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Because He Is My First Love | Hwang Minhyun☑ by nulnul_savage
Because He Is My First Love | 11:11
A girl named Park Nami who is a shy and naive person during elementary school met Mr Cold named Hwang Minhyun. Hwang Minhyun, her one and only best friend that always gi...
Too Little Too Late [COMPLETE] by gdfishy
Too Little Too Late [COMPLETE]by gdfishy
She loves him. He's afraid to fall in love again.
vhoon|| wanna one jihoon & bts taehyung ff by ShugaTae
vhoon|| wanna one jihoon & bts jinyoung 😊
park jihoon and kim taehyung fanfic- no idea if its oneshots or chapters honestly mostly jihoon fanboying i may have over exaggerated jihoons love for taehyung (regrets...
[kdn x osw][Drabble] Thời Báo Tào Lao by kiracloudy
[kdn x osw][Drabble] Thời Báo Tà Gin
Những mẩu tin tức con con về Kang Daniel - CEO tập đoàn COK - và thiên vương Ong Seongwu. Written by: Gin Warning: Trong fic có gọi Seongwu là Kang phu nhân. Mình hoàn...
Maple Leaf (Completed) by BibiUChuu
Maple Leaf (Completed)by Won_BiBi
Ongniel Boy×Boy Wanna One
NIGHT SHIFT // ongniel by vanillanurse
NIGHT SHIFT // ongnielby Jaehyun's girl 🌸
Kang Daniel to kardiolog, który ponad wszystko nienawidzi nocnych zmian w szpitalu. Niezbyt chwali się tym, iż jego życie uczuciowe właściwie nigdy nie istniało. Do mo...
Bác sĩ ơi, em sợ! by Lingmao96
Bác sĩ ơi, em sợ!by
Written by: Yi Miel Characters: Kang Daniel/Ong Seongwu Genre: BDSM, smut, humor, HE Pairing: ngây thơ trung khuyển M công x tinh anh ngạo kiều S thụ Rating: 21+ Warning...
snl | w1 by SEUNGW00ED
snl | w1by luna
❝ hi welcome to snl, ready to choose your 3 minute boyfriend? ❞ ➴ k. daniel [ yandere au ] ©S0NAGI | 11172017 [30ㅡshort story] [10ㅡchat series] [3ㅡchat series]
Our Family (DongPaca, Ongniel) by ONG-nablezz
Our Family (DongPaca, Ongniel)by ONG-nable
" Mom, why dad leave us? Did he hate us? " Daehwi, a four years old boy live with his mom, Kim Donghyun. He kept asking where his dad have been but never get a...
I'm Fine | Lee Daehwi by guanlinpanda
I'm Fine | Lee Daehwiby Pandaeno
I'm so tired. Of the disrespect. Of the ignorance. All I want is a true friendship. Is it too much to ask for? Start: 17 Dec 17 End: 01 May 20
[Trans | NielOng] Mirror Mirror by mamihduo
[Trans | NielOng] Mirror Mirrorby Mối quan hệ xa xôi
Tác giả: Illogical (ao3) Rating: Adult. Please read at your own risk / Trẻ em chớ vào Seongwu có một nỗi ám ảnh với gương. Và với cậu bạn cùng phòng của mình.
Kang Daniel's Gallery by centerniel
Kang Daniel's Galleryby kang daniel
For all Wannables around the world! Beautiful cover by @purejie--
Like We Met Before ~ Bae Jinyoung Book // #1 by kpopologii_
Like We Met Before ~ Bae k p o p ♡
Jinyoung and Y/N met at a mall when she was lost. Although there were no previous interactions, it was as if they've met before. • Book #1 to 배 진영 Started: January Ende...
EVENTUALLY. [ongniel] traducción 5k by 3lunares
EVENTUALLY. [ongniel] traducción 5kby 3lunares
[ONGOING] I KNOW, U KNOW || OngNiel ? by alchem17
[ONGOING] I KNOW, U KNOW || alchem17
[Author's Note] For all the readers should know: I'm kinda new in writing stories especially fanfictions. I apologize ahead of time for my grammar but please enjoy readi...
I love you (a Jinhwi fanfic Ft. Kuanho, Ongniel) by Stay_with_Straykids
I love you (a Jinhwi fanfic Ft. Stayforever
Lee Daehwi, a straight A student, likes the school's Playboy, Bae Jinyoung. Jinyoung likes him too, but is too proud to admit that he likes someone of a lower social ran...
I Love You by Jaephyo2720
I Love Youby Jaephyo2720
သာယာ​ေသာ နံနက္​ခင္​း တခု မိသားစု ပါးပါးရာ္​ မားမာရယ္​ က်​ေနာ္​ရယ္​​ေပါ့ ​ေပ်ာ္​ရြင္​စြာ ခရီးထြက္​ၾကသည္​👪က်​ေနာ္​က​ေတာ့..Danielပါ Mom သား​ေလး ​ေပ်ာ္​ရဲ႕လား..ဒါသားရဲ႕ ​ေလ...