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Back For You (Kuroko No Basuke- Imayoshi Shoichi fanfiction) by TheColdFire13
Back For You (Kuroko No Basuke- :)
Hamasaki Eri, the childhood friend of Imayoshi Shoichi, went to live in America when she was almost 6 years old and came back after 10 years as a 15 year old, second-yea...
 Yuuichi x Human! Male! Reader by Barf18
Yuuichi x Human! Male! Readerby Barf18
Yes I know what you're gonna say, "Humans don't have a reason to exist in this universe!" I know that, but I'm just experimenting with a whole lot. Enjoy!
Aeonian (KHR Fanfiction) [HEAVY EDITING] by pakupocky
Aeonian (KHR Fanfiction) [HEAVY pakupocky
What do you do when you get pulled into mafia battles? I didn't know that the time, but now I know how I feel. Disclaimer: Photo cover does not belong to me and all oth...
An Ace to Your Heart by yourbasicguy
An Ace to Your Heartby Wolfier
Two fox brothers move into the town, and go to a new school. Immediately, they get new friends and potential love interests. Follow them through their everyday lives whe...
Pentagon Love Story by MysteryNewbie
Pentagon Love Storyby Kate Cas
It is all about choosing between of who you admired🤩 and who you really love😍
Tennis Ace Shoichi Urata x Female Reader by FALLINGTHUNDER69
Tennis Ace Shoichi Urata x FALLINGTHUNDER69
I just started playing Tennic Ace and it's amazing. So I thought about rewriting it in a girls point of view. I'll be skipping some days this book would be so long if I...
circumspection ( mb.s+ ) by -ryuxhashira
circumspection ( mb.s+ )by あやめ
❝ my original character's mb.s+!
Love never fails (Imayoshi Shoichi x OC) by HyeMiJeonChoi
Love never fails (Imayoshi Jessica Choi Im
Yuna Wakamatsu the most popular student at Touou Academy her older brother Kosuke Wakamatsu becomes captain of the basketball club after her boyfriend Shoichi Imayoshi r...
Hello Baby! by SkylarkVIP
Hello Baby!by Kai
One is twisted and cynical; the other is violent and destructive. How did these two end up being step-brothers? And with a half-sibling about to be born, do they even kn...
Reflection (Khr One-shot collection) by Hotakayoki
Reflection (Khr One-shot Hotakayoki
Just a book of random drabbles that probably won't be continued. I'll take requests if someone even reads this lol. CH 1: "Lonely" Feat. Byakuran and Shoichi C...
Amargo San Valentín by Sedna_Izunia
Amargo San Valentínby Sedna_Izunia
Fanfic que tiene muchos años. De Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Pareja: Byakuran y Shoichi
My Love (Watashi no Ai) by KPOP101422
My Love (Watashi no Ai)by K-POP 101
Pano kung kayo talaga ang nakatadhana?
The Aftermath (Imayoshi Shōichi x OC) by sakurahime287
The Aftermath (Imayoshi Shōichi Yuki
**KnB spoilers** (Tōō and Seirin Winter cup Match) After Touou lost to Seirin the third years and Suzuki Yui have to resign but how will they handle this? And what will...
Chasing Yen by shoiyenonly
Chasing Yenby Lisa O
[ON-GOING] Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life.... forever. #ShoiYen 💙💙💙 Language: Tagalog and...
Visiting Old Friends by Rima_97
Visiting Old Friendsby RogueMagic
A series of semi-related one-shots where Tsuna meets old schoolmates and their reactions. There will be no reveal in these stories. Copied from my fanfiction account...