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HighSchool DxD: The Omni God Prince Rises by alex_uzi14
HighSchool DxD: The Omni God Princ...by alex_uzi14
When the Omni god king and queen Have a Child and he meets the Devil's, the Fallen angels, the Angels. At how will they React when they meet the son of the most powerful...
  • akeno
  • kuroka
  • grayfia
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Getting Back Together by shyhen
Getting Back Togetherby shyen
Sequel of Be My Man.
  • althea
  • mio
  • shyhen
Issei sucubo en entrenamiento by Jaianime37
Issei sucubo en entrenamientoby Jaia anime37
este es un crossover del manga mida love les dejare un link del manga en las aclaraciones para aquellos que no conoscan el manga lean no sean flojos ni high school dxd...
  • shintmainotestament
  • rias
  • yuri
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Long Way From The Bass (A K-On! x Female! Reader Fanfiction) by Miki_jr1
Long Way From The Bass (A K-On! x...by Miki jr
Welcome to Private Sakuragaoka Girl's High School. You, the one that is reading this, will travel during the three years of high school with the Light Music Club to disc...
  • mio
  • k-on
  • azusa
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Frases Y Cartas 😍💜 by itzeliebs1994
Frases Y Cartas 😍💜by Itzel Montserrat Manzo Texcoc...
pues esta historia si se puede llamar a si son mas que nada frases y cosas que escribo cuando estoy aburrida espero les súper guste
  • desamor
  • mio
  • cartas
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dibujos random by Soyluna23forever
dibujos randomby meglodi jsr
pues lo que dice el titulo no hay tanto que decir de esto todos los dibujos 100% míos pd: dibujito todo rancio de portada
  • dibujo
  • dibujorancio
  • mio
Mine-Vkook by yoonmin199
Mine-Vkookby TATA
/Una linda pareja con problemas pero nada que no tenga solucion/ CAPITULOS TOTALES: 20 + 2EXTRAS PAREJAS PRINCIPALES: VKOOK NAMJIN YOONMIN OMEGAVERSE:)
  • coreanos
  • omegaverse
  • hola
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Imágenes de Dororo y Hyakkimaru :3 <3 by Hayamichan33
Imágenes de Dororo y Hyakkimaru :3...by Hayamichan:3
Como lo dice el titulo, imágenes lindas, tiernas , tristes :''v e interesantes de esta maravillosa serie que ha destacado por mucho el 2019. Si no te la has visto , te l...
  • hyakkimaru
  • sobrenatural
  • mio
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Come back by sentaicouples05
Come backby sentaicouples05
After 6 years of hiding from him, she finally decided to comeback. Unlikely to expect the news, he already had a new girlfriend. What will she do? Will they forget the p...
  • hikari
  • right
  • love
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Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita/Confesssion Executive Committee/Honeyworks Roleplay by FlutterDashFan18
Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita/Confes...by km mk
This is a roleplay of Honeyworks. This is linked to the movie Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita.
  • natsuki
  • honeycrew
  • confessionexecutivecommittee
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Jealousy by ren-ryuki
Jealousyby Yuju’s girlfriend
Mio x ritsu..jealous mio x ritsu! Read it if you like this pairing
  • yui
  • mugi
  • asuza
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Feelings of a not so lonely Heart by Fancy_Dreamer23
Feelings of a not so lonely Heartby Malle
|Sentimientos de un corazón no tan solitario|
  • mio
  • real
  • no-ficción
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[HIATUS] Devil's Curse (Highschool DXD x Male Reader x Sister New Devil) by JamesDevilVolk6
[HIATUS] Devil's Curse (Highschool...by James Cooper
Yuki & Kurumi were recently ordered to investigate Kuoh Town, as every Hero sent there has not been seen since. The sisters ask for your help, and you agree to it. Y/N T...
  • raynare
  • asia
  • fanfiction
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Strike Witches x Male Reader by I_Suck_at_writing637
Strike Witches x Male Readerby I_Suck_at_writing637
You where playing Ace Combat 7 when a portal opened up and you fell through.
  • mio
  • minna
  • acecombat
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"Girl Power."   A Fem! Hyakkimaru Story by LunaxThexNight
"Girl Power." A Fem! Hyakkimaru...by Luna
Guess who's been watching the 2019 anime series Dororo?!? THIS GIRL!!....I'm a disgrace..really should be work on my others books..but I JUST NEED MORE GIRL POWER IN THI...
  • demons
  • hyakkimaru
  • genderbender
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Curiosità su Sigh.tanc  by titta_capuozzi
Curiosità su Sigh.tanc by titta_capuozzi
Vi parlerò e scriverò tutte le curiosità su Tancredi Galli
  • sightanc
  • mio
  • life
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Adoptada por los mandamientos by RemSamaDesu
Adoptada por los mandamientosby RemSama~™
Una pequeña niña, corría por un bosque perseguida por dos grandes monstruos, Pero no sabia que 9 personas bueno no tanto la estaban observando.
  • no
  • mio
  • xd
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The Bracelet (Ritsu x Mio) by CottonCandySoda
The Bracelet (Ritsu x Mio)by Anna-Kun
Ritsu feels bad for making fun of Mio's plethora of fears and decides to purchase a bracelet for her that supposedly removes evil trouble-causing spirits from its wearer...
  • mio
  • girl
  • yuri
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Andres by EmilyGreys23
Andresby .0Lily Berti
Algún día vas a conocer a Andres... En este "libro" te voy a contar un par de experiencias y consejos que aprendí con el tiempo
  • andres
  • dios
  • mio
Hyakkimaru and Mio fluff by GingerSnapCam
Hyakkimaru and Mio fluffby GingerSnapCam
Basically just fluff with these two! This is me saying, 'heka off Mio ain't dead.' I hope you guys enjoy UwU Request open!!!!
  • dororo
  • mio
  • fluff
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