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Roman reigns 👑👑👑👑 x dream x spirit 🐎🐎🐎 smut ;) by catpissyummy
Roman reigns 👑👑👑👑 x dream x catpissyummy
Super spicy extravagant fanfic about the bust throuple in history......they'll go through ups and downs but will they end up together in the end??????!!! Read to find ou...
Pet Girl Slave School by jesus0nt0p
Pet Girl Slave Schoolby idk_?!-
Each sex slave is assigned to a master at The Slave School. Makima is assigned to Akira to fulfill all his sexual needs and serve as his pet.
Spiders Crawling by TIRED_POTATO_
Spiders Crawlingby Potato Pirate
"We welcome you Queen Juliana as both a ruler and our mate." (Updates every Sunday and Wednesday)
Degrade me. by Sabrina625209
Degrade Rin Rin
Just a little something something for you darling (These are made by other people on discord and such :3 let me know if I should add more)
Dominate me Alpha by flyingpingsfan
Dominate me Alphaby BDSM who?
This is about a boy who is just getting into the life of BDSM. The boy finds someone yo help him with figureing things out, little does he know this man will end up domi...
Drunk as fuck by casscasspusspuss
Drunk as fuckby casscasspusspuss
Hi! So this is my first fanfiction and first of all, I have to say that English isn't my first language 🚬🌚. This lil fanfiction is based on my day-deaming thoughts at...
Golden State of Affairs  by kinkyvenusianlove
Golden State of Affairs by kinkyvenusianlove
You never truly know someone until they let you. living with them only reveals the half of it. Once they let you in, you might find out their dirty wet secrets. Mihkayla...
The Gentle touch  by Zeusesgarden
The Gentle touch by Zeusesgarden
When Kai is given a opportunity to work at the upmost high end restaurant. where many people of wealth, Who's shoes can easily cost more then the average persons yearly...
𝙏 𝙝 𝙤 𝙪 𝙜 𝙝 𝙩 𝙨  - 𝙆𝙪𝙧𝙤𝙤 𝙭 𝙔/𝙉 by calculative_error888
𝙏 𝙝 𝙤 𝙪 𝙜 𝙝 𝙩 𝙨 - 𝙆𝙪𝙧� calculative_error888
It's so tiring having to work so many hours late into the night, but when you have a teasing boss right under your desk, ig it makes it a bit more bearable.... (PAHAHAH...
Biden x Justin Bieber (18+🔞) by LovelyBussyShart
Biden x Justin Bieber (18+🔞)by CAM<3
Biden falls in love with singer Justin Bieber. He wants to confess his to love to him but doesn't know how to tell him.
What the Kink?! by kinky_ghost
What the Kink?!by Ghosty
The world of kink and BDSM is absolutely fascinating! However, it can be really confusing for beginners. This book is designed to teach beginners the basics of BDSM and...
The "Incident" (🍋 & 🧸 ) by aizawazslvt
The "Incident" (🍋 & 🧸 )by Kimberly⭐
Multiple Parts? ( 🍋 = Smutt ) ( 🧸 = Fluff. ) {Warnings: ·Swearing ·Cringe ·Sexual Fantasys ·R@p3 ·Kinks (ALOT) Including-: -Hair Pulling -Choking -Slaping -Dominate...
Hiari is fascinated by the very concept of BDSM. Entranced by the mere thought of it, she finds support in her friend Shiro, who is a Dom himself, and her sole connectio...
My Mafia Life by lxlychu
My Mafia Lifeby lxlychu
Lena is just a girl that happens to have a LOT of things happen to her- some good, some not so good. [Author note: She goes through a lot of shit.] Maybe, just maybe, he...
challenge/dare/punishment by horny_sub
challenge/dare/punishmentby Gummi
You could give me dares/challenges through comments or pms. Leave a punishment with it Incase I fail. They all have to be confined to my room. Nothing public. And I woul...