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Badass. Jack J's little sister by -difficult
Badass. Jack J's little sisterby PURELY PURE
i wrote this years ago and don't feel like re-editing all the mistakes in the chapters. i wouldn't recommend reading this, but go ahead if you don't mind. -5/25/17 follo...
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Love Thy Neighbor [Shawn Mendes] by pumpkinspiciest
Love Thy Neighbor [Shawn Mendes]by pumpkinspiciest
An awkward first encounter with her famous neighbor leads to a complicated relationship for Jessica Levine.
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Arranged- (s.m)  by babyrosemendes
Arranged- (s.m) by 🌹
Serenity Rivers has an arranged marriage to Shawn Mendes in the matter of days. How will they cope together after marriage? Will they fall in love after this marriage br...
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Seat B-22 • S.M. by carolinexsnow
Seat B-22 • carolinexsnow
Who knew a plane ride could lead to Under major editing
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the girl in the stands - shawn mendes  by canifflikestowrite
the girl in the stands - shawn canifflikestowrite
shawn mendes. the popular, football player who likes me? that's just crazy.. why would someone like him even consider going out with some like me? i mean really it all...
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Txt // S.M. by Lottie98L
Txt // notreallyinterested
Unknown is calling you
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Soulmates | S.M. by burritosandnachos
Soulmates | burritosandnachos
~Alana Sinclair finally has the opportunity to go see her favorite artist, Shawn Mendes, live in concert for the first time. This one event ends up resulting in the jour...
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Abuse. S.M. by 5secsmendes
Abuse. 17 days!🤩
"All you have to do is say it, does he hit you?" "No, he loves me."
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Training Mendes // s.m. by lukethesheriff
Training Mendes // lukethesheriff
Millie Evans was hired as Shawn Mendes' new trainer. That was all she signed up for, so when did it all become so incredibly messy? (not edited)
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his number ➻ s.m by hoenestmendes
his number ➻ s.mby 𝐭. ♡
One where a girl starts texting a random stranger who turns out to be her celebrity crush. shawn mendes x woc
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We Met On The Train by MakeBelieveGirl
We Met On The Trainby Elizabeth Wood
They saw each other first on the train. And then in the same cafe, and then in the same meeting room. He disliked her loud music, she disliked his attitude. Their opinio...
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due date // s.m by mendessi
due date // s.mby (:
what happens after a one night stand in toronto between two strangers? #2 in shawnmendes !!!!!
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Personal Body Guard - (Shawn Mendes) by basicallyvogue
Personal Body Guard - (Shawn basicallyvogue
"Cut the shit babe, your parents hired me as your personal body guard so fuck up with the attitude..." ~ When the presidents daughter gets accepted to college...
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the met gala → shawn mendes by thekendallmendes
the met gala → shawn mendesby ken-doll
in which a model and a singer are forced to attend the met gala together. --- when amaya vega and shawn mendes' appearance at the met gala blows up the internet, their...
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The Fuckboy ~S.M.~ by YahGurlAndrea
The Fuckboy ~S.M.~by Andrea ^•^
She's a nerd with a hard life... He's a arrogant fuckboy with a easy life... How will this end... ---------------------------------------------------- "What do you...
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Arranged [s.m] by ruinat2am
Arranged [s.m]by ruinat2am
you're told to get married to Shawn Mendes, what's next? - s.m fanfiction
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Bombshell ; SM by BOSSMENDES
Bombshell ; SMby 𝙋𝙊𝙀
𝑺𝑯𝑨𝑾𝑵 𝑴𝑬𝑵𝑫𝑬𝑺 bombshell [noun]: an unexpected and surprising event, especially an unpleasant one. Phoebe was supposed to attend her friend's wedding but it do...
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Groupchat- Magcon by LovelyWriter12
Groupchat- Magconby LovelyWriter12
When Olivia Rose gets a text from random people her life changes. (also this is old Magcon)
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lost in love - sm by shawnstory98
lost in love - smby shawnstory98
In which a singer gets lost and meets a girl who brings him back. Back to the studio and back to love. - Shawn and Liz are nothing but strangers to each other. When the...
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