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A miracle. That's what they called her. A miracle for being born, a miracle for surviving as long as she did, and a miracle is what she'd need to make it through when...
Shadow Magic • Harry Potter X Theodore Nott • by shinnyyyy
Shadow Magic • Harry Potter X Shin
Harry Potter x Theodore Nott Mature because of a few graphic scenes. AU. Harry was born with a power the Dark Lord knows not: the magic to see into shadows, to walk th...
Fourth Wing Fanfiction by TahliaGrace28
Fourth Wing Fanfictionby Tahlia Grace
Hiiii I finished reading iron flame on the 7th at 3am and I decided it was probably time to post my fourth wing fanfic. Don't have a name yet so suggestions would be l...
The Future That Haunts Me (A Fairy Tail Fanfic) by May5696
The Future That Haunts Me (A Fantasy Queen
Freya Darkheart, a talented wizard without a guild. She's spent most of her life running and hiding. Having the ability to see future events, Freya has seen the disaster...
Elementals by BlueBoyHalo14
Elementalsby Kevin Spud
"So, you rode Azymondias? The Dragon King?" My dad asked, surprised. "Yup." "And you were the only one to acquire one of his scales?" &q...
Only The Trollhunter Will Know by L4TELY
Only The Trollhunter Will Knowby 𝗟𝗔𝗧𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗦𝗦
Everyone says that the amulet doesn't make mistakes so Jim was always meant to be the TrollHunter, it was his destiny. So why did it choose Tobias Domzalski at then end...
Upside down Magic✔️ by haryohbami
Upside down Magic✔️by ✨MJ
13year old Nory Boxwood discovered that she can flux into animals and her best friend Reina Carjaval can conjure and manipulate flames. Together, they enter into Sage Ac...
Elementals 2: The Stones of Power by BlueBoyHalo14
Elementals 2: The Stones of Powerby Kevin Spud
"Hey Celest!" She turned to us. "Oh, hey guys! Took you long enough to get here." "So, what did you find?" Zielo asked, arms crossed. &q...
Alastor Vs Adam (Cause you were disappointed with how quick the fight was) by AlphaShadow2m
Alastor Vs Adam (Cause you were AlphaShadow
As his laughter died down, he still chuckled as he whispered "We all got problems but we can solve them indeed." He looked toward His Shadow to find him lookin...
Celestial University: A Bully Romance by SalexanderWorkshop
Celestial University: A Bully SalexanderWorkshop
"A bully romantasy about finding your greatest strength in the darkest of times." Trying to save his younger brother from his abusive father, a deadly fire lea...
The Light in The Dark (Stranger Things Book) by hcney_luna
The Light in The Dark (Stranger hcney_luna
A girl who escaped the Upside Down where she had lived her entire life ends up saving boy named Will Byers. Best ranking- #3 shadow magic Other rankings- #4 in bobnewby...
The last human alive by AntoTheSkeleton
The last human aliveby AnyaTheSkeleton
Suddenly wking up in a land that looks to good to be real, Anya wake pus with no memory at all, two weirds dragons and something written on her hand. She is determinated...
Beauty and the Demon by Silverstone28001
Beauty and the Demonby Tessa Conmy
(open story co-writer wanted, please.) Summary Yami, a boy blind suffering from a sickness, takes the place of his younger brother as a prisoner to the Demon Prince. Whi...
The Shadow Huntress by TrueCatLover4Ever
The Shadow Huntressby Evelyn Anne Peters
Annabelia James and her brother Anthony were left without a father when he was killed by the very creatures that her family trained to dispose of; vampires. Join Annabel...
Arvinius and the Darkness by a-gentle-rain
Arvinius and the Darknessby Brooklynn
A quick short that I might actually turn into a podcast or something once I finish Aedrover's rough draft!
ALTERNATE ENDING: a Shadow Magic fanfiction by NishimuraAyatoBooks
ALTERNATE ENDING: a Shadow Magic あやと
A/N: The original plot, characters, setting, and book do not belong to me. No copyright infringement intended. This is a fan-made alternate ending and cannot re...
In love with a monster by AntoTheSkeleton
In love with a monsterby AnyaTheSkeleton
If u are looking for a story where a lot of fandoms (PJ/HOO/MC/KC, Avengers, Overwatch, etc.) i guess this is the right book. The image was created by my friend KawaiiCh...
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The Chronicles of Spiknreth book one: Mirr Ristalnce by Sollux_Captor_0
The Chronicles of Spiknreth book Sollux Captor, you uncultured...
This is a fantasy genre book following our protagonist Mirr Ristalnce, will there be romance? comedy? action (duh there's action)? read more to find out, and if you like...
My Shadow's Keeper by roryhatchel
My Shadow's Keeperby Rory Hatchel
Long oppressed by The Empire, the only way that the Drow can fight back is through espionage and sabotage. That is, until Thiala is recruited into their elite freedom fi...
The Heart of Magic by DragonEye979
The Heart of Magicby Dragon Eye
Everyone wondered where their powers came from. Well they'll soon find out.