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Star Trek Reader Inserts by Whovian3135
Star Trek Reader Insertsby ғᴀɴɢɪʀʟ
[COMPLETE; EDITING] Just some Star Trek reader inserts for reboot and Wesley Crusher from TNG. Nothing inappropriate included. PARTS 2 AND 3 ARE UP!! DISCLAIMER: I do...
gotham parent preference by stark1943
gotham parent preferenceby tinypeculiar
How would gotham characters be as parents?
I Can't Stop Loving You by _TheFreak_
I Can't Stop Loving Youby _TheFreak_
Book 2 of the 'I couldn't stop caring' series. DONT READ THIS IF YOU DIDNT READ BOOK 1!!!!!! (The book cover is temporary until I'm home and I can make a better one.) L...
✴TRUST✴  // Jim Kirk [2] by LadyLion63
✴TRUST✴ // Jim Kirk [2]by DeDe
Sequel to ✴GUESS✴ "Do you still trust me Eleanor?" "With my life James." Eleanor and Jim have fallen into a nice routine, life has never been better...
The Man Out of Time by CumberbatchFan
The Man Out of Timeby K. Scott
This is a Star Trek FanFiction, mostly about the movie "Star Trek: Into Darkness" Enjoy!
Star Trek Reader Inserts 2 by Whovian3135
Star Trek Reader Inserts 2by ғᴀɴɢɪʀʟ
[COMPLETED] The second book in my Star Trek Reader Inserts. All of these will be appropriate, maybe some jokes about some inappropriate things, but nothing too bad at a...
Citlali [2] by Amirathine
Citlali [2]by Amirathine
"kill me if you must, but i shall not bow to a king who wears a crown studded with jewels of every life he has ended" Published-14/7/2019 Finished-???
✴GUESS✴ // Jim Kirk [1] by LadyLion63
✴GUESS✴ // Jim Kirk [1]by DeDe
"You said you "would have been" good at Xenolinguistics." "Yes." "So you're not studying it?" "Nope." "I...
PK & Mike Oneshots by breeoc97
PK & Mike Oneshotsby 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
PK Creedon & Mike Van Reekum are a happily married couple who live in Hermosa Beach, California! PK is from Chicago while Mike is from Virginia. They met on Tinder & ins...
Klance one shots by KlancerShipper
Klance one shotsby Keith KoGayne
Hey. Yeah, you over there. You like Klance, don't you? Well, come back here in this very dark alley then. Down this hole. Yeah, down here. Welcome to hell, my little fri...
bfb one-shots by tikagalaxy
bfb one-shotsby tikagalaxy
you know the drill by now. Always taking requests!
Frosted But Not Frozen ( Star Trek Spock Romance) by JokeWasOnMe
Frosted But Not Frozen ( Star Trek...by Jokester
Jailee Kirk was a born a single child to a father's family and grew up as a wild child. She is untamed and a little crazy. But what happens when she meets Spock who is h...
Imagenes yaoi Pete x Mike by Raquele_Fox
Imagenes yaoi Pete x Mikeby Raquele_Fox
imagenes yaoi de south park de la pareja pete x mike
Light The Way (And I'll Follow) || Spirk by Lost_And_Insane
Light The Way (And I'll Follow) ||...by ××/Sαm\××
Spock had never tried it himself, but knew it was possible through stories and experiences from the Vulcan Elders, and as he moved to Kirk's side he pushed back all unce...
Life Is About More Than Just Surviving • | Clexa AU | (in editing) by givergetra
Life Is About More Than Just Survi...by givergetra
Clarke and Lexa meet in another world in an unexpected way. They're just trying to survive, but soon they'll come to realize life is about more than just surviving. Igno...
To Serve a Vulcan by Dragon-slayer343
To Serve a Vulcanby Dragon-slayer343
Asil, a Dvinsu who left Vulcan when she was young and met James Kirk, joins starfleet and ends up aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Where she meets Spock, and ends up going...
I AM JIM - Spock/Kirk Story by mateapejic17
I AM JIM - Spock/Kirk Storyby Matea Pejic
Her father died at the day of her birth, her mother left her, her brother left, she was sent to Tarsus where she experienced the worst trauma of her life and now she has...
A Relentless Pursuit (Star Trek: Jim Kirk/OC) by WaterFire22
A Relentless Pursuit (Star Trek: J...by WaterFire22
Being the daughter of Christopher Pike brings with it a certain expectation. At least thats what Farrah finds out when she joins the academy. But during the break she an...
Infra-Red (South Park Pike fanfiction) by _Makowski_
Infra-Red (South Park Pike fanfict...by Makowski
Mike Makowski and Pete Thelman had never crossed paths until now. The goth had never believed in vampires, thinking they were just made up monsters by conformists, yet M...
Loving Him by inspiredcoffeelover
Loving Himby Kat
WARNING: SET AFTER SEASON SIX. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN SEASON SIX. THIS IS A CLEAR WARNING! What if Lisbon had left for DC and married Pike? What if he'd cheate...