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Attachments: Ahsoka Tano x Male Reader (Discontinued) by TheKingOfYeet
Attachments: Ahsoka Tano x Male The King of Yeet
Your name is y/n l/n, Padawan of Mace Windu. After your first mission with Ahsoka in the battle of Christophsis, you feel a strange feeling you never experienced. You...
When Hope Returns (Part One) ✔️ by Skywalker15
When Hope Returns (Part One) ✔️by ✨Sara Wingfeather✨
"My name is Anakin Skywalker and I, the Chosen One, destroyed the Jedi. I turned to the dark side. I am now a Sith. The very thing I swore to destroy." . . . W...
Tales from the Drift: Old Lessons, Hard Futures by ArtisticSmirk
Tales from the Drift: Old G.M. FitzPatrick
The Drift: a colorful metaphor for the empty space between stars and planets, more closely describing the ever-expanding nature of galaxies and the universe itself. As a...
Pure Energy Chronicles: Genesis   by valorplaysgames
Pure Energy Chronicles: Genesis by Chris Valor
After stopping the Dark Realm's invasion on Orion, Percy and Neo Evolution relocate to the world of Genesis, preparing for the next battle against Silas. But it seems th...
When Darkness Falls (Part Two) ✔️ by Skywalker15
When Darkness Falls (Part Two) ✔️by ✨Sara Wingfeather✨
It's been three years since the return of Darth Vader--free of the suit--and the galaxy is under a rule of utter terror. With the Jedi practically wiped out, there's alm...
All That Boom by F0xtrot97
All That Boomby Lore F.
Illia Thall is on a mission. She finds her target languishing in a tavern on a backwater planet of the outer rim. Now all she has to do is convince him to help her, but...
The Unknown Jedi by TheHackGuy
The Unknown Jediby TheHackGuy
In the Dark looming Days after the fall of the Republic, a lone Jedi must make the Choice to save not just the Jedi order, but the Galaxy, Democracy, and The remains of...
In From The Cold by JPMayner
In From The Coldby J.P. Mayner
The Galactic Civil War has begun in earnest. On frozen Hiver, an innocent woman bears witness to a brutal confrontation between a Rebel agent and the local Imperials. In...
Star Wars: The New Order by TheStarWarriorWrites
Star Wars: The New Orderby The Star Warrior
He doesn't know what happened to him or how he got there. He doesn't even remember his name. All he remembers is the War. He's been locked up in a cell for days, at leas...
Jenna and the Sack of Beans: A Furry Fairy Tale (Clean) by furrygalaxy75
Jenna and the Sack of Beans: A Van Hill Millvele
Jenna is going to be forced to marry the smelly stupid new king. How is she going to free herself to get back to her beloved Zander? All she needs is books, her wits...
The Yekara Chronicles by A_B_England
The Yekara Chroniclesby A_B_England
The UNE Galaxia, a colony ship from the United Nations of Earth, suffered a rougher than planned landing that overshot the thin, temperate continent they'd picked for th...
War for the Iron Planet by Dave_Schmidt
War for the Iron Planetby David Schmidt
The galaxy is full of adventure, opportunity and resources. However, it's also full of cutthroat pirates, haughty despots and slavering beasts. For Talon Squad, one the...
The Key Chronicles by AeronMcLisagoth
The Key Chroniclesby Aeron WH Jäger McLisagoth
A sci-fi dystopia adventure in which a young girl named Aurora Greene teams up with a band of freedom fighters called "The Insurgents" to locate keys to defeat...
Queen Of Planet Eclipsalore by KaeylinnJupiters
Queen Of Planet Eclipsaloreby KaeylinnJupiters
In a world where humans are wiped from their memories at the age of 16, given abnormal abilities, sent to one of the 10 planets they never knew of, and given positions o...
New Universes by satheeshperiyasamy
New Universesby Satheesh Periyasamy
In the quaint town of Astoria, Darwin's obsession with the stars propels him into an extraordinary journey beyond imagination. Guided by a mysterious professor, they unv...
The Lost Wizard Chronicles by joelsalamangka
The Lost Wizard Chroniclesby Joel Salamangka
A compilation of a flash fiction stories submitted as part of the Keep Writing Challenge on Deadlines for Writers ( After getting positive feedb...
Postcards From Pamarthe by JPMayner
Postcards From Pamartheby J.P. Mayner
Postcards From Pamarthe is a six-part microfiction and art series created to mark the launch of The Last Edge, a creative writing, music, art and cosplay fan project set...
Chronicles of the Cosmic Covenant The chosen Vanguard by DeviousWing
Chronicles of the Cosmic
Leonardo can't remember how he got here. All he knows is time. He has be enslaved to whatever empire this is for 50 plus years (he still looks like he is early 20s). He...
Empty Life by VeronicaTherrien
Empty Lifeby Veronica Therrien
After the Creator finished His universal masterpiece, He allowed his children to use the same power for their own creations, but some weren't ready for that kind of powe...
The Stowaway by Axiomatis
The Stowawayby Axiomatis
This is a short story from the life of an blind alien girl that left home in search of adventure among the stars, who ended up in the bowel of some merchant vessel. Auth...