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(MTL)Seventy educated youth male match [wearing books]  by Darkknight123457
(MTL)Seventy educated youth male Darkknight123457 Author: I have a cat, do you have one? Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2022-05-25 Latest: Chapter 75 Final Chapter rebirth...
Male Supporting Role, Stay Away From Me by ZayZakari
Male Supporting Role, Stay Away Zay
This story cover is not mine. Original Owner - rajkumr603 (pinterest) Book wearing female supporting role X male supporting role Everyone has their own unique love. Su Q...
The Cursed Witch by mashleandcreampuffs
The Cursed Witchby Dan-I
Reincarnating, dying, repeat. My life revolves around those three. This has been going on for so long that my memory of my first life already became hazy. And right now...
Second Male Lead Syndrome by SweetStyle8
Second Male Lead Syndromeby Hanah
[Quick Transmigration] Ru Wei is addicted to all things that involve stories: dramas, novels, series, and movies. And every one of which, she always root for the second...
Transmigration:  Face slap the white lotus by Chil_lexx
Transmigration: Face slap the Jade Oak
What do you do when you find out your Aunt is your father's mistress? Your lovely sweet cousin is actually your half sister? Cheng Bi Yu thought she had it all, a loving...
I Became The Wife Of The Second Male Lead by Chris_Eternity718
I Became The Wife Of The Second CJ
In her way back home, Suliere died on a accident and got reancanited as the villainess of the popular novel 'Lovely Saintess' Adrienne Folen Xanderly who was going to ge...
The Villainess Will Obey Her Destiny? HELL NO! (HIATUS) by hermione19sep
The Villainess Will Obey Her readerunknown
Previously known as- The Villainess Won't Back Down In her previous life, Selene lived in hell, and when she finally tried to escape from it, she was killed. She thought...
Reincarnated as the second male lead, I decide to become a proper saint by hana-akito
Reincarnated as the second male Author-San
One day, I was just going shopping and suddenly I was hit by a truck...? Anyway! I woke up and found out that I was Luke von Ordane. The second male lead in a manhwa my...
(BL)[MTL]The second male bears the burden of humiliation [quick time travel]  by Darkknight123457
(BL)[MTL]The second male bears Darkknight123457 Author: ink rabbit Category: BL doujin Release time: 2023-04-28 Latest: Chapter 206 Mr. Zhou next door BL finished 683,000 Chang Ning...
Clarissa Beheads The Villainess  by MissApparition
Clarissa Beheads The Villainess by 𝐊𝐞𝐢𝐫𝐚
The villainess is killed, the heroine is insecure, Clarissa loves her cat. CLARISSA WAINS had no business with the king until she murdered his daughter, a villain...
Who are you: school 2015 ( A Chance) {On-going} by Jungkookie301
Who are you: school 2015 ( A Lil Meow Meow
I entered "Who are you: School 2015". On her 24th birthday, Han Eunha made a wish that the Second Male Lead gets a happy ending! The power was cut and suddenly...
heather | ✔︎ by stan-bts-txt
heather | ✔︎by 𝗵𝗼𝗽𝗲
in which she's in love with him; but he's in love with her sister. inspired by heather by conan gray very short chapters [lowercase intended] i would delete this but it'...
Second Male lead's Salvation  by ArshiKGSR
Second Male lead's Salvation by Relife
"Well I lost the bet. What is it that you want?" Lia sighed. She didn't know why she had agreed to a bet with this strange man. "Just travelling to diffe...
who made me a princess/prince (Male Reader) [ON HIATUS] by Honey_blossom37
who made me a princess/prince ( Honey_blossom
Prince (y/n) (m/n) (l/n) the reincarnated prince of the second most powerful kingdom of all the continent. The (l/n) kingdom , his father king or rather emperor (f/n) (m...
Unrequited Love: Redamancy|✅[Discontinued] by Ruo_U_writes
Unrequited Love: Redamancy|✅[ Ruo U
This book was inspired by a dream of mine.... And it's wholly dedicated to the love of my life❤️!
Let the fun begin by frozenwolf899
Let the fun beginby crissy899
A lone goddess got bored of her life and decided to make a contract with the system Beat the Female Lead system. Together they travel to worlds and beat the Female Lead...
Something's Up with Background Character D (Teaser) by Ally_Sato
Something's Up with Background Lille Mushroom
Zhang Ming ended up getting transmigrated after getting hit by a truck. ...that's so cliché- In all other worlds, that would probably be a good thing. Second life, secon...
second male lead, yes please ! by 1over-gir1
second male lead, yes please !by lovergirl
A girl named Marie just read a book called "My blooming flower" but falls in love with the second male lead, not the first. She then transmigrates into the boo...
Another world by frozenwolf899
Another worldby crissy899
Ara our Mc is killed by his own twin sister, while he is dying his soul gets connected to system 001. Find out what happens to Ara after meeting his system.
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IT'S A LONG STORY...what could go wrong.... by loveluckyfor2004
IT'S A LONG STORY...what could loveluckyfor20004
our main lead is a good guy, he is strong, capable, confident, knowledgeable...etc fill in blanks from other good main leads. he is blessed by the heavens, as usual he f...