LaForge and the rest of the Enterprise's command crew help Commander Data through a difficult time in his life. A Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfiction shor...
Star Trek Voyager: 2384 by MurrayPeters
Star Trek Voyager: 2384by Murray Peters
Paris is on a deadly mission on a totalitarian planet. Lieutenant Paris is captured and jailed by an oppressive government. Out of communication with Captain Janeway and...
Very Short Treks by RedPassionWritings
Very Short Treksby Red Passion
A collection of Star Trek fan fiction haiku. These Haiku were originally written for various fan fiction events and challenges on AO3 and Tumblr. Inspired by the Delta F...
Star Trek Sh!t by passioniscrashing
Star Trek Sh!tby Benny
A place where I write little dialogues or thoughts I have about Star Trek characters or properties :D Will contain all Star Trek shows/movies (once I've watched them all...
Cosmos. by the_other_dimension
#14 the_other_dimension
Katerina Kaisar. No one ever knew anything about her, the white-haired genius who never smiled. In a single moment, being stationed on the enterprise changes her. She's...
A Quiet Moment by CCDayne
A Quiet Momentby CC Dayne
Captain Kirk realizes there is more to Uhura than he knows
COVID, Captivating Captains, and Quantum Physics ( a Star Trek Fic) by SimpingForKirk
COVID, Captivating Captains, and ☆StarChild☆
I thought Star Trek was just supposed to be a TV show. One near and dear to my heart, yes, but still only entertainment brought to live by dedicated actors and TV/Film-m...
Overriding Protocol by IridiumB4Platinum
Overriding Protocolby IridescentDea
Crossposted from AO3. Published 7/31/13: Sometimes, parents can be mortifying, especially in front of other people. Even famous starship captains go through these sorts...
Star Trek (Spirk) by RareTenaring16
Star Trek (Spirk)by Fan Boys Rock
AOS and TOS crossover fic It's Christmas time, Stardate 2264, and The Enterprise stumbles upon an anomaly and ended up in Spock Prime's reality in 2290. Now they must fi...
First First Kiss by RedPassionWritings
First First Kissby Red Passion
Captain Carol Freeman of the USS Cerritos visits her old friend Captain Sonya Gomez in sick bay after her crew's daring rescue of the USS Archimedes in the Laap system...