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The heart eyes behind the scenes  by bugheaddlove
The heart eyes behind the scenes by Bugheadd.love on Instagram
Sprousehart lovestory
  • sprouse
  • sprousehart
  • riverdale
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Anarchist | Riverdale by Katyyy0999
Anarchist | Riverdaleby Kay🧡
In which the other Cooper daughter questions her past and her present. In which she believes she lives on the wrong side of the tracks and that she was born to wear a ja...
  • archieandrews
  • jordan
  • serpents
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the oscars- t.c by timmyslove
the oscars- t.cby timmyslove
"A kiss" "It's not that easy Timmy" "Come on, the French love to kiss" ------------ In which Ella and Timothée meet at the Oscars. This is...
  • ladybird
  • by
  • timothee
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Forbidden love (Alice x FP) by genofke
Forbidden love (Alice x FP)by Julie
Alice Cooper and FP jones, the chemistry is undeniable and their past is indelible. This story will include flashbacks of the couple as well as new storylines. Their st...
  • ulrich
  • veronica
  • jones
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No Way But Down by GalaxyCollector
No Way But Downby GalaxyCollector
In which FP Jones is rescued from jail by his first love. FP x OC ©️ GalaxyCollector 2018
  • fic
  • jones
  • riverdalefanfic
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Cheater | Jughead Jones x Reader by phanftharry
Cheater | Jughead Jones x Readerby Bambi
I hate this story, and all my stories butttt people really seem to like it? So, I'm leaving it up, I guess. x "Why do you cheat on all the girls you're with?"...
  • kjapa
  • archieandrews
  • lilireinhart
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holy ghost → kj apa by rivedale
holy ghost → kj apaby ygritte
❝ @kj_apa is a bad kisser @kj_apa: @clemnelson you just gave away the episode ❞ ~ social media au ~ ...
  • media
  • kenetijames
  • kjapastory
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Friends with benefits (S.M,C.S) by Happy_little_mistake
Friends with benefits (S.M,C.S)by Simonka Šebestíková
"Uhm . . . Promiň. Jsi v pohodě?" Zeptal se ten kluk a já mu konečně viděla do tváře. Nádherné hnědé oči a stejně tak i vlasy. Ostře řezané rysy obličeje a sil...
  • teacher
  • school
  • shawn
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On My Mind • {Cole Sprouse} by -bxckybarnes
On My Mind • {Cole Sprouse}by •love•the•void•
{SOCIAL MEDIA} In which Anderson West gets a direct message from her childhood crush and it turns into something bigger than she ever could have imagined.
  • archiecomics
  • riverdale
  • jones
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I like to write some short stories based on gifs from Cole Sprouse 16th - #gif
  • cute
  • finished
  • roman
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love me | c.s. by mal_oreo
love me | c.s.by maloree
| social media | Cole Sprouse ?UNDERGOING CONSTRUCTION?
  • wattys2018
  • instagram
  • fanfiction
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Him<<c.sprouse by shannonm1592
Him<<c.sprouseby shannonm1592
c.sprouse social media fanfiction.
  • sprouse
  • betty
  • jughead
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It's Been a While •Bughead• by f0reb0ding
It's Been a While •Bughead•by f0reb0ding
Jughead's been gone for over 6 months, and when he gets back to Riverdale things have changed. Betty's resent towards him for leaving without saying anything has made he...
  • kjapa
  • bettycooper
  • rivervixens
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Sprousehart Oneshots {SLOW UPDATES} by MabelCTH
Sprousehart Oneshots {SLOW UPDATES}by M A B E L
🍓Everything that happens to Sprousehart through one shots🍓
  • family
  • lili
  • sprouse
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Instagram | Cole Sprouse by Bugheadqueens
Instagram | Cole Sprouseby Bugheadqueens
"Promise me this is forever" Cole asked her "I promise" she said even though happy ever after where far away from them both _________________________...
  • lilireinhart
  • kjapa
  • perfect
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Accidental Prank (Cole Sprouse) by nahfamstories
Accidental Prank (Cole Sprouse)by 🌱🌱🌱
When y/n decides to dial a random number and make some fun she has no idea who she's talking too.
  • riverdale
  • sexy
  • dylansprouse
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Sprousehart oneshots by Sprousehartxox
Sprousehart oneshotsby Sprousehartxox
Just a little sprousehart for you!
  • caseycott
  • friends
  • vanessamorgan
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Meeting Mine (Sprousehart) by Bugheadinfinity
Meeting Mine (Sprousehart)by Bugheadinfinity
Cole and Lili have been away from each other for a few months and finally get to see each other while beginning to film season three of Riverdale. They will go through v...
  • lovers
  • jughead
  • maturecontent
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cole sprouse and jughead jones imagines  by jugheadandbetty
cole sprouse and jughead jones ima...by ີ
As seen in the title. Taking in requests.
  • jugheadjonesxreader
  • imagines
  • jugheadxreader
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Instagram (Cole Sprouse) by loveharryxstylesx
Instagram (Cole Sprouse)by loveharryxstylesx
@colesprouse started following you
  • kaiagerber
  • jugheadjones
  • cole
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