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The Courtesy of Kings | ☐ Queenkiller, Kingmaker #2 by AM-Prabeswar
The Courtesy of Kings | ☐ Queenkil...by A.M. Prabeswar
❖ QUEENKILLER, KINGMAKER Book 2 ❖ A year has passed since Isla rescued Tam Mai from the dungeons, but her sister's mind is still trapped and broken. There is only one pe...
Shadowbound by DeeBo_Divhonele
Shadowboundby Divhonele Tshikhudo
Enter the mesmerizing world of "Shadowbound," a captivating Wattpad series that weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue, where shadows hold the key to an extraor...
A Grace of Crowns | ☑ Queenkiller, Kingmaker #1 by AM-Prabeswar
A Grace of Crowns | ☑ Queenkiller...by A.M. Prabeswar
❖ QUEENKILLER, KINGMAKER Book 1 ❖ Feudal Southeast-Asia filled with magic, daemons, and a royal conspiracy. This is Isla's quest for the truth, and her slow spiral into...
One True Queen: A Wings of Fire fanfiction by dragonwritesthings
One True Queen: A Wings of Fire fa...by dragonwritesthings
BOOK THREE IN THE TIMELINE SERIES "Anything about the future can be changed," he said. "Even that. I could enchant the mountain to stay up if I wanted to...
Trash of the Count's Family by yn-sama_
Trash of the Count's Familyby yn-sama_
[Chapters 209 / 776] "I can't be a trash forever..." ----- Author : Yoo Ryeo Han (유려한) Publisher : Cheungeoram Books Translator : miraclerifle From : Wuxiaworl...
Eleven: The Sequel of AlterMyth by Elias_Pedro
Eleven: The Sequel of AlterMythby Elias_Pedro
The manipulator is active once more. After the defeat of Knowledge at the hands of HoloMyth in Victorian England, all five members of the cryptic yet almighty Tenth Coun...
Lady of the Forest by HazelGatoya
Lady of the Forestby Hazel Gatoya
Deirdre doesn't know who she is. It seems that no one does, but Duke Arvis Velthomer has been very kind to her after finding her unconscious in his gardens, and she is v...
The Dust by KyleWilley
The Dustby K
A series of intertwined stories told in a far-future hard science-fiction setting, in which the Federation attempts to extend its control over the planet of New Haven. ...
Lady Tamara And The Bandits (Written October 2016) by Jestarpetal
Lady Tamara And The Bandits (Writt...by Jordan Stafford
The fair lady Tamara becomes entangled in a political nightmare in the land of Kambio, where she was supposed to marry into the royal family. Instead, her caravan is att...
Convergence: Hope by SymphonyRivers
Convergence: Hopeby Symphony Rivers
Amidst the stars, hope is the rarest commodity. In a galaxy torn apart by war and strife, Lila fights for her people's survival. A refugee turned freedom fighter, she mu...
Star Odyssey by UsedOblivion
Star Odysseyby ~Sup_Buddy~
Join Lu Yin on an epic journey across the Universe, pursuing the truth and tragedy of his past. This is a world of science fantasy where the older generations step back...
Cursed Trees by kazahio
Cursed Treesby nishio kazan
A story about elemental magic, love and honour.
The Tale Of Gabriella by ailileardsnow
The Tale Of Gabriellaby Aili
Princess Gabriella of Belladonna, at the age of 20, is wedded to the king of a foreign country. Everyone around her warned her of the dangers, and that under no circumst...
Ravens Sparrow by Cibeu0
Ravens Sparrowby Cibeu
Corvina Sparrow is a young boy born into two royal families in the Flock Kingdom. Despite his privileged background, he faces a constant struggle to prove himself to bot...
Yulonian Tales - The Guardian by Issaccjt
Yulonian Tales - The Guardianby Issacc
A stale war of attrition is hanging over the lands of Yulon. Magic is reviled, its users hunted by a newly emerged power: The Faith. Archibald, the son of small-town m...
Chrysalis by -ScatteredPearlz-
Chrysalisby amu
On hold currently. (Updates: Every Sunday BST) A series of murders sweeping through the country. There's no link between them, the police have given up finding the root...
The Court of Whisperers by malheureuxenamour
The Court of Whisperersby malheureuxenamour
The King and the Queen of the kingdom of Clarentium are slaughtered, and their Crown Princess goes missing on the eve of their deaths. With the other heirs sent away, th...
Marygrove 1984 by General_Narva
Marygrove 1984by Adam Tlaib
Marygrove 1984 is a compelling fanfiction that explores the concept of 'what if' by imagining a scenario where the dystopian world of George Orwell's 1984 takes place in...
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Into the Realm by Pringle_Pot
Into the Realmby Deanne and Chenney
~THE SOVEREIGN DIARIES BOOK 1~ As Lily is torn away from her beautiful California and forced to move to rural Minnesota, all she wants is to keep her carefully organized...
Neverlution by LeavesofEons
Neverlutionby Starling
It's been almost a year since his last adventure, and Shay is fine with that. He's settled into a routine studying at Neverwinter's House of Knowledge and he's adopted a...