Hump and Dump by xThePineappleGirlx
Hump and Dumpby Laylaa K
❝They say all good boys go to Heaven, but bad boys bring Heaven to you.❞ Max Holland is infamous for the horrible game he plays with girls, known as Hump and Dump. Jul...
  • max
  • bad
  • wattys2018
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Found "The One" (Zach Herron)✔️ by colorchange
Found "The One" (Zach Herron)✔️by Julia 🌼
I run down the hallway as fast as I can but I end up dropping my binders on the floor. Oops clumsy me..... again I get all my things back in place. I stand up but I end...
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Jerika high school by melisak2004
Jerika high schoolby Mkilinc2004_2
Jake is Erikas bully cause she a nerd but Erika is a model and is rich but no one knew apart from one person. Will it come out? Will they be together? Or Jake will be he...
  • highschool
  • made
  • jerika
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In My Life by PauliePie
In My Lifeby PauliePie
Time had never sped up more in life until he found his mother again; everything became a blur. Things changed. Some more drastically than others. Him. *** ~Completed~
  • completed
  • liverpool
  • thequarrymen
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Wanted: Mommy for hire by Lady_LightAmethyst
Wanted: Mommy for hireby Ayrivene De Guzman Uy
NO SOFT COPIES | NO COMPILATION | NO TO PLAGIARISM Written by: Ayriveneuy De Guyzman Uy ( Lady_LightAmethyst ) Started : Nov, 17 2015 ...
  • julia
  • eziekel
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Z-Day by JuliaTeng555
Z-Dayby JuliaTeng555
It was an average day in Japan. The Inazuma Japan were busy training for their next match. Nothing seemed wrong at first. But as time passes and things happened, they no...
  • shirou
  • eleven
  • fanfiction
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Ma vie avec des vampires... | 1D | FR | ✔️ by KrystelOuellet
Ma vie avec des vampires... | 1D |...by Krystel's Stories
  • julia
  • zayn
  • wattys2016
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Una New Entry -Julia- by roblofail17
Una New Entry -Julia-by Jigodotagoka
Su Namek si sta combattendo la battaglia contro Freezer,ma un nuovo arrivo segnerà la battaglia. Sarà un alleato o un nemico?
  • goku
  • newsayan
  • julia
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Bad Boys in Love (BTS) by theylovetatis
Bad Boys in Love (BTS)by Tatiana
7 hot boy, 7 nerds... What happens when they fall for each other? Will these boys leave the world of popularity for these nerds? If they do how will they win they're hea...
  • julia
  • eliza
  • fanfiction
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THE CONTRACT (jibea)  by MsAxyle
THE CONTRACT (jibea) by Mystic
"I will protect you"
  • bea
  • fate
  • julia
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Gateway to Obsession (Yandere Various Hellraiser X Reader) by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Gateway to Obsession (Yandere Vari...by EPICNESSQUEEN21
(Name) (Last Name) is the daughter of Julia, after her mother remarried she grew up with them. But it was not easy for her. Of course she was unaware of the problems. He...
  • julia
  • yanderepinhead
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The forgotten weasley by VampetteIsNotOnFire
The forgotten weasleyby Hazza
Julia Weasley was raised by her loving family. She was loved and adored by her brothers and sister. Her twin brother Ron loved her even though he didn't show it much. Sh...
  • hermione
  • slytherin
  • albusdumbledore
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real love // j.p.m by ilovemusic022
real love // j.p.mby brackets
After John Lennon's assassination, Paul becomes depressed and lonely, until Julia comes into his life, saving him.
  • fiction
  • wattys2018
  • beatlemania
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Never trust anyone  by OlimjonovaDildora
Never trust anyone by Julia
Dear friends, I need your advice, this book is not story or anything else, it is question for you, I'm searching the answers to my all questions... Please read this boo...
  • evan
  • adam
  • julia
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Lucia vs Navia by Fairy_Friess
Lucia vs Naviaby N•avia
Lucia vs Navia
  • happy
  • lucia
  • yuri
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DONE || ReTo by zulla_xx
DONE || ReToby Suzie McVey
{ Dziesięć minut do pociągu, no zdążę. Mam nadzieję... Moja siostra nie dawała za wygraną i za wszelką cenę chciała mnie zatrzymać. Studia w Krakowie to moje marzenie, a...
  • black
  • ff
  • badboy
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My Un-arranged Love (Sequel to My Arranged Marriage) by _TeachMeHowToWrite_
My Un-arranged Love (Sequel to My...by _TeachMeHowToWrite_
Sequel to My Arranged Marriage Join Sophia Martins as she goes back to Vesria for two weeks as a favor to Tony and Emily who are on their honeymoon. Throughout the two...
  • two
  • love
  • vesria
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Your Universe by MissSerendipity18
Your Universeby LittleMissSunshine
A MarNigo fan fiction. Two young souls, from two different worlds. When everything seems to fall apart, music will bring them together. This is made out of my love for M...
  • music
  • inigopascual
  • julia
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A Psycho In Love by FairyGirl-Simi
A Psycho In Loveby FairyGirl-Simi
When Julia met Hunter, her whole life changed. She had fallen in love, very far in love. She's determined to be with him, no matter the cost. She's willing to hurt anyon...
  • quakeroats
  • hunterxjulia
  • yandere
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Who I Am by Actual_Trash04
Who I Amby Actual_Trash04
The world may know who Julia Trojan is, but she sure doesn't. Julia thought her life was picture perfect, but now she's not so sure. The past is coming back to haunt her...
  • musical
  • sequel
  • bandstand
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