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Thrice Over (KHRxPJO) by light_truth
Thrice Over (KHRxPJO)by Ali
Percy Jackson is sick of everything. He is done. After going through two wars for the Gods, helping out others in the different pantheons, he gets betrayed by those clos...
A Second Chance As Skull (bleach x Katekyo Hitman Reborn)  by Zero-1307
A Second Chance As Skull (bleach Zero-1307
After Ulquiorra died in his fight against Ichigo at that moment he wanted to understand what a heart is and experience emotions Well fate has brought him back to life a...
Wannabe Sociopath - Khr  by Why_DidYou_DoThat
Wannabe Sociopath - Khr by Whats_WrongWith_BeingGay?
A Wannabe sociopath is reborn into the world of Katekyo Hitman Reborn by death himself, being reborn as Skull De Mort!!! I do not own Khr only my oc. All my art except c...
Smile (P5/Royal Story x OC/Male reader) by zer0420
Smile (P5/Royal Story x OC/Male LEadFARMER 420 .
(Note, there's a few changes in the Persona Timeline for the sake of this story) The prettiest smile hides the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes cry the most tears. Th...
Skull in Naruto!? (KHR and Naruto crossover) by Zero-1307
Skull in Naruto!? (KHR and Zero-1307
Well when Skull life ended he thought he was going to rest in peace but apparently death didn't want him and he Reborn as a girl!?
The Arcobaleno's death weapon by _Alad_
The Arcobaleno's death weaponby _Alad_
What if skull was a death weapon from DWMA and part of the eight shinigami legion. What if the arcobaleno, Vongola and others finds out about it. It takes place during t...
A Deeper secret by tsuhiro
A Deeper secretby tsuhiro hyaki
Just a story about skull having a sky flame but he still has cloud flames but it's his secondary flame. and well let's just say he has a darker past that the arcobaleno'...
Scars tell no lies by RinKuroi
Scars tell no liesby Rin Kuroi
The truth will always come to light, if you like it or not. But who will tell the story? Will it be the scars? At least they can't lie...
Supplementary | Skull/Arcobaleno by lunafiore_
Supplementary | Skull/Arcobalenoby kyum
How Skull completes the Arcobaleno in more ways than one.
KHR - Arcobaleno Soap Opera by Laice18
KHR - Arcobaleno Soap Operaby Mikami18
"Let's play a game kora!" It all started off with Colonello suggesting a game... Read to find out! Arcobaleno centric! Adult Arcobalenos! Awkward and random ro...
Immortality Sucks by Thecatleader
Immortality Sucksby Silentstar
unless you have a friend that's immortal with you. Summary: Everyone knows Skull is immortal, a fact the Arcobaleno live with daily, but they know that when they die Sku...
The Arcobaleno Vigilantes (KHRxBNHA) by blueberryjellybean
The Arcobaleno Vigilantes ( blueberryjellybean
When the Acrobaleno of the KHR world die the last thing they expect is to be reborn into a world of heroes (BNHA). Follow them as they try to reunite, creates a... Vigil...
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A James Conrad Story (complete) by BuckysFarm
A James Conrad Story (complete)by BuckysFarm
Captain James Conrad is told that he will be working with another legendary tracker with skills that can match his. What will happen when he finds out its a girl? Grace...
Splatoon Manga Boys X Fem Reader  by skater_squid
Splatoon Manga Boys X Fem Reader by skater_squid
First book so who knows what could happen Splatoon manga boys as your love interests basically Enjoy :)
splatoon oneshots [✔️] by foxfiire-
splatoon oneshots [✔️]by 「✿♪」
please god nobodyr ead this anymore
The Dragon's Aura by LoriMandle
The Dragon's Auraby LoriMandle
Skylanders fanfiction about a dragon named Vexelle, who was taken by the Skylanders from a forest fire that left her wounded. After finding more injuries than meets the...
Splatoon Oneshots & Scenarios by xpeachilee
Splatoon Oneshots & Scenariosby 𝗟𝗲𝗲
~Splatoon Oneshots & Scenarios~ [Possibly taking requests soon?] This book contains oneshots and scenarios pairing various Coroika characters with the reader. ✖️NO 18+/N...
 Spectra (Ryuji x OC)   by dianakenz
Spectra (Ryuji x OC) by Angel of Death
Persona 5 Fanfic A Persona is a mask - armour - of the heart when confronting worldly matters. A Shadow is the true self that is suppressed, a side of one's personality...
Tracker? - James Conrad by Star_enterprise_1701
Tracker? - James Conradby Kat Morningstar
Victoria has been stuck on Skull Island for nearly 4 years, nearly ten times less than Hank Marlow. From the day she arrived she was worshipped like a queen. What will h...
Splatoon oneshots  by Phoenix-myth
Splatoon oneshots by One Day
First book of one shots, so if it's terrible keep in mind that I'm new at this. I hope you'll like and enjoy. If you want a ship done then you can ask in the comments, I...