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When Ichigo shows no interest to Shinji's lures of joining the Vizard, the group of ex-Shinigami end up taking to slightly extreme measures. Ichigo is now being held aga...
Black Sun and White Moon (An IchiRukia Fanfic) by KuchikiIchigo
Black Sun and White Moon (An IchiR...by IchiRukiaForever
Ichigo and Rukia have always had feelings for eachother but were never quite able to let blossom until now. This goes out to all of us Bleach fans who deserved a better...
Glow by RukiaMaka
Glowby Chloe Waters
Ichigo and Rukia finally fall in love and get married and start a family ichiruki and ishihime. Sorry I'm bad a summaries. Disclaimer: I do not own Bleac...
Being with You by ErzaKurosaki
Being with Youby Erza-Chan
Rukia and Ichigo have known each other for so long, but their true feelings for each other are just beginning to blossom! Follow the events that occur in their funny re...
Bleach Doujinshi/Comics by enyahsft
Bleach Doujinshi/Comicsby Shayne Essex
Assorted Bleach comics and doujins that have been translated into English. As a warning, most of these will probably be Ichiruki comics, with other pairings in the back...
Death & The Strawberry [Currently Being Edited] by Ichigo015
Death & The Strawberry [Currently...by Destiny Boothe
Ichigo feels like he has lost part of himself since Rukia has been gone. After the appearance of a frightening Hollow, and Ichigo's utter defeat, what fate may befall hi...
ichiruki 2 shots by Kuchiki_sakura
ichiruki 2 shotsby Kawarana Rou
this is my first fanfic enjoy
Stay by tsunderetrash
Stayby plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ʞɔnɟ ♥
My imagination is really big, and so will be this story.
When the Moon Shines With the Sun by writing_regen
When the Moon Shines With the Sunby Regen
Ichiruki one shots with mixed angst and fluff, requests up!
Reunions [Bleach fanfiction] by CoordinatorIza
Reunions [Bleach fanfiction]by Iza
I know this isn't really a prompt for IchiRuki week (Dec. 7th-14th) but when I started thinking about it I came up with the idea to explore the times when Ichigo and Ruk...
Right To My Heart (IchiRuki oneshots) by Chappyluver
Right To My Heart (IchiRuki onesho...by Chappyluver♥
Hey there! I am a big IchiRuki fan so here is a collection of IchiRuki oneshots. A few will be written by me to and for the rest REQUESTS ARE OPEN feel free message me a...
The Battle With a New Enemy and Event by bigreader546
The Battle With a New Enemy and Ev...by bigreader546
What happens after Hichigo attacks Karin. Written in Karin and Toshiro's P.O.V. There are also a couple of other POVs in there. See who's mind I also get into. #Toshiro...
The Beginning of a New Family by bigreader546
The Beginning of a New Familyby bigreader546
What will happen when Toshiro's and my daughter finally comes into the world. Will this be the happily ever after that we all expected? Will some enemies have some other...
Ulquiorra returns by LoveNeverDies13
Ulquiorra returnsby LoveNeverDies13
"I'm longing to be with Ulquiorra again. What is wrong with me? When I was there with him, all I wanted was to get away from Hueco Mundo and back home where I belon...
EYE-CATCHER by KurosakiRukia
EYE-CATCHERby Rukia Kuchiki Kurosaki
[Toshiro Hitsugaya x reader] It is prohibited for shinigamis to fall inlove with a human. That's why it became a huge problem for the 10th division Captain(Toshiro Hitsu...
Our Promise Of Eternity by angelhalad
Our Promise Of Eternityby Seong29
Ichigo is living a normail life until the queen of all vampires appears out of nowhere telling him he made a promise to her. A promise he can't remember since he was nin...
Bleach: Rukia x Ichigo by xPinkBear1
Bleach: Rukia x Ichigoby xPinkBear1
Ichigo and Rukia are good friends but Ichigo is dating Senna. Rukia is ok with it but sometimes she feels jealous that ichigo can be so nice to another girl. Ichigo thin...
Antología de amores eternos. by lovetamaki1
Antología de amores eternos.by lovetamaki1
Colección de leyendas sobre dos almas que juraron amarse hasta la eternidad. Porque cuando el amor es verdadero, ni la muerte puede vencerlo.
Mages and Shinigamis by xPinkBear1
Mages and Shinigamisby xPinkBear1
This is a Fairy Tail and Bleach crossover. Wendy travels to Karakou with Carla to experience what it's like to in a place that's normal. Little did she know, Karakou, Ja...