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Tododeku SmutShots by LayneLonni
Tododeku SmutShotsby FanRoad
Because I have nothing to do with my life Feel free to do suggestions because I am not creative when it comes to Smut.
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69 Days Of Crankgameplays  by SinfulMom4413
69 Days Of Crankgameplays by SinfulMom is BACK
⚠️S M U T W A R N I NG⚠️ Crankgameplays smut book! 69 Days Of Crankgameplays! - [] Day 1: First Kiss - [] Day 2: Blow Job - [] Day 3: Cunnilings - [] Day 4: First Tim...
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Sin ❂ Seventeenby :(
"Jisoos, have mercy, for I have sinned." //smutshots [requests: CLOSED] ©SHINDONGSKINNYLEGEND
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Countryhumans - ONESHOTS by strawberryshaakes
Countryhumans - ONESHOTSby Valentina
Soo.. I decide to write this as I really like the countryhumans fanbase. As you would probably guess, Gerpol is my favourite ship. Enjoy! ❤️❤️❤️
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bottom harry smutshots  by thanksforthebacon
bottom harry smutshots by billy bob joe
dosent the title say enough
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Bxb Smutshots! by foxforlife123
Bxb Smutshots!by foxforlife123
The title ya goof Warning! Contains smut! I accept requests!
Markiplier Smutshots ~DISCONTINUED~ by XxMaisyMaixX
Markiplier Smutshots ~DISCONTINUED~by Mäáâåaãi
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Eddsworld Smut by damncommie
Eddsworld Smutby 𝖈𝖚𝖒𝖒𝖎𝖊
"So baby, hit me where it hurts- Say my name like its a bad word." Tom whispered in your ear as you whimpered under your breath, feeling defeated. Until you fe...
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League of legends x reader by RazieTheRhinozeros
League of legends x readerby RazieTheRhinozeros
Just a random book with fanfictions (most of the time one shots with straight couples) about (y/n) and their favourite champion~ Feel free to request since there are a f...
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BNHA Smut shots  by Gay_Lesbian_2005_14
BNHA Smut shots by Gay_Lesbian_2005_14
⚠ NSFW CONTENT ⚠ BNHA smut maybe fluff or angst if I get ideas. Request ships. I don't do straight ships sarry. Kiribaku and todobaku are otps so there will be a lot of...
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Who Needs Friends When I Have You? (Tordtom Oneshots) by zyzeestories
Who Needs Friends When I Have zyzeestories
Hello. Welcome. This book will be filled of Tordtom oneshots and art (by me if I can). Lemon will be included in this book as well as a load of fluff and angst. It's va...
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Baldi basics oneshots/SmutShots by x_Playtime_x
Baldi basics oneshots/SmutShotsby P l a y T I m e
Just like it's said in a title lol XD hi I'm playtime I'm new here this is my first book so don't judge please
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||BNHA Omegaverse Smutshots|| by KokoAkamine
||BNHA Omegaverse Smutshots||by Koko Akamine
I will do requests but if I'm uncomfortable with the ship I may not do it.
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TordTom Smutshots by _Cxlette_
TordTom Smutshotsby Magnifique
I don't do bottom Tord. Bottom Tom all the way. Top Tord all day.
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Fresh MarkiplierXReader smutshots (+ friends) by user728685117754
Fresh MarkiplierXReader Sssnarlz
Y/N= your name Y/EC= your eyecolor F/N= friends name
Raccooneggs smut book by MisfitsBitch
Raccooneggs smut bookby Racc'd
{BOTTOM RACC} Information will be on the first chapter
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Tododeku smut shots by xImLike7x
Tododeku smut shotsby 𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕕𝔹𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕤
Of course I still need to give a warning, These smut shots are 18+ and I advise you to go onto another story if you're not 18+, but I digress, if you wanna read this do...
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Eddsworld Smutshots by iamjiku
Eddsworld Smutshotsby Jikūsekai
hello naughty children it's smut time GENERAL INSERTS (y/n)-your name (e/c)-eye color (h/c)-hair color (h/l)-hair length (f/c)-favorite color (b/f/n)-best friends...
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TomTord Smut Shotz! by MegaPeachPineapple
TomTord Smut Shotz!by MegaPeach!
This will be a shit ton of smut shots featuring the one and only TOMTORD!!! Who will top and who will bottom is somthing that will change quite frequently cause I like b...
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Stosuh Smut by Gabriella_M06
Stosuh Smutby Reddie_Stan😌✊
Okay so this is my first ever published book. I'm still working on it cause I just started and I want to make sure it's nice for all of you readers! Art is not mine!!
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