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Darts  by Trash_Train
Darts by Trash_Train
One, no two intruders A sea of soldiers facing off between a wounded and drugged paladin. One dart should have been all it took. But he absorbed many more. Such power hi...
The twelfth hour by I-am-tardis-locked
The twelfth hourby I-am-tardis-locked
The doctor has been missing for 6 weeks when he reappears at Clara's door she is surprised to see the state he is in, bloodstained and battered. Soon she finds out missy...
Saving Max |A Dadvid Fanfiction|(DISCONTINUED) by __a_fryingPAN__
Saving Max |A Dadvid Fanfiction|( __a-frying-PAN__
This is the last week day at Camp Campbell and max is dreading the week to be over. When his parents show up early and they find out what's happened at home, what will t...
? by Chris1sbetterthanyou
?by Chris/tayler
save him. ...
Amidst Time {Naruto and Hunter x Hunter Crossover} by panda7861
Amidst Time {Naruto and Hunter x panda7861
To say Kakashi was confused would be an understatement. Because he was, in actuality, bewildered beyond belief at the very thought at what could have possibly gone wrong...
No Longer by EveFarron
No Longerby EveFarron
. I'm No Longer wordless . No Longer is a book in wich i'll write about a different topic in each chapter All the chapters will start with the name "No Longer"...
Everyone has gone by Ameliaculley04
Everyone has goneby Amelia Culley
A girl travels to find her dad unaware he is not there ... read to find out why
Started with a Lie by HazzaMastaHoranJames
Started with a Lieby HazzaMastaHoranJames
"Come on, Chelsea. You don't have a boy friend." Grey said causing everyone to laugh. "I have." I said not thinking. "It's Niall Horan. He loves...
Rouge Spider (evil! Peter AU) by InstantGayness
Rouge Spider (evil! Peter AU)by •☆♡ᎪᏟ♡☆•
An AU were Spiderman is 'evil' he kills people for a living, he's a bully in school and hates everyone The Avengers are trying to figure out why, and is trying to get hi...
In Memory of: SetoSorcerer by Puffleluver14950
In Memory of: SetoSorcererby CURRENTLY ON HIATUS
This is a book where we can remember the One we used to know. The One who couldn't take the hate. The YouTuber who left for good... SetoSorcerer. (This is me ranting abo...
Can He Really Save Me (puppyshipping) by Luvefanfic
Can He Really Save Me ( Luvefanfic
Joey has everything going against him. Seto finds joeys diary/ reading homework. Can Seto actually stop joey pain.
mad king by BreannaLashea
mad kingby b 🫧
three boys, two sons, one true king ezekiel. envy. niklaus. hatred. kaden. power. highest rankings #9 in savehim
Sameuellis by angsty-galaxies
Sameuellisby Chris Kaje
Dani Uspensky, a 19 year old girl, moves to America for college. While she's in college, she meets a boy named Chris Moreau and becomes close friends with her Fine arts...
The blind guide by Jaylynn873
The blind guideby
A blind tour guide decides to show off his skills to his students and it ends in horrible shambles
Io Sulle Tue Tracce.|| Red hair for my friend by Benedettaresta
Io Sulle Tue Tracce.|| Red hair Benedettaresta
-Siamo solo amici!! Smettila, lo sai cosa intendo... non parlarne più, okay? -Serve di più per convincermi, cara, almeno prova a dirlo con più convinzione! -Non si tratt...
|Save HIM| by KandieSorcerer
|Save HIM|by sasu
What happens when we die?...We forget everything.Everything.Even you?Yes.Even me.But I don't want to die!Just remember,never forget.Our past.As our lives could be seized...
We've Seen You Before by MusicalSithPizza10
We've Seen You Beforeby "But Not to Me."
Esselle Marie Reddings grew up at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She loved every bit of it, but mainly Foxy. She found him in a closet in Parts and Service and befriended him...
If I died by therealhanji
If I diedby Hanji
um this is a demon slayer thing that if tanjro one mission died