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As Old as time, second part by CoolCat3646
As Old as time, second partby Cool Cat :3
What would happen if Harry Potter had a brother and he is the boy who lived ? What if he had already had 22 lives and he remembers them all? Travel through time as he g...
F1 GROUPCHAT by jordanparrishsgf
F1 GROUPCHATby your fav ginger 😉
There needs to be more of these (also if you're reading this, i really appreciate comments! an interactive audience means i've done something right!) -maggie
12 Years [Fairy Tail Fanfic]  ✔ by Hinata36
12 Years [Fairy Tail Fanfic] ✔by Hinata Lion
12 whole years. 12 whole freaking years. That's how long fairy tail's gone. That's how long Lucy and Happy was in their own world. For years, Happy and Lucy have trai...
Spider-Man OneShots by SnowMione18
Spider-Man OneShotsby Ravenclaw Princess
Just a wonderful group of Oneshots that I wrote. Please enjoy these beautiful moments between our favorite Irondad and Spiderson, which will also include the whole ironf...
(Editing)A Pirate's Promise by oizys3
(Editing)A Pirate's Promiseby DAI
"In a world of pirates, Boa Hancock, carrying the child of Monkey D. Luffy, embarks on a journey with her crew. The story unfolds, revealing the strength of love, l...
◁Changing Schools▷ by Nyo_Nya_Chan
◁Changing Schools▷by Hinataaaaaaa~
Hinata shouyou ball of sunshine one day he left his school not giving his team any reason.. What will happen? Where will he go? Will his team find him? Read to find out~...
Izuku the Revival of the Sin of Wrath: Rewrite by Joshua065538
Izuku the Revival of the Sin of Wr...by Joshua
Now for people who didn't see the original one. Izuku Midoriya, A seemingly 'quirkless' boy born in a world where roughly 80% of the global population was born with a Su...
NOCO ONESHOTS!! by Whosupforpancakes
Just Noco oneshots, angst, fluff, maybe smut, and maybe some other ships too
Hinata's 'little' Secret by Obviouslynotanalien
Hinata's 'little' Secretby Obviouslynotanalien
UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! PLEASE READ THE UPDATE CHAPTERS FOR MORE INFO!! (This is a Yuri!!! On Ice and Haikyuu!! crossover) ~~~ Ever since Karasuno lost to Aoba Johsai, Hin...
My Pregnant Teme  by bl_obsesser_maiden1
My Pregnant Teme by Bl_obesser_💕
Just want to let you guys know am not good at English because where I live we don't fully use English we change some of the words and spelling so it sounds kind of 𝚍𝚒�...
My Only Sarang by taekook__lover9597
My Only Sarangby An_Chu
boy x girl💜 taekook, Yoonmin, namjin, hopey/n and other ships and created....
Arts and Crafts | Errorink / Errink by _Yumikokun_
Arts and Crafts | Errorink / Errinkby -ˏˋ. 𝚈𝚞𝚖𝚒 ˊˎ-
。゚•┈୨♡୧┈• 。゚ Ink, a budding artist enrolled at Universal College, grapples with crippling fear that impedes his progress and stifles his potential. As he stands on the p...
my best friend..... by jeonkimsiya
my best friend.....by taekoo'siya💗
in which kim Taehyung and Jeon jungkook ,a very close friends which can one misunderstand as couple, their cute relationship with cute interaction.....
zutara: life by zutaraandreylofan123
zutara: lifeby violet_evergarden🦾✨
what if katara was adopted as a baby and the person that adopted her was iroh. what if katara knew she had a brother and was in contact with him? what if her, zuko and a...
"The New Experiment" [Experimented Bakugou] [MHA/BNHA] by akirawannabe
"The New Experiment" [Experimented...by Me
"There have been children going missing lately...The children reported to be missing are most commonly from the ages 4 to 10. We want to inform parents to keep a cl...
𝕷𝖔𝖛𝖊 𝖄𝖔𝖚  by ShownToBeFake
𝕷𝖔𝖛𝖊 𝖄𝖔𝖚 by Shieda
This is my second fanfic story and this would be a College AU! So bear/bare with me and my grammars! My OC would be added again lol. If your worried about the story that...
Ninjago Reacts To Ships! ( Complete With 23 Ships) by ABookGirl31
Ninjago Reacts To Ships! ( Complet...by ABookGirl31
Hi. Also some ships you may not support may be here. Just skip the section or something. This is my opioion how they actual ninja (and others) would react. Sorry if ther...
broken heart-strings (seer x embalmer, +more ships apparently) by euphoriaisdead
broken heart-strings (seer x embal...by FUCK FUCK
The seer doesn't know what that strange feeling in his chest is. It feels like a hunter is approaching, but he's enjoying it. Something must be wrong, right? start date:...
angel horns ; norenmin [ ✓ ] by minwoos
angel horns ; norenmin [ ✓ ]by 𝐥𝐞 📂
jaemin hates his life, to be blunt. until a demon named jeno and an angel named renjun end up spicing it up a little. started ; august 13th, 2021 ended ; october 9th, 20...
Exposed by ajash10
Exposedby ajash10
Stiles was laying in his bed, thinking about his Newtie, while he tossed a soft ball in the air. He caught it in his hand, staring at the ceiling, "I miss you Newti...