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Klance comics by Savewolves
Klance comicsby Savewolves
Hiiii! These are some klance fanfics and some other stuff. I have always loved this ship 😁. Also I claim none of this artwork as my own and I highly encourage y'all to...
Attachments: Ahsoka Tano x Male Reader (Discontinued) by TheKingOfYeet
Attachments: Ahsoka Tano x Male The King of Yeet
Your name is y/n l/n, Padawan of Mace Windu. After your first mission with Ahsoka in the battle of Christophsis, you feel a strange feeling you never experienced. You...
Tales from the Drift: Old Lessons, Hard Futures by ArtisticSmirk
Tales from the Drift: Old G.M. FitzPatrick
The Drift: a colorful metaphor for the empty space between stars and planets, more closely describing the ever-expanding nature of galaxies and the universe itself. As a...
When Hope Returns (Part One) ✔️ by Skywalker15
When Hope Returns (Part One) ✔️by ✨Sara Wingfeather✨
"My name is Anakin Skywalker and I, the Chosen One, destroyed the Jedi. I turned to the dark side. I am now a Sith. The very thing I swore to destroy." . . . W...
When Darkness Falls (Part Two) ✔️ by Skywalker15
When Darkness Falls (Part Two) ✔️by ✨Sara Wingfeather✨
It's been three years since the return of Darth Vader--free of the suit--and the galaxy is under a rule of utter terror. With the Jedi practically wiped out, there's alm...
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII) by Fanfic_Fanboy
Star Wars: The Force Awakens ( Fanfic Fanboy
Book I in my rewrite of the sequel trilogy. Rights to all characters other than Jaxon Isme go to the Disney Overlords, who I just sold my soul to last week.
The Lost Wizard Chronicles by joelsalamangka
The Lost Wizard Chroniclesby Joel Salamangka
A compilation of a flash fiction stories submitted as part of the Keep Writing Challenge on Deadlines for Writers ( After getting positive feedb...
Leviathan by RobAstor149
Leviathanby RobAstor149
If you like Star Wars, come and explore our galaxy a few centuries in the future.
"Fixing" the Wars by SkywalkersAcademy
"Fixing" the Warsby Skywalkers Academy
My thoughts of the Skywalker Saga and dialogue of The Rise of Skywalker: This isn't just another fanfiction. I'm not here to change your mind or talk you into liking th...
Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1) by JanetMcNulty
Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga Janet McNulty
This book is available for free on Book 1 in the Solaris Saga A perfect blend of the epic space adventure made famous by...
Jenna and the Sack of Beans: A Furry Fairy Tale (Clean) by furrygalaxy75
Jenna and the Sack of Beans: A Van Hill Millvele
Jenna is going to be forced to marry the smelly stupid new king. How is she going to free herself to get back to her beloved Zander? All she needs is books, her wits...
NEW BEGINNING by robertaicrag
NEW BEGINNINGby robertaicrag
A group of middle ages gather together to have research in the space specially in MARS. The research purposed is to develop whether the Mars can be used a possible for...
Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away ✔️ by Skywalker15
Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far ✨Sara Wingfeather✨
A collection of Star Wars one-shots and Anidala love letters. *Warning: Tears may be a side effect of reading this book. A box of tissues is advised.* . . . [All Star W...
Temporal Deities by Veshemint
Temporal Deitiesby Veshemint
In the far future, humanity has spread to new worlds. While spaceships are used to travel to these different planets, they are rather different versions of Earth. Instea...
Syzygy by officialleehadan
Syzygyby Lee Hadan
Andra was a mechanic and a pilot with nothing but an old, battered ship to call her own. Cygnus Volans is the most powerful psion to ever live. They were on opposite sid...
The Exile: Through the Ashes by NatalieMitchell73
The Exile: Through the Ashesby Natalie Mitchell
After the disastrous events of The Exile: Into the Forge, Adam Diar, a normal eighteen-year-old-boy turned secret agent, races to find the remaining traitors inside Intr...
Star Wars: The New Order by TheStarWarriorWrites
Star Wars: The New Orderby The Star Warrior
He doesn't know what happened to him or how he got there. He doesn't even remember his name. All he remembers is the War. He's been locked up in a cell for days, at leas...
A New Beginning by Chronicler92
A New Beginningby T.Y.Z.
Zander, an average young man, is sent to the fringes of known space to run a failing guild. The only problem is, he doesn't know how to run a guild. How will Zander cope...
Puff and Hyacinth: Space Explorers by AnxiousEmoNightmare
Puff and Hyacinth: Space Explorersby Hi, I'm back from my depressi...
Puff is your average half-human bipedal agender pansexual space-obsessed dragon with no sight in one eye and nearsightedness in the other. Hyacinth was your average slav...