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The Boys and Me by ihavanobsession
The Boys and Meby ihavanobsession
As she started her senior year at a new school, Alissa didn't think much could happen. The school was divided into cliques so as long as she stayed in her place, she'd b...
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Scotty Sire's little sister by vlog_squad
Scotty Sire's little sisterby vlog_squad
Hi, my name's McKenna Sire. If you haven't guessed, Scotty sire is my brother. Not only is he my brother, but he's my protective older brother. He's also a YouTuber who...
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ditto // a david dobrik fanfic by kassidy_egnor
ditto // a david dobrik fanficby ♡ kass ♡
"I know I might seem like this big, arrogant, jerk who vlogs his friends in pain for fun. But I'm not. And you are the only person who understands that, understands...
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Vlog Squad Imagines by justasmalltownbitch
Vlog Squad Imaginesby local sinner
As yall can tell, this book will be imagines for the Vlog Squad. I write smut, fluff, AU's, angst, and whatever else y'all want!
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sirens - david dobrik by acciomoon
sirens - david dobrikby acciomoon
that story where sophia's world gets turned around by the goofiest smile on the internet.
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Wingman by AnythingElseToAdd
Wingmanby c
It started out as a video idea. Wingman is an app where your friends swipe right for you, and then the person gets to chat to you. Zane and Heath find Esme for their sin...
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TFIL IMAGINES by Anothergir1
TFIL IMAGINESby Another Girl
These are some images of Tfil If you have requests they are open This includes: Sam Golbach Colby Brock Corey Scherer Elton Castee Aaron Doh Scotty Sire Brennen Taylor ...
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Loving My Captain. (A Jim Kirk Love Story) #Wattys2017 by LaceyDixon_
Loving My Captain. (A Jim Kirk LaceyDixon_
Previously called 'I Love Him, But He Doesn't Know' Love can be a complicated thing, especially when you travel through space, trying to avoid extra-terrestrial species...
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It's Called Clickbait Baby | David Dobrik by daniguitar101
It's Called Clickbait Baby | Dani
Taylor Fuller has lived in Dallas Texas her entire life. She decided to start a new life for herself in Los Angeles in her small apartment in Hollywood. What happens whe...
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forever // d.d.  by butgilinsky
forever // d.d. by lovesick
"all we see is light, for forever" -dear evan hansen
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Star Trek Reader Inserts by KobayashiMarue
Star Trek Reader Insertsby Ann
I kinda like doing these reader insert/one shot things so I thought to give this a try. Complete! For now??? I will not be doing any smut what so ever and no boyxboy or...
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Count my cards, watch them fall
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Call it What You Want by AnythingElseToAdd
Call it What You Wantby c
Lily, a sophomore college student in California who has just been dumped by her manipulative ex, is a complete wreck. She would never admit it, though, not even to herse...
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violet evergreen ☀︎ a david dobrik fanfiction by GeeGee_00
violet evergreen ☀︎ a david Gee
an exchange student, a frat party and a youtuber.
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The Beautiful Life  by KaytiKitty
The Beautiful Life by Catty Kayt B.
The only reason Brock got into the expensive, prestigious, all boys school was because he was an A+ student, with perfect records and skill at almost anything he does...
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STARSTRUCK | Jim Kirk by iamhalscy
STARSTRUCK | Jim Kirkby ˗ˏˋ anonymous ˎˊ˗
"you changed him, noah" > in which a playboy changes for the girl of his dreams [star trek reboots] [three books in one]
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Vlog Squad || -Imagines-Smut- || by boredw69
Vlog Squad || -Imagines-Smut- ||by boredw69
× Slow Updates × ||~ X reader ~|| Request scenarios ||Boys|| -David Dobrik -Scotty Sire -Toddy Smith -Zane Hijazi -Alex Ernst -Heath Hussar -Dom Zeglaitis ||Girls|| {S...
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Perfect// scotty sire  by scottXvlogsquad
Perfect// scotty sire by scottXvlogsquad
"Your a dick dobrik " Luna Davis 24 year old actress says running out of the house after scotty sire , she reveals her dark past and try's to heal from it but...
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 clueless [ T. SMITH ] by saintsmotel
clueless [ T. SMITH ]by — KYLIE
' can you guys just get the hell on with it and kiss for the vlog ? ' TODDY SMITH 'DAVIDS VLOGS'
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Falling In Love With Jim Kirk by DiverseConstellation
Falling In Love With Jim Kirkby Riley M. W.
Lieutenant Lillian "Lily" Walker grew up with Captain Jim Kirk. They've literally been best friends since birth. They attended the same schools and they...
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