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The True Princess Serenity (DISCONTINUED) by SouthernFlowerQueenK
The True Princess Serenity ( Southern Flower Queen Kay
Everyone knows the Silver Millennium Romeo & Juliet story of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, now Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. But what if the Silver Millennium Ro...
Crystal of the Heart by Ashe_Hime
Crystal of the Heartby Synclaire Battle
Lately Mamoru Chiba has been plagued with nightmares, where the image of a beautiful woman beckons to him. Calling him to her side,but somehow she seems vaguely familiar...
Order Begins: From Chaos to Order by WinterMoonKit
Order Begins: From Chaos to Orderby Bonita Rivera
Book One in the Order Series Book Series Two of Three in the Primal Series Set Prima was enjoying her life, when it was taken from her violently, but she was given anoth...
A Destroyer's Harem by justsaiyan01
A Destroyer's Haremby justsaiyan01
Goku wasn't a regular Saiyan by any means. Having more skills, knowledge, experience, eternal youth, and being fused with an all-powerful wish-granting dragon to top it...
True Reawakening: Legendary Male Saiyan Reader x Mass Crossover Harem by shadowenclave47
True Reawakening: Legendary Male Shadowenclave47
In the middle of the night a space pod unexpectedly lands on Earth. Within the pod lies a newborn Saiyan baby, who was soon discovered and adopted by the Principal of St...
Flight || Haruka Tenoh by SkylarIte
Flight || Haruka Tenohby Skylar
!!Read: This is not a copy! I had too many rough drafts and closed my account and made a new one! This is not copying xxCherryBlxssomxx's work! You can ask DarkSailorMoo...
Sailor Moon: Black Sun (Harem X Male Reader) by Huyhuynh406
Sailor Moon: Black Sun (Harem X Hhuynh24
(Y/N): "Henshin!!!!!" ???: "Henshin." (Y/N) (L/N) was the first Century King who called himself is Black Sun and his best friend Alex the second Cent...
Betrayed {HAITUS} by crystalmoon105
Betrayed {HAITUS}by crystalmoon105
Usagi Tsukino is betrayed by everyone she loves. She must now look for a new future where she knows she can be happy. On the way she will find new friends and her true s...
Twilight Angel by WitchyandPoetic
Twilight Angelby Jennifer Salinas
After the battle with Chaos, Adachi Sakura, aka, Sailor Night, is the sole survivor. She is now in possession of all of the Sailor Crystals, the Silver Millennium Crysta...
A Sailor Moon Fanfiction: The Pledge of the Sun. by Dragomaster312
A Sailor Moon Fanfiction: The Dragomaster312
Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family. A sailor moon fanfic with a special twist in it. I do not own Sailor Moon or it's characters. My OC known as Harusuke...
The Transcendent Sky by chu1luc
The Transcendent Skyby flufluv3421
After her father "became a star," it became a miserable week for Tsuna. She felt like something is wrong with her head and is getting teased by other kindergar...
Changed for good {A Sailor Moon fanfiction} - DISCONTINUED by park_moon_chan
Changed for good {A Sailor Moon Park Moon Chan
When Usagi knows what her friends really think about her, how she's a crybaby and she doesn't deserve to be Sailor Moon so then she decides to change herself for the bet...
Construir em Sailor Moon (for adoption) by Ryuuki99
Construir em Sailor Moon (for kamen rider spark
I've never seen sailor moon, so the adventures you're going to see don't come from the anime, I made it myself, if you don't like it, I ask you to leave.
Reincarnated as Usagi?! by MysticRaven0
Reincarnated as Usagi?!by Raven Pan
A Sailor Moon Fanfiction Aria is your typical teenage girl who died suddenly and is now living her life as another girl in a completely different world. When Aria died...
The Wish on the Moon (Yandere!Tuxedo Mask x Reader) by CopperKnightess
The Wish on the Moon (Yandere! CopperKnightess
You've been seeing a strange character around campus. The encounters aren't lengthy, but as time goes on they've become more frequent. Who is he?
The Tale of the Girl and the Cat(A Sailor Moon x Miraculous Story) by Pokegirl0629
The Tale of the Girl and the Cat( Neolia-Chan
Crisis in Paris! Ladybug disappears and strange enemies arrive. Also, there's a new girl in Adrien's class. And what's more? A strange hero begins fighting evil with...
The Lost Princess ( Tuxedo Mask x oc) Sailor Moon Crystal  by Always_skase
The Lost Princess ( Tuxedo Mask 💜💙Lydia Chan 🧡❤️
Serena is Usagi's older twin sister who goes to the same school as her. She has higher grades than Usagi and she is the legendary guardian who is known as Sailor Star. W...
Dark! Genderbend Anime World by FloatyFlowers
Dark! Genderbend Anime Worldby FloatyFlowers
What happens when you get the ability to transport to...the genderbend version of the anime world? (Genderbend! Anime Characters x Reader) (Don't own pictures)
Wish Upon A Star by Enamis
Wish Upon A Starby Enamis
Who would have thought that a simple wish upon a star would put me in such a mess ? I was you average student girl, until I was not. Being transported into an anime worl...
Aliens, Gods And Girls!: OP! Omnitrix Wearing! OC X Massive Harem by JackDroid
Aliens, Gods And Girls!: OP! HaremMasterJack
When the Wearer of the Omnitrix Jackson Moonshade moves from Seaddle to Canterlot he brings all of his enemies with him and he begins to meet all sorts of girls Begins w...