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Roads And Maps - Aru Shah by upsettiespaghetti
Roads And Maps - Aru Shahby Upsettie
PS This story is definitely not my best. If you want a better plot and better writing, please check out my page and see my newer stories :) Aru and Kara escaped the Sle...
Aru Shah One-Shots by upsettiespaghetti
Aru Shah One-Shotsby Upsettie
Writing small stories on Aru Shah and her friends. Some may be AU's, others may not!
Random Aru Shah Stuff by awesomeTechnerd
Random Aru Shah Stuffby ✧*̥˚𝚃𝚎𝚌𝚑*̥˚✧
Just some random stuff I think of about Aru Shah. I'll update this whenever I can. Cover made from Sketchpad.
Aru Shah Stories by 13purplekiwi
Aru Shah Storiesby Kay <3
An Aruden Story :) There will be some Mini x Rudy but mostly Aruden flooooooof ;) So I suck at descriptions just read it.
Aru Shah Oneshots, Part 3 by Geeky_Bibliophile
Aru Shah Oneshots, Part 3by Wifey (but only to my cousin)
Title. @Hafsihalwa and I write these. thank you so much to everyone who read the first and second parts :)
Of Shadows And Silence by The-Autumn-Equinox
Of Shadows And Silenceby equinox
an aladdin au that no one asked for enjoy :) ---- characters belong to the awesome roshani chokshi
aru shah oneshots by halcyonpeachh
aru shah oneshotsby peachy :]
Everything TPQ/Aru Shah related :) All characters belong to Roshani Chokshi! Has MAJOR spoilers for all the books 8.25.21 -- thank you for 4.6K! :) 11.15.21 -- thank you...
The Silver Lining (completed) by Riya_Bhavika
The Silver Lining (completed)by Riya
⚡COMPLETED⚡ So this is a Continuation of Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes, with my own little twist. The cover is mine! I created it on my free time! ⚠️⚠️⚠️Disclaimer:...
Aru Shah Memes by TogetherWeRiseUp
Aru Shah Memesby TogetherWeRiseUp
just a bunch of memes, Spoilers tho
Striking Water (DISCONTINUED) by upsettiespaghetti
Striking Water (DISCONTINUED)by Upsettie
-Takes places after Tree Of Wishes- Aru and Kara come home to find that Brynne, Mini, and Aiden made a new friend, Vikki. She holds the power of water. Aru slowly drift...
Aru Shah Oneshots and Headcanons by The-Autumn-Equinox
Aru Shah Oneshots and Headcanonsby equinox
#JustAruThings Yeah, I don't really know what to write here. Aru Shah oneshots and headcanons that wandered into my mind and refused to leave. WARNING: Spoilers for Tree...
Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality by awesomeTechnerd
Aru Shah and the Nectar of ✧*̥˚𝚃𝚎𝚌𝚑*̥˚✧
All characters belong to Roshani Chokshi. This is my first time on Wattpad so I hope you all enjoy this! This story is made by me and my friend, Froinch Froi. This is ju...
Mini Lopez And The Gandharva's Child by queenofapeacefuldawn
Mini Lopez And The Gandharva's The Queen of Dawn
It's a few days after Aru's birthday, and the Pandava training is in full swing. Just now, it's more rigorous, since the Potatoes are going to have to use 'normal weapon...
Aru Shah Fanfic  by TogetherWeRiseUp
Aru Shah Fanfic by TogetherWeRiseUp
My version what could happen in The city of gold Spoilers ahead for Tree of wishes. Uh if am doing any copyright let me know and I'll take it down. Original book is By R...
Aru Shah and the City of Gold by AnushkaBhowmik4
Aru Shah and the City of Goldby fantasy forever
This is what I think will happen in the city of gold:) happy reading!
Continuation of COG (aru shah) by kpopstan101_NCTZEN
Continuation of COG (aru shah)by Navya Blink
The Potatoes got betrayed by Kara, and they lost all their weapons. They have to get to the Nectar Of Immortality before the Sleeper does, and maybe, just maybe, defeat...
Aru Shah and the City of Gold Predicted Ending✔️ by Geeky_Bibliophile
Aru Shah and the City of Gold Wifey (but only to my cousin)
DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ ARU SHAH AND THE TREE OF WISHES All characters and the cover belong to Roshani Chokshi Author of this is my cousin, @hafsihalwa. Aru mad...