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Rise Of The Empire by Editer
Rise Of The Empireby H A N Y
Born from the notorious deposed Empress Chen, Xian has been living her life under her mother's dark shadow. Carrying her hatred and resentment on her behalf when she pas...
One Last Mission - A Short Story by Admiralkim7
One Last Mission - A Short Storyby Admiralkim
The year is 2049. After months of bitter fighting, Indonesian Imperial forces have finally scored a decisive victory against rogue Army forces who had tried to stage a c...
One Last Mission - The Hunt For Siregar by Admiralkim7
One Last Mission - The Hunt For Si...by Admiralkim
The Sequel to One Last Mission. Having received his assignment from the Emperor, Zack Assegaf heads off to lead his troops into battle against the pro-coup forces and th...
A King's Bargain (Legend of Tal #1) by JosiahRosell
A King's Bargain (Legend of Tal #1)by Josiah Rosell
The legend of Tal Harrenfel is sung across the Westreach - and with each telling, the tales grow taller. But though he's declared a hero by his King, Tal has never claim...
Patriam's Royals: The Queen Of Hearts ♥️  by AuthorQueen_49
Patriam's Royals: The Queen Of Hea...by Lexi Tilman
(Coming Soon!) 1. Become queen? Done 2. Get my motorcycle? Yes 3. Act grieved about my dad dying? Done 4. Annoy the hell out of my twin brother? Definitely 5. Select...
Skye     (completed) by Trdonovan
Skye (completed)by Trdonovan
It is the year 1351, and all of Europe struggles in the aftermath of the Black Plague. Most families lost loved ones to the pandemic; but for some, the challenges only...
The Tale Of Gabriella by ailileardsnow
The Tale Of Gabriellaby Aili
Princess Gabriella of Belladonna, at the age of 20, is wedded to the king of a foreign country. Everyone around her warned her of the dangers, and that under no circumst...
The Strange Crate by missaquaitaine
The Strange Crateby missaquaitaine
|Magic is a curse, and for those who carry it, doubly so.| *Ari is a lone survivor of a village massacre, seeking to find freedom from both an abusive master and a blood...
Voices by john_chan
Voicesby john_chan
You know that Project Glass thing by Google? The computer you'd wear like a pair of glasses? This story is about a computer you would implant in your body so you'd inter...
The Dust by KyleWilley
The Dustby K
A series of intertwined stories told in a far-future hard science-fiction setting, in which the Federation attempts to extend its control over the planet of New Haven. ...
Angels Mark (The Serena Wilcox Dystopian Trilogy Book 1) by NatalieBuskeThomas
Angels Mark (The Serena Wilcox Dys...by Natalie Buske Thomas
The future of the nation depends on former private detective Serena Wilcox and her unlikely crew. "Angels Mark" is a quirky, suspenseful and unpredictable thri...
Nature Knows No Kings by jsfaust
Nature Knows No Kingsby Josie Stokes
A treacherous deal. An unbearable temptation. A dark and twisted secret. Succumb to your most vicious inner whims. Princess Igraine, firstborn daughter and presumed futu...
Lady Tamara And The Bandits (Written October 2016) by Jestarpetal
Lady Tamara And The Bandits (Writt...by Jordan Stafford
The fair lady Tamara becomes entangled in a political nightmare in the land of Kambio, where she was supposed to marry into the royal family. Instead, her caravan is att...
Untitled WIP Novel by PeytonBieda
Untitled WIP Novelby Peyton Bieda
This novel has been a WIP for about 3 years. I recently revived and began work on it after abandoning the idea due to the ambitiousness of its concept and the sheer amou...
Terra Imperia by LordSnappy
Terra Imperiaby Lord Snappy
Three Men,Three Ambitions. All under the same banner, Watch as these three men struggle with intrigue,war,and all else to achieve their combined ambitions. Their Ambitio...
The Halfling Queen by inthestyleofbooks
The Halfling Queenby inthestyleofbooks
Avery had lost her parents at the age of six due to the prejudices against mixed species relationships. Her mother, a goblin queen, had fallen for her father, from the...
The Convergence by TenilleBerezay
The Convergenceby Tenille Berezay
A girl with remarkable abilities. A boy send to unearth her secrets. A conspiracy that will force them to redefine the impossible. Hiding unbelievable physical abilities...
Darklight: The Forbidden Contract by DK-Snow
Darklight: The Forbidden Contractby D.K. Snow
"A Contractor shall always be bound to its Contract." Zil is one of the best assassins in the Nevesi underworld. She values the tenets of the Contractor's Cree...
Bound For Carnage by Axar_Scrivner
Bound For Carnageby Axar Scrivner
When Angel Rogers dials up his own phone number as a joke, he didn't expect for anyone to pick up on the other end of the line, but then, someone does, and not just anyo...
Haven by nikolaimengele
Havenby Dakota Ryan Perry
During the early twenty-first century, the American government bans the personal ownership of firearms. A group of two thousand citizens hide away in a bunker with their...