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Roomies by beccatownsend
Roomiesby Becca
"Why'd you stop?" I asked him. He didn't answer, just walked us over to my bed and set me down. "Jace..?" He kissed me hard and walked out, closing t...
The Football Player's Roommate by StoriesAtSunrise
The Football Player's Roommateby kealy
| COMPLETED | Highest Ranks: #1 in Teen Fiction (06/11/17) & #1 General Fiction (07/22/17) | COMPLETE (05/09/19) | When Amaya receives an acceptance letter to her dream...
We're Only Roomies... by ChokesOnTea24
We're Only chokeahoe2.0
"What are you doing here, asshole?" "Well, actually I like to be called Dylan, but whatever." My mouth hinges open and I cough out, "You're Dy...
Rusty x Pink oneshots! by Jassy_Wazzy0w0
Rusty x Pink oneshots!by *~Jassy~*
Rink oneshots, if you don't know ThePinkDiamondDiva you should look her up! she's amazing!
my secret void (pinkdiamonddiva roomies rusty x Fem!Reader) ON HOLD by mint-chan_the_bxtch
my secret void (pinkdiamonddiva mint-chan
frick it its almost 1am idc anymore so im doing this for the rusty simps dont worry i do to //minecraft roomies is something i dont own it belongs to thepinkdiamonddiva...
ROOMIES 1 (Under Editing) by Siddhika25
ROOMIES 1 (Under Editing)by Siddhika_Pednekar
It's a Story of two Roomies. A sweet girl Sanyukta Agarwal who has came to Newyork for her further studies but suprisingly gets stuck with a Bad boy Randhir Singh Shikha...
CraZy Roomies (Season 2) by Siddhika25
CraZy Roomies (Season 2)by Siddhika_Pednekar
Crazy roomies is the 2nd season of #Roomies This is the story of Sanyukta Pednekar, a young rich crazy beautiful marathi girl who is on a mission to complete the target...
Why Them! - a PinkDiamondDiva Minecraft Roomies fan-fic  by xHoney-Beex
Why Them! - a PinkDiamondDiva 🍯🐝xHoney-Beex🐝🍯
{COMPLETED} Hi! I've actually been debating to make this book coz I didn't know if anyone wanted it but here we are.... It's mostly gonna be a PinkxRusty book coz I'm a...
Psychotic Love by xxUnknown_Dark
Psychotic Loveby xxUnknown_Dark
{Pink's P.O.V} I was always an odd child. When I was born, I didn't have emotion. I couldn't feel what the other kids could. I couldn't feel; pain, sadness, happiness, s...
My Lost little Princess | Minecraft Roomies Edition | COMPLETED💛❤️🥳 by NicoleAntoniano
My Lost little Princess | Nicole~Sama
Quick Disclaimer; the cover photo is not mine credits Cellet5 Ps: Thank you so much Cellet5 for the edit😘
Roomies 3 by Siddhika25
Roomies 3by Siddhika_Pednekar
Sometimes we fall in love with the person we can't have? why do fall in love with that person when we know there is no future ahead? may be coz we know loving someone wh...
Unexpected Love by chameleons4life
Unexpected Loveby chameleons4life
Sophia Brooks is an ordinary girl. She has her friends and life planned out. When she goes to college she is taken back that the college put a boy as her roommate, Carte...
The Alter - Roomies Sequel (COMPLETED) by dior_adv
The Alter - Roomies Sequel ( dior_adv
Liz Mcallister The now "grown-woman" must face her ex once again After 4 years of no communication And worst of all At her older brothers wedding
Deep Feelings (Pink X Rusty = Rink) by Reaching_for_Love
Deep Feelings (Pink X Rusty = Rink)by Skeleton Hand
Hi, I wrote about a ship ( Rusty x Pink) this is a fanfiction from thepinkdiamonddiva. If you don't like it go away, you probably have coronavirus. (っಠДಠ)っ I hope...
Living with the FNAF Guards x Reader by BMTHBagelTrash
Living with the FNAF Guards x MysticBagel
Your house was taken away, and you were given no choice but to live with the FNAF night guards. Living with Scott, Mike, Jeremy, Fritz, and Vincent. Yes, Vincent. Means...
College life (Marinette and Adrien) by pimars11
College life (Marinette and Adrien)by Marinette Agreste
Marinette and Adrien were both sad because high school would end in two days, both Marinette and Adrien's best friends would leave to go to their college. Marinette and...
Bad Boy's Devil by swallowurtwins
Bad Boy's Devilby cee🌙
Clover White had a perfect life, however, everything changed within a month when her mother collapsed on her seventeenth birthday. She is moved to a boarding school whil...
bad at love ; caleb finn by princess__belle__
bad at love ; caleb finnby Belle 💖
roommates aren't supposed to hate each other but then again, they aren't supposed to fall for each other either. warnings: strong language (i'll update this list as i u...
Summer Lovin' by SusanKSaltos
Summer Lovin'by Susan K. Saltos
Summer Brinkley is thrilled to be promoted to a job in California, where her best friend from college lives. She is sad to find out Dana won't be there the first three m...
A Little Bit Rusty (Pink x Rusty) TBC by Aliciam99
A Little Bit Rusty (Pink x Rusty) Violet Petals
This was wanted by a few people so I though why not? This is based on pinkdiamonddiva's Roomies minecraft roleplay, specifically for the Pink x Rusty ship. I hope you en...