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The Outsider by postasha
The Outsiderby Pavlo Ostasha
The story about a journey through the night town in the mute world with a completely "not obvious" allusion to a world's famous song.
Burnout Blackout (Nanowrimo13) by expatrie
Burnout Blackout (Nanowrimo13)by expatrie
Marsh is a mage detective on the verge of losing his powers. His world is a rough mix of something like the Dresden files with cyberwear, elves, trolls, computers, and a...
Emergence  by conundrum2501
Emergence by Randy Carter
amist warring mega coporations, controlled by shadow hacker cells, one young woman may be the key to unlocking the next stage of human evolution.
Shadowrunner by LincBetweenWords
Shadowrunnerby LincBetweenWords
Uploading various short stories here, some old, some new, all of them set in the Shadowrun RPG universe. If you don't know what that is, look it up now. I'll wait.
Shadowrunning (Dropped) by AnnaMittower
Shadowrunning (Dropped)by Anna Mittower
In the dark streets of future Seattle, shadowrunners make their living. Firefly needs even darker shadows to hide her former identity as she juggles telling just enough...
The Shadowrun Corporation of Shadowy Business Deals by Prozakaddict
The Shadowrun Corporation of Prozakaddict
In the year 3949.... massive solar system-wide megacorporations lock horns in an eternal struggle to take control of the last untapped natural resource, a 100% efficien...
Crossroads by expatrie
Crossroadsby expatrie
Marsh was a mage detective on the verge of losing his powers. Then he tangled with a dragon, was wanted for murder by the police, and in the end .... died?
Shadowrun Prologue (Untitled) by Kedrix
Shadowrun Prologue (Untitled)by Michael Durr
This is a Shadowrun story that I started about 5 or 6 years ago. I got through what I considered a successful beginning, got stuck at the next chapter and that was that...
Shadowrun Season 2 by BendyZebra
Shadowrun Season 2by BendyZebra
Roll4it's shadowrun season 2. Created by: @EnterElysium - Shenryrr - @BenthamPlays -
Songbird: The Awakening by user60528072
Songbird: The Awakeningby Charmscale
Songbird has lost her parents and her previous life, and needs a place to hide. Fortunately, she has found a position on a team of shadowrunners. Alpha, their genderflui...
ShadowRunner: A Discord Story by ShadowrunnerStory
ShadowRunner: A Discord Storyby ShadowrunnerStory
In conjunction with a good friend of mine, we decided to write a cyberpunk thriller story using the already created tabletop-RPG world of Shadowrun. How would it be writ...
Shadow Runners  by SalenneyArts
Shadow Runners by SalenneyArts
This story is about my shadowrun rp carter named Salene. This is and rp background story to this carter. More will be added. I hop you enjoy. Next chapter will be called...
The Rise Of The Gauntlet Hero by JackieFingWeeks
The Rise Of The Gauntlet Heroby JackieFingWeeks
This is a story about a man from a future were magic and magical beings are common amongst the cyberpunk styled world goes to the world of the Shield Hero as the one and...
The Run by rafamiranda79
The Runby Rafa Miranda
It's the world of Shadowrun, and Logan just had a difficult run. While he's trying to unwind back at his lair, someone knocks on the door and throws trouble right on h...
The Shadow Within by JohnWeigmann
The Shadow Withinby João Victor da Silva
The background of a character living in what is called the sixth world, a cruel reality that is quite relatable. Dann Kozak had a rough childhood like most and was bound...
Fixed by JasonHalstead
Fixedby Jason Halstead
Fixed is fan-fiction taking place in the Shadowrun setting (in the Detroit Metroplex). This is a full length novel that, due to it's fan-fiction nature, does not have a...
Wenn es nur noch Rache gibt... by Fischauge
Wenn es nur noch Rache PK
Ein Serienkiller geht um und zieht eine blutige Spur. Endlich gibt es einen Verdächtigen und die Spezialeinheit unter Führung von Jazz kann ihn festnehmen. Eigentlich so...
A Kiss Before The Grave by The_Rivan_King
A Kiss Before The Graveby The_Rivan_King
Anatole 'Toolbox' Devereux is a down on his luck Shadowrunner, someone who is hired to do less than legal things for corporations and private contractors anywhere from c...