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demon inside him「Jeon Jungkook」 by lyanisbae
demon inside him「Jeon Jungkook」by エリアンバター
He got devil inside him. A demon. It has no cure or else but you. Yes, he wants you. No matter how far you run, he got you. He wants to ruin you. Rip your soul apart f...
Produce 101 China Profiles by sodiumforsaltytimes
Produce 101 China Profilesby 🥀
Produce 101 China (PD101C) [创造101] is a Chinese reality show that will air on Tencent Video. Similarly to Idol Producer it will have a group debuting, however, this time...
PROJECT SOLSTICE. bg survival showby ━ shan.
#1ST BOOK au: male trainees from two different places are brought together to form what they call, an "ultimate lineup". ▎© milktops
tinder. / kang daniel by lambskwer
tinder. / kang danielby irhea
swipe right to unlock! © lambskwer
what nobody knows; jinhwi ff by MeixangWong
what nobody knows; jinhwi ffby meiyang
Lee Daehwi was never a big fan of kpop (despite being Korean). While his female classmates argued over BTS and EXO Daehwi stayed in his seat silently jamming to Big Bang...
downpour. / k.donghyun by lambskwer
downpour. / k.donghyunby irhea
it's okay, it's just a passing downpour. © lambskwer // irhea
Don't Wanna Love [Panwink] by Winkerhoon
Don't Wanna Love [Panwink]by 陳祐蒞
"Every time people fall in love with me, something terrible will happen. I've lost everything. I've lost the people that I care, I've lost the people that I love. ...
Cold Love//Park Jihoon FF//Completed by JeojangAlyyereeen
Cold Love//Park Jihoon FF//Complet...by Aly :v
Two cold people who rarely meets... Two cold people who accidentally met at a bad timing... Two cold people who became friends... And two cold people who changed each ot...
letters to seoho. / lee seoho by reshonance
letters to seoho. / lee seohoby 垃圾.
"I can see that you will surely make it big in the future and I don't want to be a hindrance to it. Always remember that I love you. I love you, Lee Gunmin, I reall...
produce chatroom by joochansviolin
produce chatroomby starry 🌟
pretty much trash ioi wanna one iz*one and x1 speak here:) highest ranks: #1 in pdx101 #5 in dia #2 in ab6ix #9 in hkt48
Sleep Deprived |  PanWink/GuanHoon by YourWannaBeBaby
Sleep Deprived | PanWink/GuanHoonby ʎɐɹʇs ʇuop ʎɐʇs
[English Epistolary] Junior Guanlin likes his famous Senior Park Jihoon, but he's too shy to talk to him in person. He only has the courage to chat him when midnight com...
Mean to Me | Im Youngmin by ayoungmind
Mean to Me | Im Youngminby reese
He was nice to everyone else... but he was mean to me.
A Little Dream - Jeon Somi by woojinku_tahun99
A Little Dream - Jeon Somiby Park Woojin
apa jadinya jika seorang anak yang baru beranjak dewasa menginginkan sebuah hal kecil, tapi berarti besar baginya... memberanikan diri menetap di negara orang, tanpa seo...
Bad Boy || Bae Jinyoung by cranee_
Bad Boy || Bae Jinyoungby ohhellothere
Song Eunmi just transferred into a new school . She got to seat next to a handsome and popular boy named Bae Jinyoung . But Jinyoung is not the kind of person that she e...
RICH COUPLE (Justin/ Huang Minghao ff) by peach_y05
RICH COUPLE (Justin/ Huang Minghao...by Kino_no
"Two rich couples sitting on a tree! F-U-" "N-D-I-N-G, no swearing Xinchun!" [my first story so forgive me]
sandglass ⏳ wanna one by etaernal_
sandglass ⏳ wanna oneby yen
- in which a girl comes to a cafe and sits on the same spot. on the fourth day of each month, at exactly 4:44 pm. -- WANNA ONE FANFIC ! ⚠ first draft! typo errors and wr...
Red Thread || YEO HWAN WOONG by _mieniest
Red Thread || YEO HWAN WOONGby Miller✨
Avalar, a united Kindom of four fairy clan. Each clan owns a queen, a princess and a prince as the ruler of each clan. There's fire, water, earth and light clan. They ha...
Catch [Kim Samuel] by minhyung705
Catch [Kim Samuel]by minhyung705
She is there to catch him whenever he falls, but will he do the same?
Kang Dongho X Lai Guanlin Short Stories by chanrin5
Kang Dongho X Lai Guanlin Short St...by yu don nit tu no mi
Kumpulan short stories untuk Donglin? Holin? Pokoknya Kang Dongho X Lai Guanlin shippers!
[ ✔ ] stranger talk 1.0 | park woojin by jcngho
[ ✔ ] stranger talk 1.0 | park woo...by — 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓾𝔂𝓸𝓾
❛ He's the only one stranger that i think kindda cute and very annoying ❜ But suddenly ❛ I hate him because he's a stranger! ❜ Started: 9.12.17 Ended: 30.12.17 Book 2 is...