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Cold-Hearted, Tales of Horror & Heartache by Gadralneure
Cold-Hearted, Tales of Horror & Wolf Bolz
A Collection of short and ultra-short stories. Love, hate, horror, humor, and happiness, distilled into high octane tales that spark the imagination. Ghosts, demons, and...
"I didn't mean to." by Diny2006
"I didn't mean to."by Diny2006
"I didn't mean to kill her, I swear!"
The Boy in the Mirror by Salem_LeFay
The Boy in the Mirrorby Salem LeFay
Tommy had troubles with his head, he always did. He would hear voices and see things, but, unlike the occasional voice or shadow, he was constantly seeing and hearing th...
I Am the Undulating Proclivity by Prezzley
I Am the Undulating Proclivityby Prezzley
"When you die the only kingdom you'll see is two foot wide and six foot deep."
OUT AFTER DARK /BOOGEYMAN (Short Mystery Horror Story) by Spilt-Ink
short occult horror story about going out after dark and the so call boogeyman.
The Paper's Edge by Skysomnium
The Paper's Edgeby Skysomnium
A young man by the name of Peter (prefers being referred to as 'Petey') stumbles across a quaint, simple town on a heated summer day of which eagerly welcomes its visito...
Short thrillers by pincky21
Short thrillersby whatislifewithoutBTS?!?!
I'm making short thriller books and the two that get the top likes would become a real book.
Wind In The Grass ✔️ by Bluestorme
Wind In The Grass ✔️by 💦β|u£💦
Rita Maxwell dies suddenly. She accepts her new fate and learns about the real essence of death in life. A beautiful tale told from a ghost point of view.
Black Out by Raven1466
Black Outby Raven1466
She wakes up in a hospital, the last 24 hours merely a blur.
The Man In The Hat by MorpheusD
The Man In The Hatby Morpheus Darkson
A group of murders in a small town has taken the interest of the police force who have a lead in the form of a Man wearing a hat in all of the cases. However the dread i...
A Recalling Of A Real Life Nightmare by CullenMartin
A Recalling Of A Real Life CullenMartin
Tony experiences a traumatic event when a masked man takes him hostage and drives him to an unknown location. He escapes and immediately tells his therapist about the st...
The House At The End Of The Street by megzahra
The House At The End Of The Streetby megzahra
a scary story about a young girl who goes out on a ride on her bike one night, and turns into hell...
WE ARE CIRCLES by Afrowendy
WE ARE CIRCLESby Chinwendu
A short story about how our much of our lives are influenced by inherited traits and behaviour patterns.
Not Helpful by BingeReaderTA
Not Helpfulby BingeReaderTA
You are kidnapped. There is only one way to escape. Kill all the people in the room. Simple. But what if it's only the beginning. Do you ever really escape a nightmare...
In the Eye of the Beholder and Other Short Stories by ajinkyagoyal
In the Eye of the Beholder and Ajinkya Goyal
Stories pulled from the darkest and most twisted recesses of the mind. They certainly have no business existing in the realm of reality, but the forbidden fruit has alwa...
It's All in My Mind (Blumhouse Entry) by TheREALElizaHamilton
It's All in My Mind (Blumhouse Eliza Hamilton
Drew Brooke is an ordinary man with an ordinary job. Only, when the world is still and all is quiet, he hears whispers all around him- and sees shadows moving beside him...
The Mission. Book 1 by CalebDaMan
The Mission. Book 1by CalebDaMan
A boy is in for the biggest adventure of his life, when he finds some mysterious orbs.
Velan is a drug peddler for the British guards and Ponni is an innocent girl with a drunkard and abusive father. She hopes that the love of her life Velan will take her...
The Boy In The Balcony ✔️ by Bluestorme
The Boy In The Balcony ✔️by 💦β|u£💦
A man gets a strange visitor the night he moves in to a new apartment; a boy who climbs and enter his house through the balcony. Only for the man to find out that he is...