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PAGI by rmarey1161
PAGIby ~Rysh~
(baca + vote!) Bicara soal cinta, rasanya tak akan ada habisnya. Meski begitu, percayalah, aku lelah membicarakanya. Tapi untukmu, aku ingin selalu menjadi pagi. Agar k...
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Just The Two Of Us        <Sweet Pea FF> by jkathif
Just The Two Of Us by jkathif
Julia Monroe, a foster Child, moves to Riverdale and falls in love with a serpent. Can he discover what she hides behind her smile? Can they hold a relation besides the...
  • archieandrews
  • kjapa
  • jughead
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FF ASDS-Ein Leben nur mit Geheimnissen by Cocolala06
FF ASDS-Ein Leben nur mit Geheimni...by Coco
Hi. Mal wieder einen neue FF von mir.
  • polizei
  • medi
  • ärzte
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alight | an Arrow fan fiction by moncherarmour
alight | an Arrow fan fictionby Belle
#7 in #OliverQueen - December 11th 2018 #843 in Fanfiction - October 24th 2017 OLIVER QUEEN, residing Starling City's most eligible bachelor and heartbreaker, has miracu...
  • roypalmer
  • oliver
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Jerika high school by melisak2004
Jerika high schoolby Mkilinc2004_2
Jake is Erikas bully cause she a nerd but Erika is a model and is rich but no one knew apart from one person. Will it come out? Will they be together? Or Jake will be he...
  • nathan
  • team10
  • ericacostell
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ASDS-Pferd vs Tod by Cocolala06
ASDS-Pferd vs Todby Coco
Lest einfach mal rein. Würde mich freuen. 😉
  • asds
  • herzfehler
  • tod
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sarcastically | hs [COMPLETED] by niallyr
sarcastically | hs [COMPLETED]by n i c
Julia: This account is no longer active. Harry: Julia Julia: This account is no linger active. Harry: ha typo Julia: damn Julia: OMG WHOEVER YOU ARE YOU HAVE THE WEO...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • harrystyles
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You Changed Me (Kathniel fanfic) [COMPLETE] by shapy_x
You Changed Me (Kathniel fanfic) [...by PrincessUnique
Now, tell me. Did it work?? Did you changed?? -Kathryn At first, I REALLY DONT CARE. But now, why did I changed? -Daniel
  • kathryn
  • parking5
  • daniel
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Z-Day by JuliaTeng555
Z-Dayby JuliaTeng555
It was an average day in Japan. The Inazuma Japan were busy training for their next match. Nothing seemed wrong at first. But as time passes and things happened, they no...
  • horror
  • kazemaru
  • gore
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MY WORLD. → steve harrington by w-w-wolfhard
MY WORLD. → steve harringtonby cassidy !!
❝ YOU'RE AN IDIOT, STEVE HARRINGTON ❞ ❝ AND YOU'RE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, JULIA OWENS ❞ + in which steve harrington begins to fall for julia owens: one of hawkin's...
  • milliebobbybrown
  • julia
  • 80s
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Found "The One" (Zach Herron)✔️ by colorchange
Found "The One" (Zach Herron)✔️by Julia ☆
I run down the hallway as fast as I can but I end up dropping my binders on the floor. Oops clumsy me..... again I get all my things back in place. I stand up but I end...
  • completed
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The forgotten weasley by VampetteIsNotOnFire
The forgotten weasleyby Hazza
Julia Weasley was raised by her loving family. She was loved and adored by her brothers and sister. Her twin brother Ron loved her even though he didn't show it much. Sh...
  • love
  • gryffindor
  • malfoy
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My Un-arranged Love (Sequel to My Arranged Marriage) by _TeachMeHowToWrite_
My Un-arranged Love (Sequel to My...by _TeachMeHowToWrite_
Sequel to My Arranged Marriage Join Sophia Martins as she goes back to Vesria for two weeks as a favor to Tony and Emily who are on their honeymoon. Throughout the two...
  • nathan
  • unarranged
  • two
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Maraschino (gxg) by orich4lcumplus
Maraschino (gxg)by alex
Chelsea is only seventeen, but she's already gotten into her fair share of trouble -- arson, thievery, breaking and entering just to name a few. In a last-ditch effort t...
  • gay
  • girllove
  • lgbtpride
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The Water Dragon Slayer (Fairy tail oc fanfic) by BellathatPony
The Water Dragon Slayer (Fairy tai...by Julia
Julia has the best life young and free until her dragon omrayntos leaves her. But when something ends something starts with Julia making friends and one friend turns int...
  • jellal
  • maple
  • powers
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The Runaway Fangirl by wheniyenwrites
The Runaway Fangirlby Jenine Valerio
Fictional masyado. Hindi kapanipaniwala. Imposible. Hindi maari. Ilan lang yan sa mga salitang pumasok sa isip ni Taliah Eunice De Guzman (Kathryn Bernardo) nang malaman...
  • kathniel
  • fangirl
  • kathryn
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Timid • The Magicians  by LaceyJacey
Timid • The Magicians by LaceyJacey
"You know they say the timid ones are the best in bed." "Shut up!"
  • margo
  • eliot
  • kady
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Adopted By Tom Holland  by tomhollandss
Adopted By Tom Holland by Charli x
Take at look at yourself. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity! Go with him... You'll be so much happier!" Everything was perfect. I had the perfect life! Perfe...
  • zendaya
  • 21
  • father
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JULIA His Wildcat  by passmemycoffee
JULIA His Wildcat by Passmemycoffee
She feels numb. She's too out of this world. Normal isn't her thing anymore...she's resorted to kidnapping and tormenting him... After all she hated him didn't she? Abe...
  • gymleader
  • hellonearth
  • erotic
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Liberation by morganmiller928
Liberationby morganmiller928
It's been three years since the war ended. The society and its people are living together in harmony, and Julia relishes in the peace. But when Henley escapes prison and...
  • julia
  • adam
  • power
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