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SCP X Reader Oneshots  by MaskedNoFace
SCP X Reader Oneshots by MaskedNoFace
What do you want? A bed time story? Well... fine... Once upon a time there lived a little girl/ boy named Y/N she clikced on this story and everything changed >:3333...
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Scp Boyfriend Scenarios (Discontinued) by DarkThornBloodyLove
Scp Boyfriend Scenarios ( Rose Marie
Umm... So I tried...
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Stuck [SCP's x Reader] by TheGirlofSorrows
Stuck [SCP's x Reader]by The girl of Sorrows!
Life is a dream we cannot wake up from. Or is it a nightmare gone right?
SCP Boyfriend Scenario  by ThePuppeteer101
SCP Boyfriend Scenario by ThePuppeteer101
Hey guys! I'm still new at making these stuff so sorry if it's not great
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 Oh no!we're stuck!(Scp-035 x Reader fan fiction) by CHAIRS824
Oh no!we're stuck!(Scp-035 x CHAIRS
So,you are a level-3 scientist testing scp- 035,while testing 035,there was a breach with scp-106,you knew that scp-106 is a very dangerous meter,but at least you had so...
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SCP-096 x Blind!Child!Reader by SarcasmQueen247
SCP-096 x Blind!Child!Readerby KateTheWeirdo
Blinded at birth, you always had trouble moving about, usually standing in place listening to every small sound. The Babysitter was out sick for who knows how long and y...
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D-Class Refuted [DISCONTINUED] by Undead_Dante
D-Class Refuted [DISCONTINUED]by Dante Of The Dead
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SCP-173 X female reader by auru12
SCP-173 X female readerby auru12
You have been selected to be tested with SCP-173. But the doors don't react to the commands and cannot close...
Scp-035 x Reader by Saintkitty
Scp-035 x Readerby R0awy
You are a 23 year old researcher at the Scp Foundation. You get bored quickly at your new job. You don't have much to do, since you have to study there for 2 months, to...
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SCP x Reader Oneshots by FanfictionFrenzyyy
SCP x Reader Oneshotsby FanfictionFrenzyyy
TRIGGER WARNING: Includes profanity, blood & guts, and (possible) mature writing. I don't know what'd you expect, it's the SCP Foundation after all. Although, read with...
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SCP x SCP Child reader by limQrui
SCP x SCP Child readerby LQR
SCP-??? (Y/N) (L/N)'s interactions with SCPs. ---------------------------------------------------------- Best awards 1. on anthology on 14/11/2019
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SCP x Reader One shots by Terebii
SCP x Reader One shotsby t to the b
how original. these are just x readers, since I'm a fan of the SCP Foundation thing. I also want to probably entertain some people out there. [yes, that's a good cause-]
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How We Met - SCP-049 x Reader by 0InternalScreaming0
How We Met - SCP-049 x Readerby Internal Screaming
You're a Class-D currently in for testing with SCP-049, things get out of hand which leads to multiple SCP's escaping. You and 049 head on to see more of the foundation...
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Requests [x] open [ ] closed Oneshots based off of the game 'SCP: Contaiment Breach' as well as the SCP database. Objects, such as SCP 500, 914 and 662, are not allowed...
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Sadistic Mind (Scp x Scp reader) by Little-Linzy
Sadistic Mind (Scp x Scp reader)by Linzy
(Ok so I just watched markipliers Scp vids and I'm like wow what have I been missing out on! So that is where this came (Y/n) is the most dangerous and dead...
SCP X Reader Oneshots  by FellSaturn
SCP X Reader Oneshots by FellSaturn
Eh, I'm bored. Why not? • • • A whole bunch of short stories about you and whatever SCP character your heart desires!
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SCP-049 x Male!Reader by narutobama
SCP-049 x Male!Readerby Finn Jackson
When you're assigned to observe one of the more notorious SCPs in the Foundation, it can seem like a challenge to make a bond. However, bonds can appear from the strange...
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jotaro x reader (ur bizarre adventure to denny's at 3am) by ImpossibleCandy
jotaro x reader (ur bizarre 4 bad
jotaro kujo takes you to a denny's at 3am you won't believe what happens next!!!!1 100% NOT CLICKBAIT 100% YOU WONT BELIEVE WHO I SAW OMG READ THIS AND FIND OUT!!!11!!!1!
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Secure. Contain. Protect | D-9341 x Reader by thatCutesyPie
Secure. Contain. Protect | ahopelessfangirl
You are a Test Subject at the SCP Foundation. You have no idea how you got there or why you are at the Foundation, and you don't even know who you once were. All you kno...
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Multiple Fandom x Reader Oneshots by Nello808
Multiple Fandom x Reader Oneshotsby NelloJello
With a select of multiple fandoms to choose, you, the reader, will be inserted into any genre. Whether it'll be angst, romance, or platonic, you're free to request whate...
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